Wednesday 07, October 2015

Giant Oil Deposit Found in Southern Golan. The 'Hook in the Jaw' ?
After more than a year of round-the-clock drilling, large amounts of oil have been found in the Golan Heights. Estimates are that the amount of oil discovered will make Israel self sufficient for many years to come.

Russian Military Officials in Israel for Syria Talks
Russian military officials were to hold talks with their Israeli counterparts in Tel Aviv on Tuesday after the countries' leaders agreed to establish a mechanism to avoid accidental clashes in Syria.

Israelis Fear Start of Third Intifada Following Series of Deadly Terror Attacks
Israelis are bracing for what many have begun to call the start of a Third Intifada following a series of deadly and violent Palestinian terror attacks across Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, two incidents in Jerusalem's Old City left two Israeli men killed and three others injured.

NATO: Russia Building Up Naval Presence, Ground Troop Numbers in Syria
NATO has observed a "substantial buildup" of Russian ground troops and a stepped-up Russian naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean, the alliance's secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Tuesday.

Bill Clinton White House suppressed evidence of Iran's terrorism
Bill Clinton's administration gathered enough evidence to send a top-secret communique accusing Iran of facilitating the deadly 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist bombing, but suppressed that information from the American public and some elements of U.S. intelligence for fear it would lead to an outcry for reprisal, according to documents and interviews.

'For the Record': China's Cyber Warfare Unit Targeting the American Power Grid
U.S. intelligence agencies warn that China operates on a scale so sophisticated it could bring down the entire American electrical grid. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned the Senate Armed Services Committee in September that the Chinese have the ability to launch "a massive Armageddon-like attack against our infrastructure."

Anti-Israel rioting in Jaffa: Backlash from Netanyahu and Ya'alon's ineffective anti-terror tactics
After the Israeli cabinet launched measures Tuesday, Oct. 6, for "strengthening anti-terror defense" – such as cameras in the sky - and officials labored to spread word that the surge of Palestinian violence of the past week was beginning to ebb, Israel was hit that night from offside by a vicious pro-Palestinian upheaval in the Tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa.msug

UN Chief Condemns Killings of 'Palestinians'... No Mention of Israeli Terror Victims
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today expressed concern over the recent violence between Israelis and so-called Palestinians, condemning the killings of the latter but omitting any mention of the Israeli victims of Arab terror, reports the Jerusalem Post.

Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument Now Gone From State Capitol
The embattled granite statue of the Ten Commandments was quietly removed from the state house grounds of the Oklahoma City capitol building late Monday evening once and for all.

Rude truth for Obama: Viable children murdered YESTERDAY in late-term abortions triple those slain in Oregon shooting
Yesterday alone, more than 3 times as many third trimester babies, viable children, were murdered by abortion doctors than people were murdered in Oregon. Here's the rude truth for Obama; by the time you finish reading this sentence, more innocent children will have been murdered by abortion than innocent people were killed at that school in Oregon. Except I was forced to help pay to murder those babies with my tax money, and there's nothing I can do to stop that.

Mike Huckabee: 'Not So Much a Gun Problem... We Have a Problem With Sin'

Benham Brothers on Oregon Shooting: It's Satan and Demons Manifesting Themselves in Our Nation

Obama Arms ISIS-Linked Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day
President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to the Syrian opposition, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants, on the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to the Oregon shooting.

Matt Drudge Warns of Surveillance State Under Hillary
"I've got a long history with these people," Drudge said of the Clintons. "They're ugly, they play dirty, they sued me for $30 million last time around with the approval of the president, announced by the press secretary of the White House, a civil action… and they didn't have the NSA then. They had Echelon, they had all these other things you were talking about then."

Tuesday 06, October 2015

World's First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space
The Bishop of Stockholm has proposed a church in her diocese remove all signs of the cross and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshipers.

Team Obama is throwing Israel to the diplomatic wolves
President Obama's determination to turn America into just another one of the United Nations' 193 members sends a clear message to Israel... "You're on your own."

Entire Middle East 'Will Be Destroyed' If ISIS Gains Power Warns Assad as Russia Escalates Syrian Airstrikes, Targets US Allies
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that unless world powers find a way to work together to address the ongoing war in Syria, the entire Middle East region "will be destroyed." U.S. President Barack Obama has meanwhile launched an investigation into the bombing of a Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital in Afghanistan by American jets, which killed 22 people.

