Monday 18, December 2017

Trump: Israel not the root of Middle East's problems
President Donald Trump is scheduled to publicize his administration's national security doctrine on Monday, two years after then-President Barack Obama released his own strategy document, which emphasized global warming as a major threat to global security.

UN to vote Monday on rejecting Trump's Jerusalem declaration
The United Nations Security Council will vote on Monday on a proposed resolution rejecting American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city. The proposal was introduced by Egypt, one of 10 non-permanent members of the council. The Palestinian Authority urged Arab states to push for the measure following President Trump's announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and ordering the State Department to begin work relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Report: Obama protected Hezbollah to appease Iran
The Obama administration shielded one of the world's most notorious Islamic terror groups from prosecution, derailing a years-long investigation of the group in an effort to curry favor with Tehran in an effort to secure a nuclear deal with the rogue regime, a new investigative report claims.

How do you say "Kill the Jews" in Swedish?
Last weekend, after the just US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, anti-Jewish slogans were hurled at the American embassy in London and under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. But it is in Sweden that anti-Semitism has shown its most chilling face. Molotov cocktails were launched against a synagogue in Gothenburg, while a group of Jewish boys barricaded themselves in the adjacent Jewish center. A few hours later, Israeli flags were burned in Stockholm. In Malmo, the third largest city in the country, hundreds of people gathered to scream "we will shoot the Jews". The next day, more Molotov cocktails were thrown at a Jewish chapel in Malmo.

Former U.S. Ambassadors Warn Iran Has Become Top Threat to Middle East
Iran has ascended as the No. 1 security concern in the Middle East following the military defeat of the Islamic States in Iraq and Syria, according to four former U.S. ambassadors to the region.

ISIS Threatens National Cathedral in Fiery Propaganda Image
Islamic State supporters issued a new Christmas-themed threat showing the National Cathedral in Washington in flames, with a camouflage-clad jihadist wielding a rifle standing in front of the Gothic structure.

How Iran, the Mideast's new superpower, is expanding its footprint across the region - and what it means

Russia 'has come back to the Middle East': Turkish professor
Russia, once a significant actor in Middle Eastern politics, has in recent years returned to the region as a "game-setter," according to Professor Nursin Atesoglu Gu¨ney, the dean and head of the International Relations Department at Bahçesehir (BAU) Cyprus University. Despite difficulties, Turkey's continuing relations with Western institutions like the EU strengthen its hands in its ties with Russia and other regional powers, Gu¨ney told the Hürriyet Daily News, adding that Ankara is "pursuing a multilateral balance diplomacy" that includes Iran.

22-week-old baby dies after doctors refuse to save her life
Unexpectedly pregnant with their sixth child, Sophie Dennis and her husband were initially shocked, but by the time they traveled from the United Kingdom to Spain for their family vacation at 13 weeks gestation, they loved their new preborn child as much as any of their others. However, that vacation would be the beginning of a heartbreaking struggle to save their preborn baby girl only to tragically lose her, they say, due to medical negligence...

Ohio Legislature votes to ban abortions on babies with Down syndrome
The Ohio Legislature voted Wednesday to ban abortions on babies with Down syndrome, sending the bill to the desk of Gov. John Kasich. Lawmakers voted 20-12 in favor of the ban, which would prohibit abortionists from committing an abortion sought "in whole or in part" based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Abortionists who refuse to comply with the law would lose their medical license and face a fourth-degree felony, punishable by up to a $5,000 fine and 18 months in prison. The law does not punish women seeking abortions.

LGBT stops donut shop's Christmas gift drive for kids
After receiving harsh criticism from the LGBT community for partnering with the Salvation Army to help collect donations and provide Christmas gifts for five needy children, a donut shop in Portland, Maine, was forced to end its charitable campaign. LGBT activists voiced their outrage against The Holy Donut for taking part in the Christian charity's gift drive to provide gifts for a local family, CBN News reported. The shop's owners gave a free donut to customers who donated presents and winter clothes to the struggling family.

