Friday 03, July 2015

Bill Salus: The Four Final Religions after the Rapture
Presently, there are more gods to worship than there are days on the calendar and among the plethora of choices is the NO god option of agnosticism. However, without warning, that's all about to suddenly change! A time is coming when people will no longer ask if there is a god, instead they will be deciding between at least four choices. Ultimately, as the world's time clock ticks off its final three and one-half years, the options narrow down to just two.

Here we go... Polygamous Montana trio file for wedding license
A Montana man said Wednesday that he was inspired by last week's U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to apply for a marriage license so that he can legally wed his second wife.

Thursday 02, July 2015

Obama Blocks Plan to Fight ISIS...

Turkey and Jordan said preparing buffer zones inside Syria. Israeli air support mooted. Putin issues warning
The Turkish and Jordanian armies were reported on June 30 to be getting ready to cross into Syria for the first time since war engulfed that country in 2011, and set up security buffer zones.

Islamic State threatens to 'uproot' Israel, topple Hamas
"We will uproot the state of the Jews [Israel] and you [Hamas] and Fatah [in the West Bank], and all of the secularists are nothing and you will be overrun by our creeping multitudes," a masked Islamic State member said in the recorded message addressed to the "tyrants of Hamas."

Some 200 dead, Egyptian troops, Islamists, civilians, in major ISIS-Egyptian battle in North Sinai
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant moved ominously close to Israel's borders Wednesday, July 1, not as predicted in the north, but in the south, from the Sinai Peninsula. There, ISIS followed up on its Ramadan terror outrages in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Kobani, with a massive assault on Egyptian forces and reportedly capturing the northern Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwaid close to the Israeli and Gaza Strip borders.

The Gaza Flotilla and the Double Standard Against Israel

Episcopalians to vote on allowing gay marriage in churches

NY Times: Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Are Hate, but 'Condom Pope' is Art

Black Professor: 'Whiteness Is Terror'
An assistant sociology professor at the University of Memphis and self-described "Dirty South black feminist" has filled her Twitter feed with racist rants declaring white people terrorists just because of the color of their skin and, of course, the "privilege" that comes with that melanin.

The Obama Effect: 1 in 3 Americans Would Consider Leaving Country!
A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would consider leaving the United States to live in another country.

Why do liberal news outlets refrain from reporting the truth about 'gay pride' events?

Predictable: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC blames 'global warming'for Carolina Shark Attacks

Wednesday 01, July 2015

Israeli General says next Hezbollah war theater will extend to Syria
Nine years after the Second Lebanon War, the army's chief commander in the north said last week that a future round of fighting against Hezbollah will be conducted across two fronts.

IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran
As world powers and Iran reach a deadline Tuesday - which may be extended - for talks on the Islamic regime's nuclear program, Israel is taking steps to prepare for a military strike on Tehran's nuclear facilities so as to defend itself from the impending threat.

Israel's President: "Month of Ramadan a Month of Terror"
"This month of Ramadan is turning into a month of terror before our very eyes," Rivlin said, vowing that Israel will continue to combat terrorism. "Terror is terror is terror, wherever it strikes in the land of Israel, and across the world."

Iranians arrive in Vienna to seal the nuclear deal
Iran's full delegation arrived in Vienna on Tuesday to complete a final, comprehensive agreement with world powers that will govern its nuclear program going forward.

Heeding "His Call," United Church of Christ Divests from Israel
Top officials of the United Church of Christ (UCC) voted on Tuesday to divest from companies that conduct business in Judea and Samaria.

The Real Goal of the Same-Sex Marriage Movement
The gay rights movement and the broader American left celebrated the same-sex marriage decision in wild fashion because the decision established two fundamental notions: First, that government has replaced God in the moral pantheon of the United States; second, that the new god-government has the power to root out and destroy any God-based institutions, destroying the social capital and fabric that holds together the nation.

Gay Activists Demand Churches Lose Their Tax Exempt Status... Already?!

Oklahoma Supreme Court orders removal of 10 Commandments at state capitol
The Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the grounds of the state Capitol, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. THE DEVIL FIGHTS HARDEST WHEN HE KNOWS GOD HAS SOMETHING GOOD IN STORE FOR US.

Millions going to train teachers on 'white privilege'
A Minnesota school district is attempting to solve its problem of violence among minority students by hiring a consulting firm that teaches "white racism" is the reason for those problems.