China to join Russia in Syria war
While Russia successfully bombs unidentified targets, either ISIS or U.S.-trained rebels, in Syria, China is planning to join Russia's own emerging coalition by deploying Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter aircraft. Numerous reports have indicated that China is joining Russia's airstrike campaign in Syria, which has killed at least 39 civilians, including eight children and eight women.

Saudi Clerics Call to Support 'Jihad' Against Assad, Iran and Russia
Dozens of Islamist Saudi Arabian clerics have called on Arab and Muslim countries to "give all moral, material, political and military" support to what they term a jihad, or holy war, against Syria's government and its Iranian and Russian backers.

Bill Salus: Will Americans Perish from Lack of Prophetic Knowledge?
"My people perish from lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) America has crossed every dangerous biblical boundary! Is the USA destined for destruction? Is the writing on the wall? Has America, like Judah in Jeremiah 7:16, passed the point of no return and has no national repentance in store for its future? If so, then Americans need to prepare for a Hosea 4:6 moment. Hosea warned the Northern Kingdom of Israel that it would be destroyed and those lacking prophetic knowledge would be unprepared!

New American Century: Arabic Is Fastest-Growing Language In USA
A record 63.2 million U.S. residents, or more than one-in-five, speak a language other than English when at home, after five decades of large-scale immigration, according to Census Bureau data authored by the Center for Immigration Studies. The data also shows that 41 percent, or 25.6 million, of the residents have difficulty speaking English.

Tenn. Lt. Gov. says Christians should arm themselves after Oregon mass shooting
Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is encouraging fellow Christians to arm themselves following Thursday's shooting spree in Oregon in which the gunman reportedly singled out Christians.

Oregon bakers refuse to pay ridiculous damages over same-sex cake
The Oregon couple who made national headlines when they refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding are now refusing to pay state-ordered damages to the lesbian couple they turned away.

Houston transgender bathroom bill debate centers on differing definitions of 'men'

Horrifying moment girl 'possessed by the devil' screams and convulses after playing Ouija board app
Shocking footage has emerged of a young girl 'possessed by the devil' after playing with a Ouija board mobile phone app . The 18-year-old, identified as Patricia Quispe, is seen convulsing as paramedics try to restrain her. In a deep rasping voice she screams "666" followed by "let me go, let me go".

Monday 05, October 2015

Russia's New Alliance: Biblical Prophecy Coming to Life?

Israel 'playing with fire' on Temple Mount, Erdogan warns
"What is taking place at al-Aksa mosque is a crime against the entire Islamic world," the Turkish president told Al-Jazeera." Sticking together.

Gorbachev calls for Russia-Germany alliance 'for common European good'
"History teaches us that when Germans and Russians walk hand in hand both nations and all Europeans benefit."

ISIS Militants Blow Up Ancient Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra
"The group considers the buildings sacrilegious."

US enforcement of Iran arms embargo slipped during nuclear talks
"A Sharp fall in new prosecutions of Iran arms embargo violators does not reflect fewer attempts by Iran to break the embargo, mainly due to uncertainty among prosecutors and agents on how the terms of the deal would affect new cases."

Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation

Ore. Gunman's '666' Manifesto: 'Serve Darkness'
"This guy did this strictly for satanic purposes. He did it to become a god in hell. He wants to be evil. That is his goal--to serve Satan,"

Kids wear red, white and blue in spite of no America Day
"a number of students didn't feel American and felt "targeted and singled out by this day."

Friday 02, October 2015

Israel Will Stop Iran From Getting Nukes, Expert Says
Despite the Iran deal, the Islamic Republic in Tehran will not complete its nuclear arsenal because Israel will attack and defeat them, predicted Jewish spokesman Tom Rose at the Family Research Council's 10th annual Values Voter Summit on Saturday. "Can I tell you a secret? Iran is not going nuclear, it won't happen. Israel will not allow it to happen," Rose, an XM Satellite Radio host and former CEO of the Jerusalem Post, predicted. "War is coming. There's no doubt about that."

Chinese warplanes to join Russian air strikes in Syria. Russia gains Iraqi air base
Russia's military intervention in Syria has expanded radically in two directions. debkafile's military and intelligence sources report that China sent word to Moscow Friday, Oct. 2, that J-15 fighter bombers would shortly join the Russian air campaign that was launched Wednesday, Sept. 30. Baghdad has moreover offered Moscow an air base for targeting the Islamic State now occupying large swathes of Iraqi territory.

Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border as moderate rebels wither
As Russian airstrikes on Wednesday and Thursday targeted rebel groups in central and northern Syria, many of them reportedly unaffiliated with the Islamic State, Islamist groups in the south are growing stronger, with IS fighters now operating openly near the border with Israel, an opposition spokesman said on Thursday.

