Tuesday 29, September 2020

Pastor Franklin: 'America Will Not Survive Without Christianity'
Reverend Franklin Graham, son of the late Pastor Billy Graham, led a Prayer March in the nation's capital on Saturday that was attended by tens of thousands of people. One of the participants in the event was evangelical Pastor Jenetzen Franklin, who also said in a video message that "America will not survive without Christianity."

Threat to evacuate U.S. diplomats from Iraq raises fear of war
Washington has made preparations to withdraw diplomats from Iraq after warning Baghdad it could shut its embassy, two Iraqi officials and two Western diplomats said, a step Iraqis fear could turn their country into a battle zone. Any move by the United States to scale down its diplomatic presence in a country where it has up to 5,000 troops would be widely seen in the region as an escalation of its confrontation with Iran, which Washington blames for missile and bomb attacks.

Study: Persecution having reverse effect in Iran
A spokesperson for an international Christian organization is glad to have proof showing that more and more Iranians are turning to Christ. Research conducted by The Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in Iran estimates that about 350,000 Iranians have recently converted to the Christian faith, though the number might actually be higher. Their statisticians questioned 50,000 Iranians, 90 percent of whom live in the country, and Claire Evans of International Christian Concern (ICC) tells OneNewsNow the result was surprising.

Cardinal Becciu: Vatican official forced out in rare resignation

Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors Admits That Chanting 'Say Her Name' Is Call to 'Resurrect a Spirit' From the Dead to Lead Them
In a June 13 conversation between Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and BLM-Los Angeles chapter co-founder Melina Abdullah, Abdullah discusses how the two of them have "become very intimate with the spirits we call on regularly," and Cullors talks about how using a hashtag for BLM is "almost resurrecting a spirit so that it can work through us."

New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement

FAUCI: 'We're Not in Good Place'...

The Fall Coronavirus Surge Is Already Here

Monday 28, September 2020

We can't make America great without God
There are only two things that can save America: first, God, and second, the instruments of God, His people. We must be collaborators with Him in the saving of America.

Evangelicals and OUR obsession with the subject of abortion
In passages throughout the Old and New Testaments, the value of life is affirmed. But regardless of one's religion, the moral conscience that all human beings have tells us that life is precious.

Iran's Rouhani accuses US of 'atrocity' over sanctions, blames 'Zionists' for woes
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday accused the US of committing an "atrocity" for sanctions that have inflicted damages of $150 billion, and urged the Iranian people to blame the White House for recent financial woes, in a televised address on Iranian state TV. The United States imposed fresh sanctions this week on Iran's defense ministry and enforced an arms embargo under a United Nations authority that is widely contested.

Is Israel holding secret peace talks with Syria?
Following the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel and Bahrain and Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a growing number of Arab diplomats believe Syria is now conducting secret negotiations with the Jewish state. According to a report by the London-based pro-Saudi Asharq Al-Awsat on Sunday, there is now a "widespread belief" among Arab diplomats that Syria and Israel have resumed secret negotiations, similar to the unofficial talks conducted between Bashar al-Assad's regime and the Ehud Olmert government in 2008.

Palestinian Authority Abbas calls for international peace conference next year
Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Friday appealed to the United Nations for an international conference on the Middle East in 2021. In an address to the General Assembly, Abbas asked Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to convene the meeting on the Palestinian issue "early next year" and bring in "all relevant parties."

Mystery 'metallic' object appears twice on ISS live feed hovering over Earth
A conspiracy theorist is convinced a UFO has been captured passing the International Space Station twice in a matter of minutes. YouTube conspiracist MrMBB333 was watching a live feed from the ISS when he noticed what he claimed was a metallic object.

Coronavirus weakening? Viral loads carried by patients on the decline, along with death rate
While some health experts warn of a possible second wave in the coronavirus pandemic, a new study is pointing to signs that COVID-19's severity may be fading. Researchers at Wayne State University say viral loads from patients are continuing to decrease as the pandemic progresses. This is also showing a connection to a lowering death rate.

Germany's Merkel 'Deeply Concerned' By Rapid Jump In Coronavirus Infections
Chancellor Angela Merkel is deeply worried about sharply rising new coronavirus infections in Germany, her spokesman said Monday, urging citizens to keep to strict hygiene measures including masks if social distancing cannot be maintained. "The development of infection numbers is of great concern to us," Steffen Seibert said. "We can see from some of our European friends where that could lead."

Gov. Newsom signs law allowing transgender inmates to be placed in prison by their gender identity, officers required to use preferred pronouns
Gov. Newsom signs law allowing transgender inmates to be placed in prison by their gender identity, officers required to use preferred pronouns. Previously, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation housed men and women in separate correctional facilities, and transgender inmates were housed based on their biological sex. The new California law will allow transgender inmates to be housed based on their gender identity rather than their sex assigned at birth.

Friday 25, September 2020

Iran's Zarif tries to form Russia-China alliance against US
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is trying to entice Russia to become closer to Iran through bilateral relations, Iranian media reported Thursday. He arrived in Moscow to discuss relations with Russia. His goal is to pave the way for Iran to circumvent the US embargo and sanctions. Iran seeks to harness Russia and also China to confront "US lawlessness," Iran's Tasnim News Agency reported.

Socialism pollutes a free society
The fight against socialism in America is no mere intellectual exercise; it is a war against a poisonous doctrine that will end our republic. True socialists don't even try to hide that goal. They are working tirelessly to accomplish it.

The Black Lives Matter Movement and Antifa are the enemies of a free society and must be declared as domestic terrorist groups immediately
This is a war for the souls of men, and if you call yourself a bible believing Christian, you need to stand against this wickedness. Because if you don't you can soon expect to be overcome by it.

Hallmark movie channel to feature LGBTQ+ programming with 'The Christmas House' about two gay men looking to adopt a baby
The radical Left with their never-ending menu of forced double-think will not be content until white people are outcasts, the system burned to the ground, with all manner of perversion flourishing openly in society. How fast did it go from demanding we 'stop police brutality' to saying 'black trans lives matter'? Men wearing dresses as a protected class of people? What's next, pedophiles as protected class of people?

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" Isaiah 5:20,21 (KJB)

Two Kroger workers fired after refusing to wear LGBTQ apron. Now federal watchdog is suing chain for religious discrimination.
The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against supermarket chain Kroger on behalf of two women who said the store fired them after they refused to wear aprons that included an LGBTQ symbol, ABC News reported.

Thursday 24, September 2020

US reinforcements push back against Russian drive into NE Syria
The US is reinforcing its 500-troop contingent in northern Syria with six Bradley fighting vehicles, 100 troops, fighter jets, Apache helicopter gunship patrols, and Sentinel radars to track Russian helicopters, after several run-ins with Russian forces. In one incident, a Russian armored vehicle rammed a US ground patrol and injured 7 American soldiers.

Large fire breaks out in factory outside Tehran
A large fire erupted in an Iranian dairy factory near Tehran on Tuesday night, Iranian State television reported. The cause of the fire was under investigation and no casualties were reported. The fire is the latest in a series of mysterious blasts and blazes that have occurred in recent months throughout Iran.

US eyes breakthrough on Sudan-Israel deal before election
With weeks to go before the US presidential election, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is racing to make a breakthrough with Sudan that he hopes could also benefit Israel. Sudan's new civilian-led government is urgently seeking to be removed from the US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, and is seen by Washington as open to becoming the latest Arab state to recognize Israel - a major cause for President Donald Trump's electoral base.