Friday 15, December 2017

Bill Salus: Jerusalem Embassy Fallout - Is God Making a Middle East Statement Through America?
On December 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel's capital city. What will be the fallout from that decision? Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers TV interviews Bill Salus about the Geo-political and prophetic implications of President Trump's decision. Bill explains how the international community has meddled in the affairs of Jerusalem for the past 70-years, but the time may have come where the Lord will intervene and settle the matter about the biblical status of Jerusalem. If so, the ramifications could be staggering! Zechariah 12:1-6 gets explained as a Now Prophecy in this timely discussion.

Trump, Jerusalem, Arabs, Muslims
Trump's declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital city aroused, unsurprisingly, a massive wave of opposition in the Arab and Islamic world for two main reasons - one religious and one nationalist.

Red Alert! Putin Warns The United States Is About To Start A Massive War

N. Korea: Trump Taking Dangerous Step to Nuclear War By Seeking Naval Blockade
US President Donald Trump is taking an "extremely dangerous" and "big step" towards nuclear war by seeking a naval blockade, North Korea has stated, according to the official KCNA news agency. Pyonyang also said it will take "merciless self-defensive" measures against any blockade, as it would consider such a move an "act of war."

Video: Jew Hatred at McMaster University
Anti-Israel students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada have published multiple social media posts praising Adolf Hitler, demonizing Jews and glorifying terrorist organizations. Check out the very short video above, courtesy of Canary Mission, which exposes hatred and anti-Semitism on college campuses and beyond.

Haley to present proof of Iranian cover ups
The U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley will present "irrefutable evidence" that Iran has tried to cover up violations of international obligations, the U.S. mission said Wednesday, according to AFP.

Establishment Elites 'Want to Manage the Decline of America,' But American People 'Rage Against the Dying of the Light'
Drawing on Dylan Thomas's 1947 poem, veteran pollster Pat Caddell waxed poetic during a discussion with SiriusXM host and Breitbart News' Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. "They will not go gently into that good night of decline," said Caddell. "The American people will rage against the dying of the light, and that is the moment that we are continuing toward."

Bid to Outlaw Gay Sex, Adultery Fails in World's Largest Muslim-Majority Nation...
JAKARTA, Indonesia - A bid by religious activists to outlaw sex outside marriage and gay sex has been narrowly rejected by a powerful court - a rare recent victory for Indonesia's moderate forces.

Showtime Vs. Christianity
The Golden Globe Awards nominations have been announced, and once again, the Hollywood judges really know how to find the worst junk to honor. Two nominations went to stay-classy Showtime's program called "SMILF," which stands for "Single Mother I'd Like to F---." The show's lead actress is also its creator and executive producer. Her name is Frankie Shaw, and she says she picked this profane title as a "deliberate" feminist move to take back the sexist phrase "MILF" from objectification by males. Try deciphering that one.

Rev. Graham: LGBT Activists Seek to 'Oppress and Silence' Those Who Believe in Biblical Marriage
Reverend Franklin Graham, citing an incident with a donut shop in Maine, said major cultural, business, and government institutions now fully support the radical agenda of homosexuals and that LGBT activists are using their "newly gained power" to "oppress and silence" those who believe in marriage as defined by Nature and Nature's god: marriage between one man and one woman for life.

Socialism Failure (again): Over 1 Million Flee Venezuela...

Thursday 14, December 2017

Islamic State threatens U.S. attacks over Jerusalem decision
Islamic State threatened attacks on U.S. soil in retaliation for the Trump administration's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, one of the group's social media accounts reported on Thursday without giving any details.

Hamas: We will liberate 'occupied Tel Aviv'
The Hamas terrorist organization declared on Wednesday that "Al-Quds [in its entirety] is the eternal capital of Palestine, not its eastern or western part, and is an Arabic Islamic city."

Marines practicing full-scale air, sea and ground assault on Southern California bases
It combines the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing's "Winter Fury" exercise with the 1st Marine Division's "Steel Knight" training. Both are held annually to prepare Marines for worldwide threats and to sharpen their skills for upcoming deployments. But the combined exercise is the first in more than a decade, military officials say.