Top EU official warns of rising anti-Semitism in Europe
European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said Thursday that "in the last couple of years you've seen this age-old monster come up again in Europe."

Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage
A gunman singled out Christians, telling them they would see God in "one second," during a rampage at an Oregon college Thursday that left at least nine innocent people dead and several more wounded, survivors and authorities said.

In 12 Minute Speech to America About Mass Shooting, Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times
Less than six hours after the mass shooting today in Roseburg, Ore., President Obama called a press conference to demand new gun laws, a move he predicted would spur critics to accuse him of politicizing the issue. If they don't accuse him of that, they might accuse him of making the tragedy about himself.

The Narcissist-in-Chief proves he's worthy of the title once again. Even as people lose their life senselessly, he's the most important topic.

Anti-Gunners Want to Destroy Your First Amendment
Pro-second amendment protestors were arrested by Austin Police for exercising their first amendment rights at a Gun Free UT anti-freedom rally.

War on Women: Planned Parenthood Killed About 438 Unborn Baby Girls Per Day (link corrected)
It's also a War of God. Jeremiah 1:5... "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Psalm 139:13... "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

Is An Unborn Baby With a Human Heart a Human Being? Pelosi: 'I Do Not Intend to Respond'
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at her press briefing today that she did not intend to respond to the question of whether an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver is a human being and that the question has "no basis" in the public policy they do in Congress.

Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian?
Ah yes, we all knew this was coming, or at least we should have known. Christians can be run out of jobs, fined, imprisoned, and ridiculed, so it only makes sense that the assault would continue. Now we have a case of a Christian school that is being threatened with a lawsuit. Why? For standing up for its Christian values.

Atheist says God Bless sign 'like a tarantula on a wedding cake'
An anti-Christian activist is at it again, this time demanding removal from a U.S. military base a sign asking God's blessing on the troops, but the base commander is being advised not to kowtow to the demand.

Google exec: With robots in our brains, we'll be godlike
What kind of robots will we be? Happily, I can provide an answer. For living inside my head all day have been the words of Google's director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil. For more than a curt while, he's been keen on humans going over to the bright side. He's predicted that humans will be hybrid robots by 2030.

Pick your gender, there's six to choose from
The number of colleges and universities accommodating the use of gender-neutral pronouns continues to grow, which one cultural analyst says presents a challenge for Christians.

Thursday 01, October 2015

Did You Know America Now Similar to 1930s Germany?
he parallels between 2015 America and 1933 Germany are shocking...

IS wants to kill millions, says 'embedded' German reporter
The Islamic State wants to kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide and the terror group is being largely underestimated by the West, says German reporter Jurgen Todenhofer, 75, who embedded with them last year.

Russia enters Syrian war with air strikes, jolts the Mid East into new era
That Russia launched its first air strikes in Syria Wednesday, Sept. 30 was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow and criticized by US officials. Moscow stressed that it acted in support of Bashar Assad's war on the Islamic State, assisted by other foreign powers including Iran and Iraq working together from an allied command center in Baghdad. Its targets were described as stores, ammunition dumps and vehicles, located according to US sources around Homs and Hama. The Russian communiques did not indicate which organizations were bombed.

Russia carries out first Syria airstrikes near Homs
Russia launched its first air strikes in war-torn Syria on Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin won parliamentary permission to use force abroad. It was Moscow's first military engagement in a distant theatre of war since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Seven indicted over suspected Islamic State terror plot in Israel
Israeli security forces arrested three people in northern Israel accused of plotting attacks for the Islamic State terror group in August, the Shin Bet security service said Thursday.

War on Women: Planned Parenthood Killed About 438 Unborn Baby Girls Per Day (link corrected)
It's also a War of God. Jeremiah 1:5... "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Psalm 139:13... "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

Outgoing RINO Boehner Joins Pelosi and House Democrats to Pass Obama-Friendly Planned Parenthood-Funding CR
Lame-duck House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) needed and got the help of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) in pushing through a Republican-majority House of Representatives on Wednesday a spending bill that will fund all of the federal government, and permit funding of Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood--through Dec. 11.

Gutierrez: I Respect The Law That an Unborn Baby With a Human Heart Is Not a Human Being
When asked if an unborn baby with a human heart and human liver is a human being, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), citing the Supreme Court, said that "in the first trimester, they're not.

