Thursday 11, January 2018

Hidden Israeli-Iranian war in Syria
Israeli raids and air strikes have recently increased deep into the Syrian territories. According to Israeli media and research centres reports, these attacks target Iranian weapons before parts of them are transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Reported Israeli strikes in Syria coincide with US cogitation on Assad's post-war future
A broad, purposeful assessment of policy on Syrian president Bashar Assad's political future has been scheduled for the rest of the week in Washington, DEBKAfile reports. This event accounts for the timing of Israel's purported air strikes from Lebanese air space, which Syrian state media claimed targeted the Al Qutaiba base east of Damascus before dawn on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Arab League to Back Palestinian Bid For Full Membership Status At UN
Backed by the Arab League, the Palestinian leadership is going ahead with its plan to seek recognition as a full member state in the United Nations in response to President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said.

Planned Parenthood Brags: We Did 320k Abortions, Took $540 Million In Tax Dollars
Planned Parenthood has reported having received $543.7 million in payments from the government, while also allowing its affiliates to perform 321,384 abortions in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2016, reports CNS News.

Warning to Christians: Don't board the Oprah bandwagon
A public policy analyst cautions his fellow Christians who might be thinking of supporting an Oprah Winfrey bid for the presidency in 2020. The Left is giddy over the news that the popular media mogul is actually considering making a run in 2020. Calls for Winfrey to enter the fray reached a crescendo after her impassioned speech this weekend at the Golden Globes about sexual abuse, invoking the #MeToo movement.

By 2040, Islam could be the second-largest religion in the US
the Muslim population is growing, and in the next two decades Muslims could become the second-largest religious group in the United States, according to a Pew Research study. However, that's not the whole story.

Shock Memo: Democrats Admit That They Need Illegal Immigrants To Win Elections
In a shocking admission of a fact that many on the right have openly worried about for years, the liberal Center For American Progress Action Fund had admitted that illegal immigrants brought here at a young age are a "critical component" for future Democratic Party electoral success.

Watch: Communist Manifesto or Democratic Party Platform?
Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviews liberals on the NYU campus to find out if they know the difference between the Democratic Party platform and the Communist Manifesto. Horowitz presents young New Yorkers with ideological statements and asks them whether it sounds like a Democratic or Communist stance.

Al Gore Insists Global Warming Causes Global Cooling
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Former Vice President Al Gore has exposed the "climate change" movement as an ideologically driven "hoax science" aimed at creating a United Nations carbon tax to redistribute income internationally by insisting global cooling is what we should expect from global warming.

Wednesday 10, January 2018

Report: US mulling 'limited strike' on North Korea
US officials are examining the possibility of conducting a limited attack against various sites in North Korea, without igniting a general war in the Korean peninsula, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Syria: Israeli forces attacked Damascus-area base
The Syrian government confirmed Tuesday morning claims circulated by Arab media outlets and Syrian opposition forces that Israeli Air Force fighters struck a Syrian army weapons depot outside of Damascus in a pre-dawn operation Tuesday morning.

Another Imam in U.S. Calls for Killing of Jews
A third Muslim imam in the United States has been recorded citing an Islamic text that prophesies the killing of Jews by Muslims. As with the other two imams, Abdullah Khadra, speaking at a mosque Dec. 8 in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, was responding to President Trump's Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Russia foils massive attack on its Syrian bases by electronically "controlling" 6 drones, downing seven
The Defense Ministry in Moscow revealed on Monday, Jan. 8: A massive terrorist drone attack on Russian military and naval bases in Syria was thwarted by electronic measures and anti-air weapon fire.

Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean: Islands escape major damage after one of the most powerful tremors ever to hit the region
A massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake has struck the Caribbean Sea, prompting a tsunami warning for nearby islands including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The tremor, one of the largest to hit the Caribbean in recorded history, struck on Tuesday night at about 9.51pm just over 25 miles from the coast of Great Swan Island, belonging to Honduras.

Update: Illegals Flood USA - Crossings Back on the Rise

Washington Governor Claims 'Just 59 Days' To Save Children From Global Warming
Washington state's Democratic Governor Jay Inslee warned there was "just 59 days" to save future generations from "an endless cycle of crop-killing droughts one year, and rivers spilling their banks the next." Inslee went on a lengthy Twitter rant in efforts to convince the state legislature to pass legislation to tax carbon dioxide emissions. Washington residents voted down Inslee's last carbon tax plan by a wide margin in 2016.

Google's New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites
Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results. No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment. And not only is Google's fact-checking highly partisan - perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders - it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made "claims" they demonstrably never made.

Women watched more porn in 2017
Yes, we are living in the last days.