Muslim leaders call on world to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
Muslim leaders on Wednesday condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on the world to respond by recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

How Putin made himself a Middle East power broker
MOSCOW - When Russia launched a military campaign in Syria two years ago, President Vladimir Putin sought to save his ally from imminent collapse and break Russia's international isolation over a crisis in Ukraine. He achieved that and more, emerging as a key stakeholder in the Middle East who has brokered deals with many of its key players - from Iran to Saudi Arabia to Turkey and Israel. It's a regional footprint that comes with a degree of clout that even the Soviet Union, which depended on a handful of Arab allies, couldn't dream of during the Cold War era.

Growing Number of Americans Say Christmas NOT Religious Holiday...

Walmart is selling a marijuana Christmas tree that will 'light up' the room
Walmart is selling a "Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree" this season. Ornaments and bow are not included with this 7-foot faux Tannenbaum, which has a street, er, retail value of $250. ET TU WALMART?

Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Are Declining in Public Life
As long-simmering debates continue over how American society should commemorate the Christmas holiday, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that most U.S. adults believe the religious aspects of Christmas are emphasized less now than in the past - even as relatively few Americans are bothered by this trend. In addition, a declining majority says religious displays such as nativity scenes should be allowed on government property.

Authorities silent on Vegas massacre; Refuse to answer lingering questions...
More than two months have passed since 58 country music fans were gunned down in the Las Vegas massacre, and survivors as well as victims' families are still searching for some semblance of closure.

Tone deaf Hollywood pushes out man-boy love film
Hollywood has been rocked for months by reports of sexual misconduct, but evidently there is no bad time to release a major motion picture about a gauzy romance between an adult man and a teenage boy. The Sony Pictures Classics film "Call Me By Your Name" has been generating Oscar buzz since Monday after picking up three Golden Globe nominations, including one for best motion picture-drama, amid rave reviews.

As AI and robots rise up, do humans need an upgrade too?
"My biggest concern is we don't have the ability to cooperate," Bryan Johnson, whose company Kernel is developing brain augmentation tools, said in an interview at the Web Summit in Lisbon last month. "If we cooperate, we can solve problems. What I want is us to be in the game of solving problems." A brain-computer interface could allow us to communicate not only with each other -- that's right, we're talking telepathy -- but also with computers. It could theoretically allow us to collaborate with artificial intelligence to solve the world's most complex problems.

Tuesday 12, December 2017

Trump's Jerusalem declaration sparks talk of 3rd Temple
WASHINGTON - While Muslims jeer, Israelis cheer President Trump's Jerusalem declaration, prompting Jewish religious activists to suggest building the Third Temple is closer to reality than ever before. "What he did... was an enormous step in bringing the Temple," said Asaf Fried, official spokesman for the United Temple Movement, an association of organizations working towards making the Third Temple a reality.

Jerusalem Move Creates Possible Alliance Between Evangelicals and Jewish Community
Contrary to what coastal elites are saying, President Donald Trump's bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there shows the incredible power of America's Evangelical Christians, and how natural of an ally they are to Israel and America's Jewish community.

Netanyahu to Macron: Read the Bible - Jerusalem is our capital!
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Sunday, days after President Donald Trump declared that the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital city, and announced that the State Department would begin the process of relocated the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

'Humans will worship AI MESSIAH' God Robot religion expected to boom
Former Google and Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski founded AI-bases religion, The Way of the Future, so people can worship a "Godhead" robot that is a billion times smarter than humans. He wants to create a new "church" that revolves around Artificial Intelligence and has people worshipping at the feet of a super-machine. And tech experts have said humans are likely to accept the robot as a higher being.

'Minority Report' Artificial Intelligence machine can identify 2 BILLION people in seconds
Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognize people. This means it has a collection of 1.8 billion photos on file, including visitors to the country and those taken at ports and airports. THE ANTICHRIST WILL LOVE A DEVICE LIKE THIS ONE.

