Why People Around the World Should be Terrified of Obama
                  (And Christians Should be Thankful)

No, you read the title correctly. I know many people will initially be confused by the title, but hopefully it will all make sense very soon. At first glance, one might assume the title should read, 'Why Christians around the World Should be Terrified of Obama and Non-Christians should be Thankful'. I concede that in the short term, that would be a more appropriate title, however if one considers Biblical prophecy, where we are now and where we're quickly headed in the mid to long term, Barack Obama is a "necessary evil" to get us to where God needs the world to be for Christ's return.

We have assembled some admittedly frightening headlines from around the world to present to you. If one is un-saved by the blood of Jesus, then you need to rethink your strategy for what will happen to your eternal soul after your death. If you have given yourself to the Lord, these news stories should be great news for you. As troubling as these news stories are on the surface, they all boil down to the unquestionable fact that God is about to call a halt to the current world's disarray and bring His people home to Heaven for the glorious Marriage Supper of Lamb.

These stories are not our words. Biblical prophecies are not our words; they belong to Jesus and prophets of God. The tying together of the headlines and prophecy is what we present to you. We encourage you to do your own investigation of today's events and of Biblical prophecy.

We are told in the Bible that the antichrist will come to power as ruler of the world and will do so as head of the revised Roman Empire, also known as the European Union (EU). See our 'Antichrist' document in our Articles page for a thorough study. He ascends to this position after he brokers a 7-year treaty with Israel. As ruler of the EU and the world, he will establish a one-world government and currency along with the Roman Catholic Church as the one-world religion. These prophecies are the widely held beliefs of us and of countless Christian theologians all over the world.

In our One World Government Quotes by World Leaders article we give just a few examples of national and international world leaders from past and present where their single-point of focus is to elevate and install a one-world government with a single person as its head. This alone is disturbing and in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution. We know that the U.S. will be a part of this coalition of nations when the antichrist assumes his power, but if the U.S. does this before that time, it will cease to be the United States of America and will just be another cog in the global wheel.

As startling as this may seem, the EU has already divided the world up into 10 regions, just as the Bible has so accurately predicted. See this EU website!

If you notice in our 'One World Government Quotes' article, the celebrated foreign policy expert Henry Kissinger calls for a one-world government. Actually he uses a term that is less ominous sounding (but essentially means the same thing); a "New World Order". At the head of the "New World Order", he insists that Barack Obama is the man for the job. As a prominent and influential member of the globalist-minded Bilderberg group, his feelings of installing Obama has the head of the New World Order is probably shared by many, or possibly most, in the group.

Recent headlines from around the world reflect the same, growing desire to see Obama as some sort of "leader of the world". For years, whomever the sitting U.S. President is at the time is often referred to as "leader of the free world" but this time it feels different and the phrase seems to have more meaning. The world is facing many crises; some real and some manufactured to enact legislation that wouldn't have had a chance to be passed unless a "disaster" was imminent. People are longing for answers to problems and via the governments and the news agencies of the world, we are being told that a one-world government is the answer; the only answer. And who is the most popular politician in the world to capable enough to lead it? Barack Hussein Obama.

As we said a moment ago, the center of power of the antichrist will be the EU. This news article, published on May 13, 2010, indicates that Obama is now the current president of the EU. No, not "legally" as the president of the EU (as far as we know), written on official parchment and notarized, but as the EU's heart, soul and driver of its policies.

This video from November 2009 even indicates that the EU is "anxiously waiting" for Obama's call…

Another report about Obama and the EU comes from The Week news organization. It shows how Obama is now the de facto President of the EU, supplanting the permanent, legal EU president, Van Rompuy. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to read the following slowly and carefully, and absorb its meaning.

What this article reports is that the permanent, legal president of the European Union, Van Rompuy, could not get individual EU countries to act on the financial crises, but Obama did. In doing so, he has performed a bloodless coup, becoming the de facto president of the European Union.

Or how about this news article from CNN, stunningly just one day after Obama is elected President of the United States. Still more than two months from officially taking office, he has already been crowned 'President of the World'.

This is another article from that wonders if Obama will be ordained as "World President"…

Some web sites are even coming out and asking the question "is Obama is the antichrist?"

This is a great time for us here at to be crystal clear about how we feel concerning this question and what the Bible says about this subject. As precisely as we can possibly state it, no one knows who the antichrist is; period. Many people over the years have been falsely labeled as the "Antichrist". Although time is growing very short and the antichrist will soon reveal himself to the world, his identity will remain a mystery until after the Rapture of the Church. If someone tells you they know who the Antichrist is, run the other way. They are either deceived or have ulterior motives.

As Christians, we will be whisked away to Heaven immediately before the antichrist signs his name to the 7 year treaty with Israel. The Bible does not tell us if his identity will be revealed to us in Heaven, but we will surely know his identity as we return with Christ at the end of the 7 years of Tribulation for the Battle of Armageddon.

Unfortunately for non-Christians who are not taken in The Rapture, they will learn very quickly who the Antichrist is. The man that comes as a peacemaker will soon ascend to the position that he was born for, Antichrist.

This article is meant to shine a light on where the earth currently is and where the Bible says we will be in the very near future in three different, but completely intertwined ways. First, it's important to speak about how the people of the world are yearning for something, anything or anyone to provide answers for the dire global problems. Secondly, it is meant to show the intent of the people we have elected as leaders. Presidents, Prime Ministers and other globalists are only too happy to install a one-world government as a solution. They've been trying to do this for over a hundred years. And if successful, this will only give more power and wealth to the leaders.

Thirdly, it is of great importance to report on the intent of Barack Obama. His actions and words clearly indicate that he is committed to ending the U.S. role in the global arena while elevating himself as a world-dictator. He has shown that he has truly global aspirations and that the U.S. Presidency is merely a stepping stone. He has the complete support of everyone committed to a one-world government. He is without question the right man, at the right time, in the right place for the job. Will he be the Antichrist, or is he just a forerunner paving the way for the Antichrist? Only those left behind will be able to answer that question with certainty.

The founding fathers would be livid to see what the U.S. is being fundamentally transformed into. In fact, they wouldn't even recognize it.

In closing, everyone is looking for answers. As Christians, we know where our answers lie; with God and Jesus' payment for our sins at the Cross. But those who are lost will grasp at anything to fill this void in their heart and soul. Those who do not believe in Jesus will fall for anything. Couple that with very powerful rich people working as hard as they can to collapse the American economy and put it on a level playing field with the rest of the world under a global Marxist government and economy with Barack Obama as the leader and we quickly have the ingredients and recipe for a very ominous future.

Without the insight of Biblical prophecy, these headlines of President Obama might go unnoticed. And without Biblical prophecy, one should be even more worried that the entire globe is inarguably heading towards a one-world government, religion and currency.

So, back to the title of this article… Why should Christians be thankful for Obama and his Marxist, socialist, globalist friends? It's simple. The sooner that this happens, the sooner we're in Heaven with Jesus at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Don't get me wrong, the time from now until The Rapture will be very painful to observe and live through. But this quickening slide into a global, totalitarian regime is necessary and it will happen. It will happen.

Whoever the antichrist is will need this global engine of government, economies, etc. already built so that he can easily take control of it and command the world without mercy.

I leave you with this quote from a member of the Socialist Party of America who ran for U.S. President in 1944. Does it sound like anything we're experiencing today?