FLASHBACK: Oprah on Ending Racism: Old White People 'Have to Die'
With all the talk about Oprah Winfrey possibly running for president, we thought it might be good to reach back in the archives and remind readers of O's true nature - a nature prone to suggesting old white people need to die in order to rid the world of racism - against blacks only, of course, not the other way around. In a BBC interview from 2013, Oprah remarked that society had "evolved" to the point where "we're not still facing the same kind of terrorism against black people en masse as was displayed with [in the past]."

The Truth About Oprah
Oprah has set herself up as the leader of the #MeToo movement against the sexual abuse of women. Yet she was best friends with Harvey Weinstein and has refused to disavow him. In what world is this OK?

Monday 08, January 2018

Arab League to seek recognition of 'Palestine'
Jordan announced on Saturday that the Arab League would seek international recognition of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, AFP reported.

No denying U.S. Muslim population explosion
A recent study reveals that migration and high birthrates are increasing America's Muslim population by 100,000 annually, with nearly 3.5 million Islamic adherents currently residing in the United States

'You're Not Welcome': Migrants Tell British Police To Stay Away From 'Kurdish Street'
Migrant gangsters offered police investigating "criminal behaviour on a commercial scale" bribes of up to 5,000 to stay away from their base of operations in Nottingham, telling officers it was a "Kurdish street".

Swedish Policeman: We've Lost Control & Don't Realize Gravity Of Situation
I am deeply concerned about the development. And I'm wondering how far it must go before people in decision-making positions and politicians wake up and see where we are heading. One continues to put the head in the sand. In Helsingborg, but also here in Orebro, one goes out and say we have full control.

Act 2 of Trump clampdown on Iran: Re-imposing sanctions lifted under nuclear accord
On the heels of the first protests to hit the Iranian regime, Washington will turn the screw by negating financial benefits afforded by the nuclear deal. To this end, President Donald Trump will use the deadlines he faces as of next week for certifying the Iranian nuclear deal and approving sanctions waivers. This intent was indicated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an AP interview Friday, Jan. 5.

The North Korean crisis: A Jewish perspective
Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, head of Machon Shilo, spoke about the current crisis surrounding North Korea: "Evil cannot and must not be appeased. One would have thought, with humanity's experience of dealing, or not dealing, in time with Hitler for example, that everyone would have understood by now that such manifestations of evil must be dealt with as soon as they appear. And the longer that good people, people with positive intentions, people with a moral sensibility, people who are truly peace-loving and seekers of the good, the longer such people wait to act, the more tragic and disastrous will the results be.

Pro-life win: Kentucky may be the first state without an abortion facility

VIDEO: Pro-abortion student defends killing a 2-year-old child

Chelsea Clinton's exchange with 'Church of Satan' stokes rage
Chelsea Clinton dismissed a Twitter user's claim that she worships Satan Wednesday after a Twitter thread of Clinton and the "Church of Satan" wishing one another a Happy New Year made waves on the social media site.

A new generation of L.A. Satanists finds community in blasphemous times

Tourist couple are found dead after performing satanic suicide ceremony at a Greek guesthouse on New Year's Eve
The bodies of Lilia Botuseva, 23, from Bulgaria, and her 30-year-old German boyfriend were found covered in blood in a rented room in Vlachata, a village on the holiday island of Kefalonia. Botuseva is said to have sliced herself with a blade before her partner, who has not been named, stabbed himself in the bath. A satanic pentagram as well as knives and candles were reportedly found at the scene.

CA Professor to Students: Violate U.S. laws, 'Destroy' White Democracy
And the cultural Marxist indoctrination continues at America's institutions of higher learning, where students are incited to destroy capitalism and the so-called white power structure.

Turkey's Top Islamic Body Suggests Girls as Young as 9 Could Marry
Turkey's state religious affairs body has declared that girls as young as nine could marry. Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, justified the move saying it is merely stating Islamic law.

Friday 05, January 2018

ISIS Goes To War With Hamas For Not Hating Jews, Egypt Enough
The Islamic State's branch in Egypt has escalated its long-simmering conflict with Hamas, calling on its followers to attack the Gaza-based Palestinian group in a 22-minute video that also featured the brutal execution of an alleged Hamas collaborator.

Chinese President Xi Jinping orders army to prepare for WAR in chilling footage
Speaking in front of thousands of troops and over 300 perfectly organised military vehicles, Xi - the Communist Party's General Secretary - ordered his forces to prepare for the event of war. "Here I give my orders: the military at all levels should strengthen military training and war preparedness.

California braced for the BIG ONE as series of earthquakes RAVAGE San Andreas fault
In the last 48 hours, the southwestern State in the US has been rocked by eight tremors, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). All but three of the tremors have come along the San Andreas fault - a deadly line which runs through California and is one of the most seismically active regions in the world.