Has an alien probe entered our solar system? Cigar-shaped interstellar 'comet' Oumuamua is being investigated for signs of extraterrestrial technology
Astronomers have begun scanning an 'alien' comet for signs of extraterrestrial technology. Researchers say they are looking for radio signals, claiming the mysterious visitor could be an alien spaceship.

Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society
Facebook's former vice president for user growth Chamath Palihapitiya recently gave a talk at the Stanford Graduate School of Business that'll probably make you think twice about your social media use (via the Verge). The entire talk is well worth a watch, but some of his most prominent remarks included...

Monday 11, December 2017

New York explosion - Blast at Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal amid reports of a possible botched suicide bomb attack
A LOUD blast has been heard inside a New York bus terminal with reports of a stampede as people rushed from the area. Police have said they are responding to reports of an "explosion" at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, close to Times Square, in Manhattan and are evacuating people.

Israeli Bus station terrorist: 'I did it for Allah'
The terrorist responsible for Sunday afternoon's stabbing attack at the entrance to Jerusalem's central bus station hinted at his plans to attack Jews "For Allah's sake" in a Facebook post just hours before the incident took place. Police have identified the terrorist from Sunday's attack as Yassin Abu Al-Keraa, a 24-year-old Palestinian Authority resident.

Nikki Haley Just Issued A Major Threat And Brings Us Closer To War
Haley at UN: "We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it" but "if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed."

Watch: Nikki Haley smokes the United Nations in blistering speech over Trump's Jerusalem declaration
Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, on Friday spoke to the U.N. about President Donald Trump's decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move the U.S. embassy to the Holy City. Haley, in a near eight-minute speech, brought the house down...

Erdogan blasts 'terrorist' Israel, Netanyahu fires back
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan traded accusations of involvement in terrorism on Sunday, in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The back-and-forth began when Erdogan said he would fight against Trump's controversial declaration, describing Israel as a "terrorist state" that kills children, in a speech in Istanbul.

Iraq declares victory in war against Islamic State
After three years of combat, Iraq's prime minister declared victory Saturday over Islamic State, saying government forces have driven the militants from their last footholds in the country. Addressing a conference in Baghdad, Prime Minister Haider Abadi said Iraqi troops were now in full control of the desert regions along the border with Syria.

'Trump has made peace possible with his Jerusalem declaration'
sraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with European Union leaders in Brussels Monday, the first state trip to the Belgian capital by a sitting Israeli head of state in more than two decades. The meeting comes days after President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital city, and announced that the US would relocate its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Department of Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that Planned Parenthood is officially under federal investigation. Investigations in 2016 by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives and the Senate Judiciary Committee resulted in Planned Parenthood being referred to the FBI and the DOJ, as well as state attorneys general, for criminal investigations. After two comprehensive probes, the Committee and the Panel separately found that uncovered documents and testimony indicated Planned Parenthood broke multiple state and federal laws.

Caught on tape: Late-term abortions done on healthy moms and babies
Two new undercover phone calls have been released by Priests for Life and Abortion-Free New Mexico as part of an awareness project involving late-term abortions, in addition to calls already released from abortion facilities around the country.

Chris Matthews Just Insulted Every Christian In America - Time To Fire?
Chris Matthews just made an outrageous statement about Christians. On Wednesday's showing of "Morning Joe" Chris Matthews said that evangelical Christians have "crazy ideas" and "mythical" beliefs about Israel.

Trump Supporters Are Livid Over What The Vatican Just Did - This Is Just Wrong
The Vatican's newspaper front page headline on Dec. 6 is seriously enraging Trump supporters. The headline "Trump Inflames the Middle East" was plastered across the front page of L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's newspaper. This comes in response to President Trump's decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. This indicates the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

Saturday 09, December 2017

Kadyrov blasts Trump's Jerusalem move as 'crude,' warns of full-scale war in Middle-East
The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has described the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US president as a stab in the back for those who tried to reach a settlement in the Middle East, and a step towards a new war.