Wednesday 30, September 2015

Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria
Israeli Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz will tell the United States, Russia and other world powers Israel will not tolerate Iranian forces near its border, the Jerusalem Times reported on Tuesday.

First US-Russian air clash builds up as Moscow orders US planes to exit Syrian air space
A day after the White House said that "clarity" on Russian intentions in Syria had been achieved at the Obama-Putin summit in New York, the Russian President Vladimir Putin notched up the military tensions around Syria Wednesday, Sept. 30. A senior US official said that Russian diplomats had sent an official demarche ordering US planes to quit Syria, adding that Russian fighter jets were now flying over Syrian territory.

Report: Putin Worried Over Possible Israeli Airstrikes in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly worried over possible Israeli airstrikes in Syria, Israel's Channel 2 reported. According to the report, the Russian leader acknowledged Monday in remarks made on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly that Israel's security concerns must be taken into account in Syria. However, he expressed concern over the lasting effects on intermittent IDF strikes on the area.

Rouhani, at UN, slams US for supporting 'inhumane' Israel
President Hassan Rouhani told the UN General Assembly on Monday that Iran seeks to rebuild relations with the international community and especially its neighbors, but left little doubt that he did not include Israel among his regime's potential peace partners.

Obama Gave Over 1,500 Terrorists Asylum in US, Documents Reveal
Documents obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the Obama administration gave more than 1,500 terrorists asylum in the United States in 2014. According to the government watchdog, "the administration let 1,519 'inadmissible' foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the U.S. last year because the crimes were committed 'while under duress.'"

Karl Marx Is 'Back In Fashion' Says Finance Spokesman For UK Labour Party
"If you look at most of the institutions that are teaching economics today, Marx has come back in to fashion because people have gone back to his analysis of just the basics of how the system works," McDonnell told BBC radio.

Bernie Sanders: Hyde Park Made Me a Democratic Socialist

Computer algorithm created to encode human memories
Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer's sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the recent past.

Evil Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood Had $127M Surplus But Won't Accept Cut in Federal Funding

Tuesday 29, September 2015

ISIS planning 'nuclear tsunami'
Nuclear annihilation across the globe. This is what a German reporter who successfully embedded with the Islamic State says the terror group is planning. Jurgen Todenhofer released his findings in a book titled "Inside IS-Ten Days in the Islamic State," reports the UK's Daily Express.

Terrorist Group Hamas: All of Israel is Ours
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh pushed for Palestinian Arabs to rededicate themselves to resisting the "Zionist Occupation" on Sunday, in a speech in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha.

Jewish Origin of Temple Mount Proved Through Ancient Artifacts, Despite Muslim Efforts to Destroy Them
For the last eight centuries, Muslims have controlled Judaism's holiest of sites, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, claiming it as their own. Ignoring Israeli antiquities laws that require the preservation of excavation debris to be salvaged in case it contains archaeological artifacts, the controlling party continues to destroy these historical sites in order to make room for more mosques.

France Bombs ISIS in Syria, Russia Blames U.S. for Terror Growth
Tense talks mounted Monday as world leaders convened on the United Nations in New York City to discuss terrorism around the globe. France announced that it had conducted its first bombings in Syria against ISIS, and though all agree on a common enemy, Russia pegs responsibility on the United States for the group's growth.

Obama to UN: Non-Muslims Must Not Equate Islam with Terror
President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly today on a number of issues ranging from his nuclear deal with Iran to the crises in Syria and Ukraine. At one point, discussing ISIS, he once again attempted to dissociate Islam from the terrorism committed in its name:

King Obama to Bypass Congress on Syria, 'Global Warming'...

Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Not Hide Jew During Holocaust
Nearly one-third of American adults, if alive during the Holocaust, would refuse to shelter a Jew from the Nazis, a recent poll found.

Pelosi: Planned Parenthood Videos Aren't Real
... Even though she's never seen them.

High school students asked to answer questions about parents' gun ownership
Students at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, were recently asked to fill out a survey that asked for details about their parents' political views and whether they keep firearms at home, according to radio host and 2nd Amendment activist Michael Cargill.

Monday 28, September 2015

Abbas to give Israel ultimatum in UN speech
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas does not intend to announce the termination of the Oslo Accords or to declare Palestine an occupied state during his upcoming speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, contrary to previous reports, according to Palestinian sources in Ramallah.

Russian Military Are "Everywhere" in Baghdad
Commanders from the Russian, Syrian and Iranian militaries are joining forces to establish a coordination cell in Baghdad. Sources say the groups will attempt to join forces with Iranian-backed Shia militias who are battling ISIS terrorists.