Tuesday 30, June 2015

Israeli Defense Minister Says Israel is Helping Selected Rebel Groups in Syria
Although Israel has repeatedly declared its determination not to get sucked into the civil war raging across the border with Syria, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon admitted Monday that the country was in fact doing more than just cheering on the good guys.

IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran
As world powers and Iran reach a deadline Tuesday, which may be extended, for talks on the Islamic regime's nuclear program, Israel is taking steps to prepare for a military strike on Tehran's nuclear facilities so as to defend itself from the impending threat.

Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in New York City Ahead of Fourth of July
Liberals gone wild!

Jewish People Are Experiencing Something That the World Hasn't Seen Since World War II
A study by an Israeli think tank is showing that the worldwide Jewish population has reached numbers comparable to the days before World War II, according to the Daily Mail.

Greece prepares for economic darkness
Large government socialism does not work!

Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island 'insolvent'
Puerto Rico's governor on Monday called for the commonwealth to be allowed to restructure its debts under U.S. bankruptcy code, while a newly appointed adviser to the U.S. territory said it is "insolvent" and will soon run out of cash.

Professor to student: Remove Christian references or fail
A University of Wisconsin professor allegedly instructed her student to remove all biblical references from her project... or receive a failing grade on the assignment.

Pentagon urged to boot chaplains who oppose 'gay' marriage
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage in all 50 states, the Pentagon is now being urged to "cleanse itself" of chaplains who refuse to support same-sex marriage.

Same Sex Marriage Ruling Has Ignited a New Fight to Block Impact of the Law on Churches
When the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in its ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges Friday, it opened up a can of worms for those looking to stop the movement in any way possible.

Rev. Graham on White House Gay Rainbow: 'May it Remind Us of God's Judgment to Come'

Supreme Court strikes down Obama's EPA limits on power plants
Thank goodness for very small victories.

Helium is LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA raising fears 'big one' could be more devastating than thought
A huge fault in the Earth's crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found. They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin.

Monday 29, June 2015

Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country

Alito Warns: Defenders of Traditional Marriage Now Risk Being Treated as Bigots by Governments, Employers, Schools

Netanyahu outraged at world powers' concessions to Iran
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed outrage Sunday at world powers for backtracking on terms they'd set for themselves during nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Hamas masses troops on Israeli border, trains for new round of fighting
Something relatively new is happening on the Gaza-Israel border, and it's visible even to the naked eye: More and more armed Hamas troops are on the move just a short distance from the border fence, perhaps in an effort to accustom Israelis to their presence there.

IDF Ready to Use Force, If Need Be, Against Flotilla
The IDF is scrambling to face the threats of another "Freedom Flotilla" arriving in Gaza Sunday, security officials revealed, and may have to use force.

Churches to lose tax-exempt status for opposing 'gay' marriage?
Churches could lose their tax-exempt status with the IRS if they refuse to recognize the Supreme Court's ruling Friday legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts warned in his dissenting opinion.

Evangelical Leader: 'We Didn't Make Up Our Views on Marriage and Sexuality, And We Can't Unmake Them'
While the odds are stacked in the short-term against Christians who oppose same-sex marriage, they are "not going to simply surrender" their views because of Friday's Supreme Court ruling, since they did not make them up in the first place, an evangelical leader said Sunday.

Is the United States the new Sodom and Gomorrah?

EPA Administrator Says Over Half of Americans are Not 'Normal Human Beings'
Why? Because they question "man-made" global warming. In 2014, NASA admitted that it was unable to explain "the mystery of why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years."

These 35 Companies Just Told America Exactly What They Think About the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling...

Walmart Wouldn't Bake a Confederate Themed Cake for a Customer, But It Would Bake Him an ISIS Cake

Saturday 27, June 2015

Bill Salus: Jeremiah 49: Jordan Will Tremble and Fall!
Another ancient Bible prophecy seems to be nearing its fulfillment! The subject nation of this vastly overlooked prediction is Jordan. Approximately 2600 years ago, the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah foretold of a tormenting fear that would someday engulf this Arab state.

Friday 26, June 2015

Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide
Gay and lesbian couples already could marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The court's 5-4 ruling means the remaining 14 states, in the South and Midwest, will have to stop enforcing their bans on same-sex marriage.

Supreme Court Also Tells you Where You Can Live and Not Live...
Congressional Republicans are trying to thwart a new federal housing rule they claim would allow Washington to play a heavy-handed role in trying to remake upscale neighborhoods as racially and economically diverse "utopias."