Middle East War: Iran's Allies Are Secretly Launching Missiles at Saudi Arabia as Tehran Takes Control in the Battle for Dominance

Confronting Iran: Israel's new war front in Syria
According to Syrian media - government and opposition alike - the Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck military targets in Syria three, probably four times in the last week. As is normal in such cases, Israel keeps silent, neither confirms nor denies.

Israel airstrikes, Gaza rockets amid tensions over Jerusalem
Two Palestinians were killed Saturday in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, as tensions soared in the region after US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Thursday 07, December 2017

At least a dozen people injured, suspect 'down' after shooting at New Mexico school, official says
At least a dozen people were injured after a gunman opened fire at a northern New Mexico high school Thursday morning, a law enforcement official told Fox News. Authorities said the shooter was "down." At least two of those injured had been shot, officials said.

Arabs riot in eastern Jerusalem
Dozens of Arabs began rioting this afternoon at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City, clashing with police forces stationed in the area. In addition, reports indicate that dozens of Palestinian Arabs are throwing stones at several locations along the Gaza border. IDF forces are responding with crowd dispersal means.

Palestinian envoy: Trump 'declaring war in the Middle East'
The Palestinian delegate to the United Kingdom said on Wednesday that President Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel signals a declaration of war in the region. "He is declaring war in the Middle East, he is declaring war against 1.5 billion Muslims, hundreds of millions of Christians that are not going to accept the holy shrines to be totally under the hegemony of Israel," Manuel Hassassian told BBC Radio 4's "Today."

Middle East Tensions Near Boiling Point
The 38th Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit resulted in a showdown between Qatar and its Saud-led alliance counterparts. Saudi King Salman decided to send a lower diplomatic delegation in his place, chipping away at the stability in the region. Additionally, in an unexpected move, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that the two countries have formed a new economic and military partnership, separate from the GCC. Arab analysts have already indicated that this could deal a deadly blow to the role of the GCC.

Turkey says U.S. "pulled the pin on bomb" with Jerusalem decision
ANKARA (Reuters) - The United States has primed a bomb in the Middle East with its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Thursday. "The United States has pulled the pin on a bomb ready to blow in the region," Yildirim told a conference in Ankara, reiterating that Turkey did recognize the move an renewing Ankara's call for Washington to revise it.

Lebanese priest discusses the threats to Christianity
WATERLOO - Left unchecked, Christian populations could be erased from the Holy Land, according to a Maronite Catholic priest from the region. The Rev. Emanuel Nakhle spoke recently at the Waterloo Rotary Club, describing current events through political, historical, social and religious lenses.

Prof. Alan Dershowitz: Recognizing Jerusalem 'perfect response' to Obama
Former Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz says that US President Donald Trump's official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the "perfect response" to "President Obama's outrageous orchestration" of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 during the waning weeks of his presidency. "The best response to that horrible resolution is for the President to say, 'we don't accept the UN resolution, and the best proof of it is, we're going to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,'" Dershowitz asserted. "You say it's occupied, we say it's the capital."

Son of Murdered Ex-Yemeni President: 'the Blood of My Father Will Be Hell Ringing in the Ears of Iran'
The son of ex-Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh has called for retaliation against the Iran-linked Houthi rebels who killed the former leader, accusing him of "treachery" for offering to "turn a new page" with the Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting the Shiite insurgents in Yemen. "I will lead the battle until the last Houthi is thrown out of Yemen … the blood of my father will be hell ringing in the ears of Iran," Saudi-owned al-Ekhbariya TV quotes the former president's son Ahmed Ali Saleh as saying, reports Reuters.

Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges – Aden, Karachi and Mumbai – showed that local sea level trends in the last 140 years had been very gently rising, neutral or negative (ie sea levels had fallen). But after the evidence had been adjusted by tidal records gatekeepers at the global databank Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) it suddenly showed a sharp and dramatic rise.

Wednesday 06, December 2017

Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, forge ahead with moving US Embassy
President Trump on Wednesday will order the State Department to begin moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, senior administration officials said, a move that fulfills a campaign promise made to religious conservatives but one that could inflame tensions across the Middle East.