German Media: US is Preparing for Potential War With Russia in the Baltics
The US is preparing for a possible conflict with Russia in the Baltic States. The Pentagon has worked out various plans and performed numerous war games in order to be able to respond to an alleged Russian aggression, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten wrote.

U.S. post-Christian population soars in 2015
Even though 78 percent of Americans are self-proclaimed "Christians," the latest Barna Poll gives a clear indicator that Christianity is losing its grip across the country...

Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood Funding
God bless Wisconsin!

For these 'cyborgs', keys are so yesterday
Punching in security codes to deactivate the alarm at his store became a thing of the past for Jowan Oesterlund when he implanted a chip into his hand about 18 months ago. "When I walk into my studio, I just wave my hand at the alarm, and the alarm turns off," the tattoo artist said.

FBI dramatically expanding biometrics programs
The FBI has expanded its biometrics programs with two major developments that will reportedly impact Americans on a day to day level more than any other biometrics initiative the national law enforcement agency has previously implemented, according to a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Pope Francis Shared Stage With Leaders of Many Faiths in NYC Visit
About a dozen religious leaders, including representatives from Buddhist, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths, will join the pope on Sept. 25 at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Part of Pope Francis' two-day visit to New York City, the service will include prayers from all of them honoring those who died on 9/11.

Apocalypse looming? Antibiotic resistant diseases will cause social breakdown, say scientists
The impending failure of antibiotics to treat life-threatening diseases could cause a social and economic "apocalypse" in Britain and throughout the first world, scientists warn. Medical experts predict many dangerous diseases will become completely resistant to antibiotics in the near future, causing social unrest on an unprecedented level.

California Lake Drains Overnight
In one of the more strange happenings related to the massive California mega-drought, a lake drained overnight, leaving thousands of fish carcasses rotting in the sun. The Mountain Meadows reservoir, also called Walker Lake, was a popular fishing location for families around Susanville, California. Area residents said the lake was full enough for boats and fishing last Saturday, but Sunday morning had run completely dry.

The UN Wants To Censor The Entire Internet To Save Feminists' Feelings
In a report released yesterday, entitled "Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call," UN Women, the group behind last year's risible "He for She" campaign, called on governments to use their "licensing prerogative" to ensure that "telecoms and search engines" are only "allowed to connect with the public" if they "supervise content and its dissemination."

Sunday 27, September 2015

Super Blood Moon to Make Last Appearance Until 2033
A rare astronomical phenomenon Sunday night will produce a moon that will appear slightly bigger than usual and have a reddish hue, an event known as a super blood moon.

New clashes at Jerusalem holy site
Israeli riot police briefly clashed with young Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site early Sunday, raising tensions ahead of a major Jewish holiday.

Former Algerian Minister: We Need Nuclear Bomb to Drive Out Jews
A clip surfaced on the internet of a speech by Former Algerian Minister of Urban Development and former head of the FLN party Abderrahmane Belayat Sunday, advocating using the nuclear threat to force the establishment of a Palestinian state.

'Death to House of Saud' rings out as Iran demands hajj apology
Hundreds of Iranians chanted "Death to the treacherous House of Saud" outside the Saudi embassy on Sunday as the Islamic republic's leader demanded Riyadh apologise for the deadly hajj stampede.

AP Interview: Egypt's leader says country in 'ferocious war'
Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said in an interview that the Mideast region needs to cooperate to defeat a worsening terrorist threat that has led to a "ferocious war" in Egypt and created the danger of some countries "sliding into failure."

A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup
As US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.

Poll: Most U.S. Muslims would trade Constitution for Shariah Law
According to a local newspaper report, Omar Ahmad, a founder of CAIR, told a conference hall packed with California Muslims in July 1998 that Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.

Friday 25, September 2015

Final Blood Moon in a Rare Tetrad Coming on Sukkot

Over Last 24 Hours, Sharp Spike in Palestinian Terror Strikes Israel's Heartland
In just under 24 hours, Palestinian terror across Israel has experienced a sharp spike, reaching unprecedented levels of violence. Sunday evening, Israeli vehicles traveling in Judea and Samaria were attacked in a spate of rock throwing attacks. Three cars were damaged on Route 443, northwest of Jerusalem, as Palestinians hurled stones at the passing cars.

Netanyahu: Israel Must Become a World Power
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered a glimpse into his strategic aspirations Thursday at a Jewish New Year's reception at Mossad headquarters, which also marked 65 years since the intelligence arm's founding.