US-brokered Israel-Lebanon talks on sea & land border disputes off to a good start
Trump's election campaign is giving new impetus to talks on the Israel-Lebanon controversies over their maritime and land borders - another deep-rooted Mid East dispute attacked by President Donald Trump's diplomats after he achieved the coup of UAE-Bahrain ties with Israel. How to finally demarcate the overlapping Israeli and Lebanese Exclusive Economic Zones has defeated previous mediators. An agreement would allow Lebanon to start exploiting its offshore gas and oil reserves and help haul that country out of deep economic hole - with timely kudos for Trump diplomacy.

Israel enters full 16-day lockdown on Friday due to CV-19
The government approved at dawn on Thursday, Sept. 24, a full national lockdown to rein in the soaring coronavirus contagion starting Friday, Sept. 25 up to Oct.11. culminating two days of bitter debate in the special cabinet. Closure is to be universally applied, excepting only for people employed in essential services. The extreme measure, advocated by PM Binyamin Netanyahu when the number of new cases a day climbed past 7,000 and serious cases to 657, was finally endorsed by Defense Minister Benny Gantz who acknowledged there was no option. Overnight, there were another 10 deaths raising the total to 1,375.

Trump Announces He'll Sign 'Born-Alive Executive Order' to Ensure Babies Surviving Abortion Receive Medical Care
Addressing the 16th annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he will be signing an executive order to ensure that babies who are born alive - even if they are survivors of a botched abortion - will be given proper medical attention, not left to die.

Abortion Champion Nancy Pelosi: 'We Are Here to Honor the God Who Made Us by Honoring His Children'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) spoke at an interfaith memorial service for victims of COVID-19 on the mall in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday where she talked about "God's creation." "We are told that to minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship," Pelosi said.

Monday 21, September 2020

Are we living in the Tribulation right now?
No, absolutely not. Yes, times are very difficult right now, but this isn't anything God didn't know would come to pass. But as bad as it is, it's nothing like the world will be during the 7 years of Tribulation, Read our in-depth analysis of the Holy Scriptures to find out at what point in the prophetic timeline this will happen to those left behind after the Rapture of His church.

Is Peace At Hand In The Middle East?
Having presided over the recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, President Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize amid talk of peace breaking out across the region. Assuredly, this is a major diplomatic breakthrough, and Nancy's Pelosi's sour-grapes dismissal of the deal as a "distraction" testifies to that truth.

Will the Peace Accords Stabilize the Middle East?
From a biblical prophecy standpoint, how are we to regard these peace accords that the Trump administration refers to as the "Abrahamic Accord?" Opinions vary widely within the Christian community. Many welcomed the news of these agreements and praised the President and his team for achieving these milestone accords.

Others, such as a popular prophecy speaker, did not share the excitement of those celebrating the deals. He criticized them because of the dividing of the Land inherent in them, which is also a feature of the Deal of the Century unveiled back in January.

AreWeLivingInTheLastDays: One thing we know for sure according to the Bible... Before the War of Gog and Magog, according to Ezekiel 38:10-12, Israel will be "living securely without walls and feeling a sense of great peace in its region". Dear Readers, we are getting very close to this happening. Praise God!

Trump Rips Into Critical Race Theory, Says Teaching It To Kids 'A Form Of Child Abuse'
Speaking at the National Archives on Constitution Day, President Donald Trump ripped Critical Race Theory - the left-wing ideology that purports that racism is an effectively permanent and inescapable feature of American society - saying that it was a form of child abuse to teach it to children. "This is a marxist doctrine, holding that America is a wicked and racist nation - that even young children are complicit in oppression - and that our entire society must be radically transformed," said Trump.

Pro-Communist China Group Funding Black Lives Matter-Linked Organization
The pro-communist China group, the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) in San Francisco, is actively funding a venture by Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder and unabashedly anti-capitalist Alicia Garza. On Tuesday, the Daily Signal first revealed that the Marxist-oriented CPA in San Francisco was handling donations for the Black Futures Lab group, described as the lobbying arm of Garza's global "revolutionary empire."

Here's how George Soros is funding today's riots & chaos
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was awkwardly cut off yesterday by Fox News hosts after he correctly explained how George Soros is funding today's riots and chaos: he uses money to elect corrupt District Attorneys throughout the nation, who then release criminals onto the streets. So, why is Soros off limits? Glenn says he won't play the game of the mainstream media, and he'll continue to expose Soros. Because his fingerprints are everywhere.

Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos - 'We're Going to Fight Like Hell'
Under the guise of seeking to "prevent a constitutional crisis," a massive network of well funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning to mobilize millions of Americans should President Trump "contest the election results," refuse to concede, or claim an early victory. More than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations have joined in a broad coalition calling itself "Protect the Results" and proclaiming that "we cannot ignore the threat that Trump poses to our democracy and a peaceful transition of power."

Trump Announces Commission Promoting 'Patriotic Education'
President Donald Trump on Thursday announced plans for a new commission to promote "patriotic education" in U.S. schools. Speaking at the National Archives Museum, Trump signed an executive order establishing what he called the 1776 Commission, which is aimed at encouraging educators to teach about "the miracle of American history" and make plans in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

'Southern' being mothballed - a sign of the times?
Southern Baptist churches around the U.S. are dropping the word "Southern" from their name – and in many cases are branding themselves "Great Commission Baptists" instead. Dr. JD Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. announced this week that the theme of the 2021 Annual Meeting will be "We Are Great Commission Baptists." He said his Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina-area will begin identifying itself as a Great Commission Baptist Church, a move he says churches around the country are exploring to replace the Southern Baptist label.

Media Figures Threaten Riots If GOP Tries To Fill SCOTUS Seat: Burn It All Down
Left-wing media figures rushed to threaten violent riots on Friday evening if President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempt to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away earlier in the day. Reza Aslan, who used to have a show on CNN, responded by writing: "If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f***ing thing down."

Michigan Judge Extends Deadline 2 Weeks for Mail-In Ballots Postmarked by November 2
Mail-in ballots postmarked by November 2 must be counted up to two weeks after the presidential election, a Michigan judge ruled this week. The ruling also authorizes the temporary use of ballot harvesting. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens essentially extended the deadline for mail-in ballots to be counted, even if they arrive after the polls close on Election Day, which stood as the previous deadline.

Saturday 19, September 2020

Bill Salus: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE in Prophecy...

Saudi Arabia is back in the news again and that has some Bible prophecy pundits warning that a 2600-year old biblical prediction could be about to happen! In one of his most detailed apocalyptic writings, the prophet Ezekiel identifies the nation of Saudi Arabia in his 38th chapter. This ancient prophecy informs of a forthcoming massive invasion of Israel in the last days. It identifies an invading coalition that appears to be led by Russia and includes Turkey, Iran and nine populations in total. In addition to this intimidating list of invaders, Ezekiel identifies a group of nations that appear to be contesting the evil intentions of this coalition. The verse below explains the sinister motives of the invaders and identifies the concerned protesters.