Al Gore: 'Bitter cold' is 'exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis'

Wednesday 03, January 2018

US gives nod to Israel targeting of Iranian military chief in Syria: Report
The US has given Israel the green light to assassinate General Qassem Soleimani, commander of an elite Iranian military unit and mastermind behind Tehran's military operations across the Middle East, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Monday. Al-Jarida quoted an unnamed source in Jerusalem who said that the two allies have made a quiet agreement after deciding that Soleimani is a "threat to the two countries' interests in the region".

Israel Changes Law to Make It Harder to Cede Jerusalem Control
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's parliament passed an amendment on Tuesday that would make it harder for it to cede control over parts of Jerusalem in any peace deal with the Palestinians, who condemned the move as undermining any chance to revive talks on statehood. The legislation, sponsored by the far-right Jewish Home coalition party, raises to 80 from 61 the number of votes required in the 120-seat Knesset to approve any proposal to hand over part of the city to "a foreign party".

Recently Discovered NYC Photo From The 50's Is Enraging Atheist Liberals
Liberals have spent the last 40 or 50 years doing everything in their power to prevent Christians from freely practicing their faith in public. But that has not always been the case, this is a relatively new development in American society and the above picture of New York City, probably the liberal capital of the United States today, lit up with 3 large crosses. The photo appeared as the cover story for a newspaper in 1956. The headline reads "Come to Church Sunday."

Planned Parenthood performed about 82 abortions for each adoption referral it made in 2016
Planned Parenthood said that it performed 321,384 abortion procedures in 2016, a decrease from the 328,348 abortions it performed in 2015. The group reported 3,889 adoption referrals in 2016, an increase of exactly 1,000 from the 2,889 adoption referrals it reported in 2015. According to Planned Parenthood's own numbers, the group performed approximately 82 abortions for each adoption referral made.

8th-grade 'privilege test' calls out straight white males, intact families, people with money

Monday 01, January 2018

Bill Salus: Jerusalem Embassy Fallout - Is God Making a Middle East Statement Through America?
On December 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel's capital city. What will be the fallout from that decision? Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers TV interviews Bill Salus about the Geo-political and prophetic implications of President Trump's decision. Bill explains how the international community has meddled in the affairs of Jerusalem for the past 70-years, but the time may have come where the Lord will intervene and settle the matter about the biblical status of Jerusalem. If so, the ramifications could be staggering! Zechariah 12:1-6 gets explained as a Now Prophecy in this timely discussion.

Iran Spends Billions on Proxy Wars Throughout the Mideast. Here's Where Its Money Is Going...

The Time-bomb That May Set Off the Next Israel-Hamas War Is Ticking in Gaza
Despite the renewed rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip and growing criticism from the opposition, the government apparently doesn't intend to alter its policy of relative restraint toward Gaza. This time, the army's response will likely be harsher, but the goal, as dictated by the government, will still be to try to restore calm along the border.

Israel targets Gaza with more strikes as proxy war with Iran continues to grip Middle East
The strikes took place in response to shelling by unknown militants targeting Israel on Friday. Israel have been at war with Islamic groups in Gaza for more than half a century and have accused Iran of funding groups in the region to attack the area.

Kim says US should know North Korean nuclear force a reality
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Monday that the United States should be aware that his country's nuclear forces are now a reality, not a threat. But he also struck a conciliatory tone in his New Year's address, wishing success for the Winter Olympics set to begin in South Korea in February and suggesting the North may send a delegation to participate.

Egyptian-Israeli borders: The new war front against ISIS
Under the title "ISIS is growing in Sinai," Israel's Jewish News One website said: "ISIS Sinai Province has become the most powerful group outside Syria and Iraq because of its remarkable intelligence and military capability, which was manifested in an attempt to assassinate the two Egyptian Ministers of Defense and Interior".

Trump Has Inspired A Staggering Number Of Countries To Move Their Embassy To Jerusalem
Since Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital or Israel he has been facing constant backlash from Democrats. He is also planning on moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Other countries are starting to follow in his amazing footsteps. Romanian politicians were among the first to consider moving their embassy as well. Guatemala was also among the first to announce their thoughts on moving.

Canadian Premiere Justin Trudeau said: "Christians are the worst part of Canadian society"

DHS Announces Program To Illegally Scan American Faces
Both Congress and the Department of Homeland Security have never justified the biometric scanners at airports that could cost Americans $1 billion in 2018. As TSA agents continue to prove their incompetence in the "War on Terror," the Department of Homeland Security is now allocating $1 billion in taxpayer funding to create a facial recognition program that will illegally scan Americans' faces.

UN, OIC, EU and PLO invite Trump retaliation
Humiliating President Trump by declaring his decision recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as being "null and void and must be rescinded" - spells financial and political trouble for the United Nations (UN), the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the European Union (EU) and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). Trump's decision was made in accordance with international law and American domestic law - making a mockery of those who have claimed otherwise.