German Reporter Reveals ISIS Plans 'Nuclear Tsunami'
A veteran German journalist who became the first to gain access as an embedded reporter with Islamic State (ISIS) revealed the jihadist terror group plans to bring nuclear annihilation across the globe.

Russia announces naval drills in 'east Mediterranean'
Russia's defense ministry on Thursday said it will hold naval drills in the "east Mediterranean" in September and October, as the West frets over a military buildup by Moscow in Syria.

Russia Builds Base on Ukraine Border
The facility will hold 5,000 troops and heavy weapons near where fighting has taken place between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian army. Retired U.S. General David Petraeus once issued a warning Putin could lash out against the west, due to the suffering experienced by Russia from the economic sanctions.

Iran Wants Nuclear Agreement Changed
Now that the ink is finally dry on the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran wants to make a few changes, namely, they want the sanctions the US and others are imposing completely lifted, not just suspended. An advisor to Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei making the demand last weekend, before possible talks at the UN General Assembly.

#ShoutYourAbortion Proves That Modern Liberalism Is A Satanic Death Cult
Progressives love to say they aren't "pro-abortion," but that is a more and more self-evident lie. Nobody who possesses even the slightest hint of a moral qualm with abortion could actually oppose a bill to protect kids after five months in the womb. Similarly, nobody who isn't an enormous fan of abortion could be anything but repulsed by the hip new fad that swept through the internet like wild fire yesterday.

The Vatican, who wants America to be more open, has Strictest Immigration Policy in World

Thursday 24, September 2015

Russia sending thousands of troops, dozens of jets to Syria
Russia has deployed 28 combat planes in Syria, US officials said Monday, and a source in Moscow said 2,000 Russian military personnel would be sent to an airbase near the main port city of Latakia, as fears grow over Moscow's increasing military presence in the war-torn nation.

Russian marines join Hizballah in first Syrian battle... a danger signal for US, Israel
This operation runs contrary to the assurances of President Vladimir Putin to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sept. 21, just three days ago, that Russian forces in Syria were only there to defend Russian interests and would not engaged in combat with the Syrian army, Hizballah or Iranian troops.

Why Israel Doesn't Want America's Newest Bunker-Buster Bomb
Talk is heating up in Congress and the Pentagon about whether to share America's massive new bunker-busting bomb as a warning to Iran, but Israel remains cool to the idea.

How Iran's shadowy role in Syria fuels paranoia and wariness

Iranian military chiefs deride US passivity, scoff at Republicans
In a new stream of belligerent rhetoric, Iran's chief of staff on Tuesday derided US Republican opposition to the recent US-backed nuclear agreement, and accused the US and Israel of sponsoring terrorism, while another Iranian military chief scoffed that Tehran had intimidated the US into abandoning the idea of using military force in the region.

Obama Touts Religious Liberty to Pope While Litigating to Force 15 Dioceses to Cooperate in Abortion
At the same time, according to a count maintained by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Obama's Justice Department is actively fighting 56 separate federal court cases aimed at forcing 140 religious ministries and institutions to cooperate with an Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health care plans in the United States to cover contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs and devices.

FLASHBACK... Bishop: Obama Administration Is Telling Catholics 'To Hell With You'
The bishop was responding to a regulation, finalized by Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Jan. 20, that orders all health-care plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives--including those that induce abortions... without any fees or co-pay.

Obama Administration 'Will Go Down as Most Anti-Christian in U.S. History'
Commenting on President Barack Obama's decision to include prominent homosexual and pro-abortion activists at a White House reception to honor Pope Francis, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said it was a "classless decision," a "new low" that further reveals the Obama administration "will go down as the most anti-Christian in American history."

Bernie Sanders (socialist): Pope's Agenda Is 'Very Progressive'
"He has a very, very progressive agenda. He is looking in the eyes of the wealthiest people in this country who make billions of dollars, and he is saying, you know what, you cannot continue to ignore the needs of the poor. You cannot continue to ignore the needs of the sick," said Sanders.

The Communist Pedigree of the Clenched-fist Salute
Black protesters with their clenched fists raised in the air were photographed and displayed on the cover of Revolution, the official newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Pope Francis to Canonize Genocidal Monster to Push NWO Agenda
Pope Francis celebrated a Mass of Canonization for Junipero Serra on Sept. 23 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception located in Washington, D.C. He is the Franciscan monk known for beginning Spanish missions on the California coast in the 1700s, using the whip and the musket on behalf of the King of Spain. He became the protagonist of what is known as the "Black Legend."