Thursday 17, September 2020

Historic peace treaty, or preparation for the antichrist? Both can be true.
For evangelical Christians, it is difficult to look at major developments in the Middle East without wondering about biblical prophecy. Should we rejoice over the historic peace treaty between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain? Or is this leading to a dangerous, false peace that will only hasten the reign of the antichrist? Let's first recognize just how historic this peace treaty actually is.

Pompeo: We'll enforce new sanctions on Iran starting next week
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Wednesday the United States will enforce new "UN" sanctions on Iran starting next week. "The United States will do what it always does. It will do its share as part of its responsibilities to enable peace, this time in the Middle East," Pompeo told a joint news conference with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, according to AFP. "We'll do all the things we need to do to make sure that those sanctions are enforced," he said.

Socotra figures in multiple threats to Israel following UAE, Bahraini pacts
Two radical forces are gunning for Israel's interests in the Gulf region since they were formalized in pacts with the UAE and Bahrain on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Middle East sources claim that the United Arab Emirates and Israel are setting up spy bases on the Yemeni island of Socotra which the Emirates took over in 2017. The same sources disclose that the UAE and Israel have deployed espionage equipment on the island for monitoring the Houthi insurgents on the Yemeni mainland, 350km away, as well as Iranian naval movements in the Red Sea and the Strait of Hormuz.

State to churches: Nope, you can't meet in homes either
Another California church is asking a court for emergency relief from the restrictive COVID-19 orders, this time those being imposed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry is challenging the total ban on in-person worship (including in private homes) in the counties on the "County Monitoring List," as well as the ban on singing and chanting in the remaining counties.

Chinese Virologist: China's Government 'Intentionally' Released COVID-19

Twitter suspends Chinese virologist who says COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab
Twitter has suspended the account of a Chinese virologist who has claimed that COVID-19 was manufactured in a laboratory. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former researcher at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, went dark on the platform after she accused China of covering up evidence that the deadly virus came from a lab in Wuhan. "They don't want the people to know this truth. Also, that's why I got suspended, I got suppression [and] I am the target that China Communist Part wants to [sic] disappear," she told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

Cardinal keeping satanism on the airways
A Catholic watchdog group wants an archdiocese to take action against a radio station in his charge in New Jersey. Joseph William Cardinal Tobin, the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey who handles Catholic affairs in the region, has been slow to react to an investigative report by the Lepanto Institute, a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within, on Seton Hall, a Catholic university.

The Devil And Karl Marx...
Paul Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He has just published "The Devil and Karl Marx," a careful look at the diabolical side of Karl Marx. The book has come out during an important time in our history since so many Americans, particularly our youth, have fallen for the seductive siren song of socialism taught to them by the academic elite.

Lots Of Leftist Money Pouring In To Fund State And Local Election Process
s Congress balks, well-funded nonprofits are donating hundreds of millions of dollars to help state and local officials run elections during the pandemic — a sudden infusion of private cash in what was once considered a core government function. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, earlier this month announced they will donate $300 million to two nonpartisan nonprofits. The groups, the Center for Tech and Civic Life and Center for Election Innovation and Research, will funnel the money to local officials working "to ensure that everyone can vote and every vote can be counted," Zuckerberg said in announcing the donation.

2/3 of young Americans unaware 6 million Jews killed in Holocaust
And this is why you see the rioters, aka, The Ignorant of History, killing innocents and destroying property for Socialism, Communism and Marxism disguised now with new names such as "Social Justice", "Critical Race Theory" and "BLM". Come soon Lord Jesus and take us Home, Amen.

President Pelosi? CRAZY 2020 Election Scenario Could Put Nancy Pelosi In The White House
In the 2020 election, it's Trump vs. Biden, but could Nancy Pelosi become president in the race for the White House? In the case that the electoral college is tied, the Constitution spells out a process that could lead to some surprising results. Could Kamala Harris end up serving with President Trump? How about Joe Biden and Mike Pence? Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi serving as president? Check out how it's possible...

Wednesday 16, September 2020

Israel signs pacts with 2 Arab states: A 'new' Mideast?
Israel on Tuesday signed historic diplomatic pacts with two Gulf Arab states at a White House ceremony that President Donald Trump declared will mark the "dawn of a new Middle East," casting himself as an international peacemaker at the height of his reelection campaign. The bilateral agreements formalize the normalization of Israel's already thawing relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in line with their common opposition to Iran. But the agreements do not address the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, who view the pacts as a stab in the back from their fellow Arabs and a betrayal of their cause for a Palestinian state.

Trump says Saudi Arabia among 7-9 countries expected to make peace with Israel
US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he expected Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel following the diplomatic move taken by Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at a White House ceremony earlier. Hours after saying some five or six countries were on the path to peace with Israel, Trump on Tuesday afternoon revised that number to up to nine nations.

Palestinians fire rockets at Israel, wounding two, during White House ceremony
Palestinian militants fired rockets from Gaza into Israel, wounding two people, on Tuesday at the same time as Israel and two Gulf Arab states signed normalisation agreements at the White House in Washington. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack from the Hamas Islamist-run territory.

Burger chains confusing love and perversion
n Finland, where Burger King is running an ad campaign featuring its mascot kissing Ronald McDonald, one conservative activist says the restaurant chain has made another assault on youth and the culture. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) and The Center for Morality tells OneNewsNow Burger King is promoting sexual deviance in the name of love with its new "Love Conquers All" slogan. "It's sad because woke corporations are now in the vanguard of cultural Marxism," LaBarbera laments. "This stunt by Burger King has nothing to do with selling burgers and fries and everything to do with selling perversion and the left's sexual agenda."

Shocking warning from Limbaugh if Biden beats Trump in November
If Joe Biden defeats President Trump in the November election, it will mean the "end of democracy" and leave only one political party in power, warns popular radio host Rush Limbaugh. "If the Democrats win, if Biden wins this election with Kamala Harris or whoever that they put up there, that's the end of democracy. It's the end of the two-party system," Limbaugh said Tuesday.

"We're gonna have a one-party government that is going to devote itself to eliminating all opposition. That's what's at stake. If they win, I think the Republican Party essentially ceases to exist." The self-described "doctor of democracy" stressed the change would happen quickly.

Black leaders: BLM about overthrow of U.S., not race
Many black leaders contend the growing Black Lives Matter movement isn't really about empowering blacks, it's about destroying the American system and rebuilding it according to Marxist principles. The leaders recognize, points out Gatestone Institute senior fellow Soeren Kern, that Black Lives Matter is "an ideological descendant of the Black Power Movement, the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground."

Tuesday 15, September 2020

Officials: Iran weighing plot to kill U.S. ambassador to South Africa
The Iranian government is weighing an assassination attempt against the American ambassador to South Africa, U.S. intelligence reports say, according to a U.S. government official familiar with the issue and another official who has seen the intelligence. News of the plot comes as Iran continues to seek ways to retaliate for President Donald Trump's decision to kill a powerful Iranian general earlier this year, the officials said. If carried out, it could dramatically ratchet up already serious tensions between the U.S. and Iran and create enormous pressure on Trump to strike back - possibly in the middle of a tense election season.

Trump issues stark warning to Iran after reports country is considering plot to assassinate US ambassador
President Trump took to Twitter late Monday to issue a stern warning to Iran that an assassination attempt or attack against the U.S. in retaliation of the airstrike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani earlier this year will be met with a counterattack that "will be 1,000 times greater in magnitude." Trump cited recent reports that claim Tehran is considering an assassination attempt on Lana Marks, the United States' ambassador to South Africa. U.S. officials have been aware of threats against the ambassador since the spring, but intelligence suggests those threats have become more specific in recent weeks.