Man decapitated in suspected French Islamist attack
"The decapitated body of a person was found nearby the factory but we do not yet know whether the body was transported to the place or not," added this source, adding that a "flag with Arabic writing on it was found at the scene."

Majority of American Muslims Choose Sharia
A full 16% of those polled strongly agreed that violence is acceptable against those that insult Islam while 13% somewhat disagreed. Meanwhile 25% agreed with the statement that, "Violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad."

Pending Iran Deal, Israel Freezes Defense Talks with US

China Is 'Leading Suspect' in Massive Hack of US Government Networks
The nation's top intelligence official said today what other U.S. officials have so far been unwilling to say publicly: China is "the leading suspect" in the massive theft of sensitive U.S. government records.

Pentagon accuses Russia of 'playing with fire' over nuclear threats

Vatican signs treaty with "State of Palestine"
The Vatican signed a treaty with the "State of Palestine" on Friday, saying it hoped its legal recognition of the state would help stimulate peace with Israel and that the treaty itself would serve as a model for other Mideast countries.

Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity
Pope Francis says that global warming is a fact and that a new global political authority is necessary in order to save humanity from utter disaster. The new encyclical that was scheduled to be released on Thursday has been leaked, and it is being reported that this new global political authority that Pope Francis envisions would be in charge of "the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions". The funny thing is that this sounds very much in line with the new sustainable development agenda that is going to be launched at the United Nations in September. AND WHAT THE ANTICHRIST WILL SETUP WHEN HE COMES TO POWER.

Churches Are Now Using Facial Recognition to Increase Attendance and Donations
Nowadays, we all take it for granted that any time you step out your front door, there's a good chance that your picture is going to be taken at some point. It could be a visit to a convenience store, a passing police car, and now with drones, lounging on your front porch is liable to be subject to surveillance. But it's not just the act of documenting your movements that can be creepy, it's also type of surveillance that can be disturbing.

Polish bank developing multi-modal biometric authentication solution
Polish bank PKO BP has partnered with the Gdansk University of Technology in northern Poland and Microsystem to develop a biometric ID authentication system for customers that will boost security and the overall customer experience.

Turning man into machine? Pentagon making huge biotechnological advances
Programmable microbes? Humans turning into cyborgs? People extending or even living beyond their life spans? These all sound like things you can see in a science-fiction movie, but the US Department of Defense is actually taking steps to turn these things into reality.

Prospective Obamatrade Partner Investigated 17-Year-Old for Liking 'We Love Israel' Facebook Page
A human rights report released by the State Department today says that police in Malaysia, one of twelve nations in the prospective Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is currently negotiating, investigated a 17-year-old student last year because he liked a Facebook page called "We Love Israel."

THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE! If flags can be banned, why not movies and books?
gone_windThe New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick has called for Gone with the Wind, the 1939 multi-Oscar-winning epic, to no longer be screened in cinemas.

Student allegedly threatened with failing grade for including Biblical references in group presentation
Wisconsin college student Rachel Langeberg claims she was advised to remove them and threatened by her professor with a failing grade after she included references to the Bible in a graded group presentation.

Lesbian teacher shares her approach for indoctrinating 4-year-olds
A lesbian public elementary school teacher divulged during a homosexual activist conference workshop for teachers how she indoctrinates students, starting at age four, to support homosexual relationships.

There's a giant hole that's draining a lake on the border of Oklahoma and Texas like it's a bathtub
Like something straight out of "The Twilight Zone", a swirling vortex has opened up in a giant lake on the border of Oklahoma and Texas. The gaping hole ó which appeared recently in Lake Texoma, alarmed everyone from Twitter users to the Tulsa District US Army Corps of Engineers, who posted a YouTube video of the vortex. Below the video, they describe the hole as being "8 feet in diameter and capable of sucking in a full-sized boat."

North Korea says hit by worst drought in 100 years
North Korea has been hit by what it describes as its worst drought in a century, which could worsen chronic food shortages in a country where the United Nations says almost a third of children under five are stunted because of poor nutrition.

Obama to WH heckler: You're in my house
No, Mr. Obama... You are in The People's House! The people of the United States! And in January 2017, you will be asked to leave it.