Turkey says declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital will start 'fire with no end in sight'
"Declaring Jerusalem a capital is disregarding history and the truths in the region, it is a big injustice/cruelty, shortsightedness, foolishness/madness, it is plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight," Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Twitter.

World War 3: Expert warns Yemen war will affect the ENTIRE Middle East as war Intensifies
World War 3 fears have intensified over an escalating major conflict which could affect the whole of the Middle East. Dr Simon Mabon, a professor of Middle Eastern politics at Lancaster University, said recent escalation in the Yemeni conflict between a Saudi Arabia-led coalition and Houthi rebels could impact the entire Middle East.

Anglican Minister: We Should Pray for Prince George to be Gay
The "Very Reverend" Kelvin Holdsworth, a senior member of the Episcopal clergy in Scotland, is being criticized for writing a blog post encouraging people to vote for Prince George to be gay. He says that he hopes the 4 year-old son of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will "be blessed one day with the love of a fine young gentleman."

Gay GOP group urges 'good Christians' to oppose Moore
A prominent Republican LGBT advocacy group is out with an ad opposing embattled Republican Roy Moore, calling on "good Christians" to reject him ahead of Alabama's special Senate election. The ad from Log Cabin Republicans features people praying at church and around a dinner table, saying that politicians are "attacking our values, our churches, our children."

The NFL signs on with George Soros
Plagued by sagging ratings, player protests and fan outrage, the NFL has thrown a political Hail Mary by reportedly agreeing to dole out millions of dollars to two social justice groups connected to Democratic billionaire George Soros. Under an agreement with the Players Coalition, NFL owners plan to funnel tens of millions of dollars to the Dream Corps, a leftist advocacy group led by former Obama adviser Van Jones and linked to Mr. Soros, which has called for saving the Clean Power Plan, cutting the prison population by half and providing "sanctuary for all."

NFL agrees to commit $89M over seven years to social justice causes
Are you still watching the NFL?

Student Newspaper Runs Anti-White Op-Ed; University President Calls It 'Racist'
The University Star column, written by Texas State junior Rudy Martinez, condemns white privilege and criticizes white people who deny that have any sort of privilege in the world because of their race. The published headline says, "Your DNA is an abomination."

LA Critics Call Film Celebrating Gay Sex With a Minor 'Best Picture'
On Sunday, an elite group of film critics met to cast ballots for a host of categories. At the top of the heap: Call Me By Your Name, a movie about a 17-year-old boy's sexual relationship with his father's 24-year-old male intern. Lauded as "a romantic marvel" by The Atlantic, "an erotic triumph" by The New Yorker, and "a gorgeous gay love story" by The Guardian, the film is based on Andre Aciman's romantic novel.

Soon... Artificial intelligence to Create Indistinguishable "False Reality"
Artificial intelligence can soon create a false reality indistinguishable from the real one, suggests new advancements in graphics manipulation which serves as a warning to humanity. Graphics firm Nvidia recently released results of its "image-to-image translation" which can take an outdoors photo taken in the winter and transform it into the same scene, but in the summer - with indistinguishable results.

Tuesday 05, December 2017

Dermer: War on northern border could be just 'weeks' away
The chances of war on Israel's northern border could be "weeks" away, according to Israel's Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. "If Iran is not rolled back in Syria, then the chances of military confrontation are growing. I don't want to tell you by the year or by the month. I'd say even by the week," Dermer assessed.

Stealth jets, other aircraft fly in U.S., South Korean drills
SEOUL, South Korea (December 4, 2017) - Hundreds of aircraft including two dozen stealth jets began training Monday as the United States and South Korea launched a massive combined air force exercise. The war games come a week after North Korea test-fired its most powerful missile ever, an ICBM that may be able to target the eastern seaboard of the United States.

International warnings as Trump delays Jerusalem decision
Washington (AFP) - International leaders warned US President Donald Trump Tuesday that he risked outraging Muslims and jeopardising Middle East peace efforts if he recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and moved the US embassy there. Trump delayed a controversial decision on the ancient holy city on Monday, following frantic public warnings from allies and private phone calls between world leaders.