Iran says it has 1,044 active centrifuges at Fordow plant
The head of Iran's atomic agency said Sunday that 1,044 centrifuges were active at the Fordow uranium enrichment plant, in line with steps to reduce its commitments to the nuclear deal. The suspension of all enrichment at the underground facility near the Shiite holy city of Qom was one of the restrictions on Iran's nuclear activities that it accepted in return for the lifting of international sanctions in the 2015 landmark accord.

Bahrain is first Shiite-majority nation to establish ties with Israel
The announcement of a "historic US-Bahrain-Israel breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East," after the United Arab Republic, underlined the strategic realignment of the Middle East underway under the Trump baton. Israel and Gulf Arab nations were in furtive rapport for years, but its formal breakthrough to open ties happened because the long pan-Arab boycott fueled by hate and fear was ready to make way for normal relations when stimulated by the powerful mutual profit motive.

Turkey is the new Islamic State and Caliph Erdogan has a master plan
I've been showing my 487 Million Muslims (including Turkey) versus 11 Million Greeks Map Graphic for over 10 years, and my Western Theater Israeli Strategic Gaming Map for 14 years. During this time, I would always get the same incredulous, challenging looks and the same disbelieving question: Why are you including Turkey in the 487 Million Muslims attacking Greece and Southern Europe; don't you know Turkey is a NATO country?

'Fetuses can't scream' abortionist in trouble over license
A notorious abortionist might find it difficult to find a future job after a state medical board took action. In the state of Alabama, Leah Torres has been terminating preborn children at the West Alabama Women's Center, located in Tuscaloosa, but a pro-life group says the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners has suspended her temporary license and ordered her to stop practicing medicine entirely pending a hearing.

California gov signs bill that will soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, signed a controversial bill into law on Friday that could soften the criminal punishment for LGBT adults who are convicted of sex crimes against underage teenagers.

Israel to set new nationwide lockdown as virus cases surge
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced a new countrywide lockdown will be imposed amid a stubborn surge in coronavirus cases, with schools and parts of the economy expected to shut down in a bid to bring down infection rates. Beginning Friday, the start of the Jewish High Holiday season, schools, restaurants, malls and hotels will shut down, among other businesses, and Israelis will face restrictions on movement and on gatherings.

Coronavirus cases are growing in 11 U.S. states as Fauci warns of 'disturbing' data
Coronavirus cases continued to grow over the weekend in nearly a dozen U.S. states as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert, warns about the nation's worrying level of new infections. Covid-19 cases were growing by 5% or more, based on a weekly average to smooth out daily reporting, in 11 states as of Sunday, according to a CNBC analysis of data collected by Johns Hopkins University, an increase from eight states on Friday.

Americans are raiding retirement savings during coronavirus pandemic
As households struggle to make ends meet, more Americans have been forced to halt or raid their retirement savings in this coronavirus-induced recession. Nearly 3 in 10 people have decreased the amount of money they're setting aside for retirement or stopped saving altogether due to the economic fallout of Covid-19, according to a FinanceBuzz survey published in August.

Tropical Atlantic churns out another record-setting storm with formation of Vicky
The Atlantic Ocean has spawned named storms at a blistering pace this year, with Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy and now Vicky being the most recent additions in what is on track to be a historic season. Forecasters say the last name on the Atlantic hurricane season's list for 2020 could soon be exhausted as additional disturbances are being monitored this week. So far in the 2020 season, Cristobal and every storm from Edouard through Vicky all became the earliest storm to develop in the basin for their respective letters.

Thursday 10, September 2020

Iran building new centrifuge production site, state TV says
Iran said Tuesday it is building a sophisticated new building near its underground Natanz nuclear site, state TV reported. The report quoted Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the country's nuclear agency, as saying the new structure is being built in the wake of a July explosion that damaged a building that housed centrifuge machines.

Iranian retaliation for any Israeli attack to include UAE, Saudi Arabia
Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, special assistant to Majlis Speaker and former Iranian deputy foreign minister, said that the UAE has made a big mistake by establishing relations with "the cancer of the region, the Zionist entity" and that this step was not in its best interest, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). He added that the "Palestinians will not remain silent in the face of this betrayal."

Turkey and Iran seek 'strong foundation' for partnership
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday. Iran's Tasnim News Agency described the discussions, via video, as working to form the "strong foundation" for future work. Turkish pro-government media characterized the discussions as trending towards high level "cooperation."

Israel faces lockdown of up to a month from next week
The steady spike in coronavirus infection - 3,506 on Tuesday, 3904 on Wednesday - prompted Israel's health authorities on Wednesday, Sept. 9 to urge a national lockdown lasting three weeks to a month, and starting even before the High Holidays, namely, early next week.

Chinese fighter jets buzz Taiwan for a second day as tensions rise
Chinese fighter jets approached Taiwan on Thursday for a second day in a row, the island's defense ministry said, urging China to stop "destroying regional peace" in a further ratcheting up of tension across the sensitive Taiwan Strait. China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory, has held numerous military exercises up and down its coast and near the island in recent weeks.

Pastor: Churches need to wake up, fight pornography
An Ohio pastor is challenging churches and their pastors to join the fight against pornography. One major problem is that pornography has become socially normalized and that ignores the destructive nature associated with it. Pastor Jason Kear of Gracepoint Sanctuary, located in Dublin, tells OneNewsNow the Church needs to wake up to the danger.

World wildlife plummets more than two-thirds in 50 years
Global animal, bird and fish populations have plummeted more than two-thirds in less than 50 years due to rampant over-consumption, experts said Thursday in a stark warning to save nature in order to save ourselves. Human activity has severely degraded three quarters of all land and 40 percent of Earth's oceans, and our quickening destruction of nature is likely to have untold consequences on our health and livelihoods.

'Godless' and 'imposters': Priest unleashes on Dems
A Catholic priest in America's heartland is going scorched-earth against any Catholic who would vote for a Democrat in the upcoming presidential election, slamming the political party and even leaders of the Catholic Church as "godless," "gutless" and "imposters." "Here's a memo to clueless baptized Catholics out there: You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period," said Rev. James Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin, in a new video.

Tuesday 08, September 2020

UAE to send delegation to Israel on September 22
he United Arab Emirates is planning an official state visit to Israel for later this month, according to a report Monday afternoon. Reuters cited a source familiar with the provisional itinerary who said that the UAE delegation's trip to the Jewish state is tentatively scheduled for September 22nd. The official visit is said to be a reciprocation of last week's visit by US and Israeli delegations to the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi.

God Is Pro-Life, VP Pence Says: He 'Will Fight Alongside Us' and 'Touch Hearts and Minds'
Vice President Pence on Thursday told a gathering of pro-lifers that the pro-life cause is "winning in America" and that the nation is on the cusp of restoring the "sanctity of life back to the center of American law." But Pence also warned the audience that Joe Biden, if elected, could reverse much of the pro-life advances made under the Trump administration.