Wednesday 24, June 2015

Islamic State: Militants drown, decapitate 'spies' in brutal new video
The Islamic State group has released a video showing the jihadists murdering 16 men by drowning some in a cage, decapitating others with explosives, and firing a rocket-propelled grenade into a car.

ISIS Crucifies Two Children for Eating During Ramadan
THE RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN: Though the fasting rule during the Muslim holy month, no food or water from sunrise to sunset, is not supposed to apply to children, these children were used as an example and put on display "with placards hung around their necks revealing their 'crime.'"

Israeli and Syrian Druze join forces - complicating Israel's military position vis-a-vis southern Syria

Israeli Support for 'Two-State Solution' Drops Radically
Poll finds 10% drop in support for dividing country, majority oppose evacuation of Jews; 56% of Palestinians think they'll be expelled.

Here they come for your guns: Congress Takes Up Gun Control
In the wake of the Charleston shooting, Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) are considering ways to renew their failed push to pass meaningful gun-control legislation.

The Coming Resource Wars...
The real test for survival will come as the world population continues to grow. Fresh water is already a growing global concern; and without plentiful water, food stocks will draw down.

Facial recognition technology: Is Orwell's fiction our reality?
Smartphones can track our movements, credit cards have a record of our purchases, and now, thanks to advances in facial recognition technology, companies and governments will have the potential to watch us wherever we go.

IBM Cancels Louisiana Ribbon-Cutting to Protest Gov. Jindal Defending Religious Liberty
Tech conglomerate IBM canceled Monday's ribbon-cutting in commencement for their new National Service Center in Baton Rouge in protest of Gov. Bobby Jindal's executive order allowing citizens to opt out of servicing same-sex weddings based on religious convictions.

CNN Host Suggests Taking Down 'Racist' Jefferson Statues

The Atlantic Blames 'Dukes of Hazzard' for Popularizing Confederate Flag
Liberal lunacy gone wild!

Limbaugh: Confederate Flag is the Legacy of Democrats
Limbaugh went on to explain that "there's a name" connected to the flying of the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds: former SC governor and Democrat Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, of "There's too much consumin' goin' on out there!" fame.

Hillary Clinton Not Talking About '92 Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button

San Fran High School To Offer Nation's First LGBT Studies Course
This Fall, San Francisco's Ruth Asawa School of the Arts will become the nation's first high school to offer a course in LGBT studies. The class is an elective and will last a semester. So far, 25 students are enrolled.

Tuesday 23, June 2015

'Unite against Moscow aggression': US nuclear missile commander says Vladimir Putin's actions echo those of Nazi Germany in the 1930s
The US commander in charge of most of America's nuclear missiles has warned that too much power is concentrated in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and drawn parallels between Russia's recent behaviour and that of Nazi Germany.

US to Supply Weapons, Troops for NATO 'Rapid Reaction' Force in Europe
Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Monday said the United States will supply weapons, aircraft and soldiers for NATO's rapid reaction force to help European states defend against what Washington imagines to be "security threats."

Vietnam special forces prep for S China Sea action
To stop China's land reclamation activities in the disputed South China Sea, the Vietnamese military is preparing to attack the Chinese facilities in the region with special forces, according to Moscow-based Kommersant.

CNN Guest: Efforts to Remove Confederate Flag Are "Cultural Genocide"
During a discussion on Don Lemon's show last night, Pat Hines, the chairman of the South Carolina League of the South, told the host that the flag was a "memorial to our ancestors who fought to stop an invasion of South Carolina by the United States."

Obama to give eulogy at funeral of Charleston pastor murdered during South Carolina church shooting
Well... what could possible go wrong with this?

Surprise! FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett's Family
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama's trusted senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

Weather Channel gets political with 'Climate 25' global warming project
Just as MTV isn't really about music television and CMT features programming of dubious connection to country music, The Weather Channel (TWC) has been straying farther and farther from pure weather information in recent years. Now the cable mainstay is going overtly political with a new series aimed at persuading viewers of the urgency of acting to stop climate change.

Monday 22, June 2015

12 Signs That The United States And China Are Moving Toward War
Thanks to events in the South China Sea and the blatant theft of the personal information of millions of U.S. government workers, tensions between the United States and China are the highest that they have been in decades...

Israeli Air Force Chief: 'No Restraint' in Next Lebanon War
The Israeli Defense Forces will practice "no restraint" in attacking civilian areas in Lebanon should another war break out with Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, a senior military official told German newspaper Die Zeit.