Islamic countries: Recognizing Jerusalem is 'naked aggression'
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would be a "naked aggression" that would cause the United States to lose "its mediating role and turn it into a biased party to the conflict," the Organization of Islamic States said.

Barna: Faith should influence politics, not vice versa

Travel Ban Back in Place, SCOTUS Halts Lower Court Injunctions
President Donald Trump's travel ban is once again to largely go back into effect after the Supreme Court of the United States stayed two lower courts' injunctions Monday. The orders come in response to filings by the Department of Justice Friday, asking the Supreme Court to stay the preliminary injunctions in the two main travel ban cases, Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump in the Fourth Circuit. These cases have been proceeding up and down the federal court system for months.

Dr. Strange Director: Christians Are Greedy Racists
According to an ABCNEWS/Beliefnet poll in July, 83% percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. So what does Hollywood - the industry that theoretically wants to fill theaters with patrons -- do? Why, it caters to…oh, wait - it doesn't. This was demonstrated by a tweet from Dr. Strange director Scott Derrickson, which was posted Saturday.

Leftist SPLC: Antifa Not a Hate Group
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Antifa isn't a hate group; only Christian and/or conservative groups make the SPLC "hate map." So, why doesn't Antifa make the cut? SPLC president Richard Cohen explains...

Syria: Another Israeli air strike near Damascus
Foreign media report that Monday night, Dec. 4, Israeli aircraft attacked a "scientific research center" in Jamraya on the outskirts of Damascus. Lebanese sources say Israel fired six missiles, three of which were intercepted by Syria's air defense system. This would be the second Israeli air raid in three days of a military target in the Damascus area.

Monday 04, December 2017

Report: Israel attacked Iranian-backed military base in Syria
The attack was carried out from Lebanon, and used air-to-surface missiles. According to reports, the Syrian army successfully intercepted at least two of the missiles. A Sky News report said the military base was scheduled to receive Iranian forces.

The Coming War on Lebanon: Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Prepare for a Long-Planned Middle East War

Trump likely to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital this week
President Donald Trump is likely to announce this week that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a senior administration official said on Friday, a move that would upend decades of American policy and possibly inflame tensions in the Middle East.

Hamas Threatens New Intifada If Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israeli Capital
Although it seems as if the embassy will stay put for now, officials close to President Donald Trump revealed last week that he was considering declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, even though it was made clear to him that the move would endanger American diplomats in the area.

Report: Trump 'Frustrated' With Aides Opposing Jerusalem Embassy Move
TEL AVIV - President Donald Trump reportedly became "agitated and exasperated" at the lack of action on his campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, with sources telling the Washington Postthat the White House may compromise by formally declaring Jerusalem to be Israel's capital.

Future wars may depend as much on algorithms as on ammunition, report says.
The Pentagon is increasingly focused on the notion that the might of U.S. forces will be measured as much by the advancement of their algorithms as by the ammunition in their arsenals. And so as it seeks to develop the technologies of the next war amid a technological arms race with China, the Defense Department has steadily increased spending in three key areas: artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, according to a recent report.

Europe's Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come
The African Union-European Union (AU-EU) summit, held in in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, on November 29-30, 2017, has ended in abject failure after the 55 African and 28 European leaders attending the event were unable to agree on even basic measures to prevent potentially tens of millions of African migrants from flooding Europe.

Pro-life clinics outnumber abortion facilities 4,000 to 739
In 2013, The New York Times reported that nationally, pro-life pregnancy centers outnumbered abortion facilities. At the time, there were reportedly 2,500 pro-life centers compared to around 1,800 abortion centers. As abortion facilities continued to shut down and more pro-life crisis pregnancy centers began to open, that difference became even more substantial. In 2015 - just two years later - the number of abortion facilities in the nation had plummeted to 739, compared to around 4,000 pregnancy centers.