United nations forced to admit that Bill Gates funded vaccine is actually causing polio outbreaks in places like Africa where it had been eradicated
Let's get something straight right from the start, the article is not an 'anti-vaxxer' article, rather it merely quotes from sources like the United Nations and the Associated Press, showing you that yes, the UN has admitted that a vaccine funded by Bill Gates actually reintroduced polio into Africa. Right at this moment, there are scores of Africans either dead or permanently crippled after taking the live polio vaccine Bill Gates had created and distributed. Kinda makes you excited to see what his COVID vaccine will do, doesn't it?

Why aren't you reading this story in the main stream media? Because Bill Gates has spent untold millions handing out his 'private grants' to new outlets to make sure they only report favorably about him, instead of reporting the truth like we are doing here for you right now. Bill Gates is a veritable angel of death, don't let him stick his syringe in your arm.

Coronavirus czar: The High Holy Days terrify me
Coronavirus czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu said he feels like he is "attacked with artillery" for trying to cure the country of the novel coronavirus, which will likely involve closures of cities with high infection rates. In one of his most impassioned speeches, Gamzu appealed to the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Knesset members, stating that the "upcoming High Holy Days are terrifying" and that a nationwide closure is still on the table, though he does not want to think that way.

Large assemblies of mainline churches... on their way out?
Hastened by preventative measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, large biannual assemblies held by the Presbyterian Church (USA) - and perhaps by other mainline denominations that have leaned leftward over the years - may quickly become a thing of the past as their church membership continues to decline sharply. Even though Rev. J. Herbert Nelson II - stated clerk of the PC(USA) General Assembly - stops short of predicting the extinction of the highest legislative body of his denomination, he does forecast an abrupt end of its large convention hall events.

Charities "Have Lost Billions" And 1 Out Of Every 5 Churches In America "May Not Survive"

Liberal Washington Post: Count on catastrophic violence if Biden loses
The Washington Post is warning America that only a decisive win for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will prevent catastrophic violence and utter mayhem across the nation. Appealing to the same scare tactics used to frighten the world to jump on board with environmental alarmists to battle so-called climate change, Georgetown University professor Rosa Brooks - cofounder of the Transition Integrity Project - and her leftwing activist group contemplated war games by laying out "the four most likely scenarios" for the 2020 Presidential Election results.

Saturday 05, September 2020

Bill Salus: Arab nations resist normalizing ties with Israel
Bill Salus: "It seems to me that in the scheme of spiritual things, that the UAE deal can be likened to Satan moving a pawn to put Israeli annexation of more promised land into check. It has proven to be a brilliant chess move thus far.

In this case, it appears that a small group of World leaders, acting on their own accord apart from God's will, made geo-political deals that they thought were best for their own countries Middle East interests.

This move has some Prophecy teachers starting to say this will lead to the peaceful people of Ezekiel 38:11. My opinion is that this prophetic thinking is dangerously driven by newspaper exegesis because it doesn't address the core issue, which is the rallying call of the Islamic Arabs, which is those pesky "Palestinian refugees," i.e. "the tents of Edom" in Psalm 83.

The Pope's Top Climate Change Advisor Does Not Believe In God - But He Does Appear To Believe In 'Gaia'
What kind of people is Pope Francis surrounding himself with? The fact that this Pope decided to choose German professor John Schellnhuber as his chief climate change advisor is raising a lot of eyebrows. Schellnhuber doesn't believe in God, but as you will see below, he does appear to believe in 'Gaia'. Schellnhuber has also advocated for the establishment of an "Earth Constitution", a "Global Council" directly elected by the citizens of the world, and a "Planetary Court" that would serve as the pinnacle of a planetary legal system. In addition, he believes that the "carrying capacity" of our planet is less than one billion people. This is the man that the Pope has chosen to advise him on the issue that Pope Francis has made the centerpiece of his papacy.

Dr. Fauci: We're in the 'pandemic era' now, and the solution is for us to live 'in greater harmony with nature'
"COVID-19, recognized in late 2019, is but the latest example of an unexpected, novel, and devastating pandemic disease," they write. "One can conclude from this recent experience that we have entered a pandemic era. The causes of this new and dangerous situation are multifaceted, complex, and deserving of serious examination."

The report goes on to examine various pandemic diseases and the variety of factors that led to them, eventually getting to a conclusion that many of these "disease emergencies reflect our increasing inability to live in harmony with nature," pointing out that a number of pandemics have been exacerbated by "urbanization and crowding."

EVIL: Joe Biden Will "Do Everything in His Power" to Overturn Pro-Life Laws Saving Babies From Abortion
Make no mistake, a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for more abortions.

Not only is the Democrat presidential candidate urging that taxpayers be forced to pay for elective abortions — which could lead to 60,000 more unnecessary killings of unborn babies every year, he also wants to make Roe v. Wade a federal law.

Friday 04, September 2020

I couldn't find a more appropriate quote for all of us during these incredibly difficult times as our Redeemer Jesus Christ readies to come to Earth to take us Home. I hope it brightens your day just a little....

Abraham accord fever begins to sweep across middle east as Bahrain becomes latest Muslim nation to normalize relations with Israel
The Abraham Accord is beginning to catch fire across the Middle East, with the Muslim nation of Bahrain agreeing to sign on to the peace covenant. Master architect of the deal, Jared Kushner, says to expect as many as 20 Muslim nations to become part of the Abraham Accord over the next two months. President Trump is on record as saying he believes that Saudi Arabia will join up as well fairly soon. What could possibly go wrong?

"Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:" Isaiah 28:15 (KJB)

A Great Falling Away - 30 Percent Of Evangelicals Don't Believe Jesus Is God
Every four years, there is a tremendous amount of discussion about "evangelical voters" and the influence that they will have on the outcome of the presidential election. Most of the pundits on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News speak of evangelicals as if they were this monolithic group that all generally vote the same way and generally believe the same basic things. Perhaps that was somewhat true at one time, but now things have dramatically changed. As you will see below, surveys have found that large numbers of evangelicals are abandoning core evangelical beliefs at a rate that is staggering. In fact, it has gotten to a point where I am not even sure what an "evangelical Christian" is anymore.

Despite pressure from Trump, Arab nations resist normalizing ties with Israel
When he announced a potentially historic deal last month in which Persian Gulf nation United Arab Emirates said it was preparing to recognize Israel, President Trump predicted other Arab states would quickly follow suit. But after two trips through the region by senior Trump advisors to build on what they hoped would be momentum from the Emirates deal, no other Arab nation has said it is willing to take the long-shunned leap to accept and recognize Israel as a legitimate Mideast neighbor, at least not until Israel resolves its conflict with Palestinians.

Sea of troubles: Tensions flare across Mediterranean as world powers jockey for power
The Mediterranean - an on-again, off-again geopolitical hot spot since before the pyramids were built - is emerging anew as a sea of division and instability, with powers including Russia, China, Turkey and Israel jostling aggressively for influence, natural resources and military advantage. Moscow is eyeing a possible military base along the oil-rich shores of Libya. China is seeking investment deals across the region. Turkey is clashing with NATO partner Greece over drilling rights and militarized islands. Newly discovered offshore natural gas deposits have nations scrambling to stake their claims.

China may dump U.S. Treasuries as Sino-U.S. tensions flare: Global Times
China may gradually cut its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes, in light of rising tensions between Beijing and Washington, state-backed newspaper Global Times cited experts as saying. With Sino-U.S. relations deteriorating over various issues including coronavirus, trade and technology, global financial markets are increasingly worried if China would sell the U.S. government debt it holds as a weapon to counter rising U.S. pressure.