Joel Rosenberg: Something is coming. I don't know what. But we must be ready.
The United States is hurtling towards severe trouble, and the events of the past few months, and what may be coming over the next few months, grieves me a great deal. Something is coming. I don't know what. But we all must be ready in every possible way. Consider where we are in the summer of 2015...

Bible teaching becoming a criminal act?
A Closer LookNewly proposed "Extremism Disruption Orders" could likely thrust people from mainstream religions into a "disaster area," says Oak Hill Theological College Rev. Dr. Mike Ovey, who is a former attorney now serving at the Church of England's training school for clergy.

Nationwide 'exorcism' prompts warnings

Is ISIS winning? They're certainly a growing threat to Jordan & Israel as they steadily gain ground in Iraq and Syria.
A growing number of analysts say the forces of the Islamic State are succeeding in their bid to establish a caliphate or kingdom in the heart of the modern Middle East.

Vatican banned skeptical scientist from climate summit...
A French doubter who authored a book arguing that solar activity, not greenhouse gases, was driving global warming, de Larminat sought a spot at a climate summit in April sponsored by the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Nobel laureates would be there. So would U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs and others calling for dramatic steps to curb carbon emissions.

'No Obama. No Sharpton.' Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign
Dear citizens of Charleston, SC: We, here at, couldn't be more pleased with the way you've conducted yourselves in the days after this horrendous, evil shooting. Instead of letting hatred build and letting it erupt on the streets of your beautiful, peaceful city, you chose the Godly way; all races, colors, ethnic backgrounds coming together as one to praise God, forgive this unforgivable shooter and say love always triumphs over hate. Good for you! God bless Charleston, South Carolina.

Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

Socialism Rising! Bernie Sanders: Rich Destroying America's Foundations
Democratic long shot Bernie Sanders stood on the Vegas Strip and called out one of the architects of Sin City's lavishness as he campaigned to become president. The Washington Post reports that Sanders gathered 700 people to a rally where he decried the billionaire class in America.

Obama's ancestral homeland in Kenya had lots of hope, but got little change

Saturday 20, June 2015

Bill Salus on God TV June 19-26, 2015
Join Paul McGuire for a two-part interview with Bill Salus concerning a 3,000 year old prophecy that describes a confederacy of nations who seek to wipe Israel off the map. The Bible lists ancient names, but who are these nations today? Could Islamic State be part of this? Bill Salus speaks about Israel's rise to become one of the world's top military powers and calls believers to be watchful and stand faithfully with the Jewish people in prayer.

Friday 19, June 2015

Pope urges 'bold cultural revolution' to save planet
In a sweeping environmental manifesto aimed at spurring concrete action, Pope Francis called Thursday for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he described as a "structurally perverse" economic system where the rich exploit the poor, turning Earth into an "immense pile of filth."

Are Israel, Egypt and the Americans Seeking to Replace Abbas?
Israel, Egypt and the United States are seeking to replace Mahmoud Abbas as chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Quds Press news agency reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed "senior Palestinian officials".

Israel braces for refugees as Syrian rebels surround Druze town
Syrian rebels launched a wide-ranging offensive against government positions near the Israeli side of the Golan Heights on Wednesday, surrounding a Druze village and raising concerns that refugees would flood toward the border with Israel.

Russia warns of 'risks' should Sweden join Nato
On Thursday, Russia's ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, hit out in an interview with the Dagens Nyheter daily at what he called an "aggressive propaganda campaign" by Swedish media.

France freezes Russian assets over Yukos seizure
French authorities have seized dozens of bank accounts and several buildings owned by the Kremlin, shareholders of now-defunct oil giant Yukos have said. The Belgian government is said to have taken similar steps.

Desperate Greeks turn to Vladimir Putin for help as country teeters on edge of bankruptcy
Greece is dangling the prospect of an Athens-Moscow alliance in an audacious attempt to pressure its eurozone creditors into watering down austerity demands as the country teeters on the edge of default and bankruptcy.

Belgian Doctors Are Euthanizing Patients Without Their Consent
A study published this month in the Journal of Medical Ethics examined the "deliberate" euthanasia of patients in Belgium without their explicit, voluntary consent as required by law.

Mass Deaths of California Seabirds: Fukushima Radiation Casualties?
It's being called "unprecedented" and "grisly" by National Geographic. Massive waves of dead seabirds are littering the coastline of the Western US and British Columbia (BC)...