Anarchist group Adbusters calling for a 50-day 'white house siege' on September 17th uniting all domestic terror groups for New World Order
If you thought that the last 4 months of watching America's Democratically-controlled cities be set on fire, hundreds of millions in damage to minority-owned businesses, women raped, 13 people killed by the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terror groups was something, just wait until September 17th. That's the day that the basement-dwelling founders of Occupy Wall Street are going to attempt to combine all the anarchist groups and lay siege to the White House for 50 days. They have a better chance of success than you might think.

Turkey Demolishes Iconic Christian Church, the 'Hagia Sophia of Bursa'
Turkish authorities razed to the ground the historic St. Georgios Christian church late Wednesday, an iconic structure known as the "Hagia Sophia of Bursa." The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Georgios had been restored and transformed into a cultural center by the Nilüfer Municipality in Bursa. The municipality took over the church in 2006 and invested some 2 million Turkish lira in restorations, reopening it as the Özlüce Cultural House.

California legislators vote to protect sexual abusers
If there was one thing we could all agree on, you would think it would be this: minors should be protected from sexually aggressive adults. Yet, with a nod to "equality" under the law for the gay community, the California Assembly has voted to lessen the potential penalty for 24-year-olds who have sex with children as young as 14. Shockingly – or should I say, revoltingly - this is one of two, similar bills that have just been passed by these legislators.

Security and business: Israel charts potential of ties with 3 more Gulf states
In the wake of Israel's speedily progressing normalization process with the United Arab Emirates, the Intelligence Ministry has analyzed the potential of future ties with three additional states in the region and found fertile ground for robust cooperation, especially in the fields of security and trade. "The emerging agreement with the UAE may open the door for the advancement of ties with additional Arab Gulf countries, primarily (in order of probability) Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia," according to a new ministry report, a copy of which was obtained by The Times of Israel.

Humans 'won't be able to live without sex robots' and will be as 'important as phones'
Please come soon Lord Jesus!

Thursday 03, September 2020

Iran's Khamenei: UAE 'treason' against Palestinians and Islam will not last long
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday accused the United Arab Emirates of betraying the Muslim world with its agreement to normalize relations with Israel, saying the "treason" was a "stain" on the country. "The UAE betrayed the world of Islam, the Arab nations, the region's countries, and Palestine," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "The treason will not last for long."

Gantz: Israel has changed 'equation of response' to Gaza, will strike if needed
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Wednesday that with a forceful response to waves of incendiary balloons launched at Israel by terrorists in the Gaza Strip over recent weeks, the military had altered the balance in exchanges of fire with Palestinian territory. "We changed the equation of response. In Gaza they were surprised and realized that we were taking the ballooin issue seriously, so we attacked as we attacked," Gantz told Army Radio. "We will continue with both defense and offensive activity as needed."

Bad News: Iran, world powers agree to work to preserve nuclear deal
Representatives of Iran and the world powers working to save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday agreed in Vienna to do everything possible to preserve the agreement, The Associated Press reported. The representatives met for the first time since the United States announced a bid to restore United Nations sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

More Depravity is Being Legalized: California Legislature passes bill to soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens
The bill, SB 145, was introduced by state Sen. Scott Wiener (D), an openly gay man, and seeks to prevent gay adults who sodomize or perform oral sex with underage teenagers from being automatically assigned to California's sex offender registry. The legislation calls for a judge to use discretion on assigning an individual to the sex offender registry if their victim was between the ages of 14 to 17 and the age difference between the offender and the victim is less than 10 years. SATAN IS MOST PLEASED.

Jezebelic: BLM leaders call on the spirits of the dead
Is it true that leaders of the BLM movement, including one of the cofounders, are calling on the spirits of the dead? That they claim to receive spiritual power from the deceased? That they talk with these spirits and even give them names? The answer to all these questions is yes. This is now an open secret.

Lest you think that this type of "spirituality" is exceedingly rare, I remind you that in October 2019, the New York Times ran a story titled, "When Did Everybody Become a Witch?" The article claimed that, "We have reached peak witch," noting, "Real witches are roaming among us, and they're seemingly everywhere."

Lying media ups its game as cities burn, Election Day gets closer
The now-demolished "autonomous zone" in Seattle, the scene of murders and robberies, and a security guard handing out guns from the trunk of his car, was hailed by The New York Times at the time as a "experiment in life," and NPR wrote about the food co-ops and festive music. But that is yesterday's manipulated news. A few hours south in Portland, which has endured nightly riots and street fighting, a CNN correspondent mocked claims of Antifa militants in the streets with a serene scene from the city.

See police arrest pregnant woman at home for corona Facebook post
The arrest Wednesday by police in Australia of a pregnant woman in her home over a Facebook post promoting an anti-lockdown protest has prompted national outrage. Video of Zoe Buhler, 28, being handcuffed in front of her children and partner was posted on the woman's Facebook page.

Wednesday 02, September 2020

VIDEO: Prominent Democrats openly call for violence, riots, and uprisings
A video that splices together clips of prominent Democrats and progressives openly calling for political unrest is now trending online as the nation continues to be gripped by violence and riots in the streets.

The video, produced by Caldron Pool, has garnered 2.5 million views since being posted to Twitter on Sunday. In its original post, the Caldron Pool account asks, "how did you think it would end?" insinuating that progressives' calls for violence have indeed given rise to the violence now playing out in communities across the country such as Portland, Oregon; Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Chicago.

'I Am 100% ANTIFA All the Way,' Portland Shooting Suspect Said, Warning of 'War' to Come
Portland police have not publicly named a suspect in the Saturday night deadly shooting of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, also known as "Jay Bishop," but sources told The Oregonian that police are investigating 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, who has identified himself as antifa, has been arrested at previous antifa riots in Portland, and matches some descriptions of the shooter. Reinoehl has also described his support for Black Lives Matter as part of a "war" that will involve "casualties."

Words matter...
The transgender movement, for all its caring rhetoric, is not really about eliciting compassion for sexually confused people. It's part of the Marxist Left's campaign to overhaul society and force people to lie.

Should Government Raise Our 3-Year Olds?
The Democratic Party and former Vice President Joe Biden have taken an unambiguous stand on this. Caring for 3-year-old children, in their view, is the government's job.

Students for Life: 'Black Preborn Lives Matter'. Amen!
A pro-life billboard campaign is drawing attention to the biggest killer in the Black community and is urging President Trump to take executive action against it. The "Black Preborn Lives Matter" billboards, located in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, were paid for by Students for Life. The Frederick Douglass Foundation and Human Coalition Action are also among several organizations partnering with the billboard campaign.

Monday 31, August 2020

Abraham accord takes giant step towards completion as United Arab Emirates cancels long-standing economic boycott against Israel
The announcement came as Israeli flag carrier El Al Israel Airlines Ltd prepared to operate the country's first direct flight between Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport and the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi. An Israeli government delegation and top aides to Trump, including his senior adviser Jared Kushner, are due to travel on the flight on August 31, a U.S. official said. Before the August 13 deal can be officially signed, details must be agreed on issues such as the opening of embassies, trade and travel links.

Gaza terror groups readying for joint long-term campaign against Israel
The military wings of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip are preparing for a long-term joint campaign against Israel, a Lebanese newspaper reported on Saturday. The pro-Hezbollah Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that sources in the "Joint Operations Room" of the terror organizations said that the rocket barrage toward Israel in the early hours of Friday morning was an example that no action by Israel would go unanswered.

According to the CDC, 9,683 (NOT 183k ) died in the United States with only having COVID-19 listed on their death certificate
The Centers for Disease Control released information showing how many people who died from COVID-19 had underlying medical conditions that attributed to their death. According to the CDC, 9683 died in the United States with only having COVID-19 listed on their death certificate. See Table 3 after clicking the icon on the left.

Further proof that the Covid Pandemic is being used as a power grab to force the new world order agenda is overwhelming at this point
Everywhere you look, from Bill Gates, the United Nations, the United States and any other world organizational and governing body, we are hearing the same lockstep message droning out from all of them. In unison, we are being told that "we will not, and we cannot go back to the way things were". They are telling us that our old way of life is gone, and it is never coming back. So if you are patiently waiting for all of this to be over, you can stop now. It will never be over.

Humans v.2.0: Dangers of COVID 19 Vaccine Technology...

Urgent Warning from Italian Doctor on the Coming Worldwide CV-19 Vaccine
While we are cannot verify the 100% accuracy of this video, we still think it still is important to see this and understand where our world is heading. The events and happenings in this video are all taking us to a One World Government with the Antichrist forcing people to take a Mark of Worship to him and allow the masses to eat, live, survive under his control.

Rioters behead trump effigy, macron calls for new world order as we race towards impending prophetical climax
Earlier, French president Emmanuel Macron tweeted that "In all crises, an old world disappears, a new one appears. This crisis can be an opportunity. Our goal with the recovery plan: that France, Europe, play their full part in the invention of the world after." Last night, members of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and other various Democratic groups took an effigy of President Trump and placed it in a guillotine for beheading. VP candidate Kamala Harris says these riots won't stop even after election day. Does all this seem like 'business as usual' to you? If it does, you're either unsaved or so backslidden you can't see prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes.

The Left's end goal is perpetual civil war..

Atheist, armed with new law, to report Bible, church sermons for 'hate speech'
The United Kingdom's Christian Institute is warning that the Bible could be criminalized in Scotland if a hate-crime bill becomes law. Ian Stewart of the group Atheist Scotland recently told U.K.'s The Courier that atheists see "merit" in the proposed Hate Crime and Public Order Bill for Scotland. He said it "will enable the prosecution of all Scotland's religions and their holy books for spreading hatred."

H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot
A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens' movements as they relate to COVID-19 mitigation efforts - even sending health bureaucrats to "individuals' residences," "as necessary," as the legislation states - has a most apt number: 6666. Mark of the beast. Mark of the beast for a beastly, monstrously unconstitutional bill. After all, what's more devilishly un-American than launching one of the most massive government surveillance programs of private citizens in U.S. history, all under the guise of protecting people from the coronavirus?

"Hail Satan": After Terrorizing Churches, BLM Witchcraft Exposed...
There is now proof that there are very dark forces behind Black Lives Matter, and it's not just the blatant Marxism of its founders and leaders. The darkness literally includes summoning dead spirits and allowing them to work through BLM leaders. Sound crazy? BLM bosses admit it.

Clues about the true nature of BLM have been available for quite some time. Last month, Black Lives Matter activists terrorized church attendees in Troy, New York, while chanting "hail Satan." They even shrieked at black families and young mothers trying to get in the building. Just this week in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a church with a "Black Lives Matter" sign on it was torched by BLM activists. In a video that went viral this week, a mob of white BLM activists shout at a couple at a D.C. restaurant for refusing to raise their fists, with one activist asking the confused victims, "Are you a Christian?"

Yes, black lives do matter, but the BLM 'Movement' is marxist

America's mayhem and massive decline in Christianity
We shouldn't be surprised at what we're witnessing in major urban areas like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. The increasing anarchy and corresponding calls to upend the American republican system (and to move toward socialism) could not occur without the massive decline in Christianity in America.

  • In the last 10 ten years, the percentage of Americans identifying as Christian has dropped from 77% to only 65%
  • During that same time, the percentage of those unaffiliated with religion skyrocketed from 17% to 26%
  • Protestant Christian Americans plummeted from over half of Americans (51%) to only 43% by 2019
  • The percentage of atheists doubled during that period from 2% to 4%

Return Of The Dust Bowl? The "Megadrought" In The Southwest Is Really Starting To Escalate
Much of the southwestern portion of the United States has been gripped by a drought that never seems to end, and there is a tremendous amount of concern that patterns that we witnessed back during the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s may be starting to repeat.

Thursday 27, August 2020

China fires missiles in South China Sea 'in warning to US' after plane entered no-fly zone
Beijing has launched two medium-range missiles into the South China Sea in a scathing warning to the United States, as tensions between the superpowers soar, triggering World War 3 fears in the region. The move came on Wednesday morning, one day after China said a US U-2 spy plane entered a no-fly zone without permission. A source close to the Chinese military is understood to have told local media the missile launch was intended to send a warning to the United States.

Taiwanese military releases video of troops 'fending off attack from Chinese mainland'
Taiwanese television broadcast a video on Friday of a military exercise simulating the island coming under attack. The film, produced by the defense ministry, showed troops firing anti-aircraft, anti-tank and anti-ship missiles in defense of the island against a mock invasion from across the Taiwan Strait, the waterway that separates it from mainland China.

China says US U-2 spy plane disrupted its military exercises
Beijing has accused the US of sending a U-2 spy plane into a no-fly zone to "trespass" on live-fire exercises being conducted by China below. The high-altitude US reconnaissance craft went into airspace Beijing deemed off limits during drills by the People's Liberation Army's Northern Theater Command on Tuesday, Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, said in a statement.

EVIL: Why Satanists are trying to sidestep abortion laws
A former satanic leader says the cult needs to be taken seriously, especially for the sake of preborn babies. Zachary King, who grew up in a Baptist home, began practicing magic at age ten. He joined a satanic coven at age 13, and from his teen years to adulthood he worked his way up to "high wizard" in the coven, actively pushing ritualistic abortions and breaking up churches. King says it is folly to think child sacrifice is not practiced in Satanism; it is done now by impregnating a woman and then aborting her child.

California continues crushing churches
A church in Pasadena is facing criminal threats from its city – something one Christian attorney maintains is unconstitutional. Liberty Counsel' Mat Staver recently told "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" that his firm has received a letter from the Pasadena Prosecutors Office to Pastor Ché Ahn of Harvest Rock Church saying the church will face a $1,000 fine for every day it meets and a criminal charge punishable by up to a year in prison.

Could injectable microrobots one day run in your veins?
Scientists have created an army of microscopic four-legged robots too small to see with the naked eye that walk when stimulated by a laser and could be injected into the body through hypodermic needles, a study said Wednesday. Microscopic robotics are seen as having an array of potential uses, particularly in medicine, and US researchers said the new robots offer "the potential to explore biological environments".

One of world's most dangerous lakes is growing in belly of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

BRAINWASHED: How Black Lives Matter hijacked our schools
Leaked documents reveal exactly how the Left is turning our children's schools into massive brainwashing centers for radical Marxists.

Joe Biden Says He Will Establish 'Universal Preschool' for Three-Year Olds
Indoctrinate while they're young.

Armed Group Turns Out On The Third Night Of Protests In Kenosha

Minneapolis Under State of Emergency After Fresh Unrest

Monday 24, August 2020

The coming major Gaza eruption and what should be known about it
Imagine if other countries were being subjected to what you'll see below. How long would they put up with such things before taking decisive (i.e., not "tit-for-tat") action to end it. And as completely, and with as minimum cost to themselves, as possible?

With Israeli lives and property being deliberately targeted for destruction, and thousands upon thousands of acres of Israel being set on fire by Arabs from Gaza, it appears that Israel has once again finally started to overdose on these clear acts of war. It appears that Israel is preparing to respond in a big way.

Pompeo, Kushner to visit Israel and Arab states as US pushes more peace deals
The Trump administration will send two top officials to the Middle East this week in a bid to capitalize on momentum from the historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to establish diplomatic relations.

Benny Gantz: 'Israel may have a civil war'
Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Saturday evening responded to a compromise suggested by Derech Eretz MK Zvi Hauser.

In his proposal, Hauser suggests delaying the deadline to pass the budget by 100 days, during which time Israel's government would agree on a budget and a plan for stabilizing the economy. No appointments would be made during those 100 days, while a new committee would examine how senior officials are appointed. Instead, the focus would instead be on managing the coronavirus outbreak, preparing for flu season, and security concerns on the Gaza and northern borders.

Holy Land 'on brink of war' as doomsday preacher says Bible prophecy 'happening'
As tensions between Israel and Palestine heat up once again, a doomsday preacher is predicting this could be the ultimate war for the "Holy Land" that will wipe Hamas out for good. This week Israeli warplanes bombed the Gaza strip in retaliation for balloon and rocket attacks from Palestinian forces, despite Egyptian security officials trying to defuse tensions. Israeli defence minister Benny Gantz had said Hamas is "playing with fire" which will be "turned back on them".

Joe Biden: 'As God's Children, Each of Us Have a Purpose in Our Lives'
Unless you're legally murdered by an abortionist while still in your mother's womb.

Orwell's nightmare? Facial recognition for animals promises a farmyard revolution
There are many challenges to applying facial recognition technology to animals: Pigs don't have distinguishing features and cows often want to lick the cameras. But there is an advantage: Farmyard inhabitants tend not to complain about infringement on their civil liberties. Having mastered facial recognition for humans to an alarmingly precise degree, even picking out wanted criminals from huge crowds, Chinese tech whizzes are turning their attention to furrier faces.

At Oklahoma State University, students' steps are tracked to stop the coronavirus
Newfound freedom is part of the allure of going off to college, but COVID-19 changes things. At Oklahoma State University, the school tracks where students are at all times on campus to slow the spread of the disease. Oklahoma State tracks the location data of students and staff who are signed on to campus Wi-Fi routers. The school also uses student card swipes, campus purchases and course attendance to complete contact tracing.

Massive Northern California wildfires rage on; 1 man dead
Three massive wildfires chewed through parched Northern California landscape Sunday as firefighters raced to dig breaks and make other preparations ahead of a frightening weather system packing high winds and more of the lightning that sparked the huge blazes and scores of other fires around the state, putting nearly a quarter-million people under evacuation orders and warnings.

A.G. Barr on 'Public Education:' 'That's a Racist System Maintained by the Democratic Party and the Teachers Union'
If you want to find "systemic racism" in America, then look no further than the public schooling system, which is "maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers' unions," said Attorney General William P. Barr. The entire system keeps "inner-city kids in failing schools," he added.

Friday 21, August 2020

'No Jab No Pay' and other immunization measures
Australia will force citizens to inject a Chinese-made vaccine. "No jab? No pay, no travel, no restaurants!"

Knesset Christian Caucus Head: Trump Will Declare Israeli West Bank Sovereignty Before Election
President Donald Trump will make a formal declaration recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank in the lead up to the 2020 presidential elections, the head of a Christian Knesset caucus claimed in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Wednesday.

Iran unveils missiles with increased range
ran on Thursday unveiled two missiles it said had a bigger range than before, naming them after commanders killed in January by a US strike in Iraq. "Regarding cruise missiles, today we have gone from a range of 300 to 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) in less than two years," said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, during a televised ceremony in Tehran.

Israel prepares for Gaza showdown after 7 rockets notch up Palestinian aggression
Palestinian terrorists launched three salvos of 7 rockets overnight Thursday, Aug. 20 - one a direct hit to a Sderot home, six intercepted. The IDF hit back in three waves against Hamas military sites, including a rocket factory near Khan Younes. During a night broken by repeated Palestinian rocket fire, three women were treated for shock and a third was hurt when stumbling while running for shelter. This was the IDF's 12th day in a row of strikes against Hamas military sites and it continued up until 6 am Friday morning, when the Southern Command urgently reviewed the deteriorating situation for its next decisions.

DNC Committee Omits 'Under God' From The Pledge Of Allegiance
A Democratic National Convention moderator omitted sacred words from the Pledge of Allegiance during a panel discussion Tuesday: "under God." During the Muslim Delegates Assembly, the video of the livestreamed event shows A.J. Durani led the pledge but left out an important part, saying, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Durani was elected to be a super delegate for the 2016-2020 term of the Democratic National Committee.

The left-wing war on America's suburbs
Sadly, there are those who think Washington should get involved in local zoning decisions, and that local demographics is the business of Washington. But it speaks all we need to know about the left-wing grab for power – and proves that their vision for America takes precedence over our freedoms. The Trump administration recently rescinded the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, adopted in the early months of the Obama administration. The rule was an add-on to the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The act was about preventing discrimination in the sale, rental or financing of housing.

'Radical' material exposed..
A consortium of Christian organizations is strongly urging parents to view a documentary today that reveals what children are learning in public school sex education programs. "Sexxx Ed: Let Parents Decide" is a 30-minute documentary put together by the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) and other Christian organizations concerned about what students are exposed to in school. PJI President Brad Dacus warns that the film is not for minors.

School District Making Parents Sign Waiver Agreeing Not To Monitor Virtual Instruction
A school district in Tennessee is asking parents to sign a form agreeing not to monitor their children's virtual classrooms over concerns that "non-student observers" could overhear confidential information. The form, a copy of which was sent to the Tennessee Star, reads: "RCS strives to present these opportunities in a secure format that protects student privacy to the greatest extent possible, however, because these meetings will occur virtually RCS is limited in its ability to fully control certain factors such as non-student observers that may be present in the home of a student participating in the virtual meeting."

Veteran Tells California County Lockdown Protests 'Aren't Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer,' 'Our Families Are Starving'
Yes, it is coming to this. Please come soon Lord Jesus.

We Just Crossed the Line Debt Hawks Warned Us About for Decades
Economists and deficit hawks have warned for decades that the United States was borrowing too much money. The federal debt was ballooning so fast, they said, that economic ruin was inevitable: Interest rates would skyrocket, taxes would rise and inflation would probably run wild. The death spiral could be triggered once the debt surpassed the size of the U.S. economy - a turning point that was probably still years in the future. It actually happened much sooner: sometime before the end of June.

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