Abortionist agrees to kill healthy 26-week-old infant for $7,000
One of America's most infamous late-term abortionists is willing to abort healthy babies of healthy moms up to 28 weeks into pregnancy for thousands of dollars, a new undercover call revealed. After 28 weeks, abortionist LeRoy Carhart will abort babies on a "case-by-case basis" if they and their moms are healthy.

Thursday 30, November 2017

Bill Salus: Exploring 2018 in Bible Prophecy
Please download and read this important document from the top, renowned Biblical Prophecy writer, speaker and expert, Bill Salus. If you want to know where the world is at in the Prophetic Timeline, please get and study this awesome article.

'Palestinians' pursuit of terror is reason to move embassy'
The American Jewish Congress issued a statement encouraging the US administration to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as possible. On Tuesday, US Vice President Mike Pence said US President Donald Trump and his administration will "always stand with Israel," and that Trump was considering when to follow up on his campaign promise to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Will Israel launch pre-emptive strike against Assad?
As the war in Syria dies down and the dust starts to settle, the enormity of Israel's strategic mistake during the long years of conflict is becoming all the more apparent. The first person to point this out publicly was Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) chief of Military Intelligence from 2006 to 2010.

Iran develops nuclear-powered submarines
While Israel agonizes over the number of submarines needed to protect the country's security, the Islamic Republic of Iran has given uninhibited priority to developing nuclear naval power. Iran's spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei, stressed at a meeting with naval commanders the importance of Iranian naval presence on the open sea, noting that the navy is going through a period of developing its capabilities.

At least 30 million Muslims in Europe by 2050
In a scenario where Muslim immigration to Europe will continue but taper, 20.8 million Muslims will live in Europe in 2050, and they will be 11.2% of Europe's population. This prediction is based on a scenario in which "normal speed" migration, defined by the Pew Institute as immigration whose motives are economic, educational, and family, rather than seeking asylum as refugees.

In Jerusalem, Muslim keeps key to Jesus' tomb
JERUSALEM - As dark falls, Adeeb Joudeh, a Muslim, makes his way through the stone alleyways of Jerusalem's walled Old City cradling the ancient key to one of Christianity's holiest sites. Centuries ago, the imposing iron key to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built where many Christians believe Jesus was crucified and buried, was entrusted to his family, one of Jerusalem's most prominent clans, says Joudeh. "Honestly, it's a great honour for a Muslim to hold the key to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the most important church in Christendom," Joudeh, 53, said.

German Jews stop wearing Kippot amid Muslim attacks
Members of the small Jewish community in the West German city of Bochum will no longer wear Kippot because of attacks on them by Muslim youths, they announced in November. "Germans more than any other people in Europe should understand what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews," Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Rev. Graham on Matt Lauer: It's Not 'Misconduct,' It's 'Called Sin'
Commenting on NBC News' firing of long-time Today show anchor Matt Lauer for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace," Rev. Franklin Graham said such behavior, whoever is involved, is not "misconduct," but it is "sin," and all of us should be wary that our own sin eventually will find us out.

Texas State Student Paper Op-Ed: Your White DNA is 'an Abomination'
In "Your DNA is an Abomination," which seems to have been pulled from the pages of the University Star, philosophy student and self-proclaimed Marxist atheist Rudy Martinez begins by declaring that of all the white people he has ever encountered, "there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider 'decent.'" He went on to blather that "whiteness in the United States" is a "construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power" and that whites benefit from privilege, "regardless of their socio-economic standing."

#Gaytivities Making Christmas Gay Again
The far-left LGBTQWTF brigade is out in force on Twitter trending the hashtag #Gaytivities, showing their personal nativity displays with two Marys or two Josephs kneeling over a baby Jesus.

What Really Happens When You ask Alexa 'Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?'
Comedian Steven Crowder went viral over Thanksgiving weekend when he recorded an impromptu video in which he and his producer peppered an Alexa device with questions. "Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?" Crowder asked, to which Alexa replied, "a fictional character."

Bulletproof glass protecting city store clerks may have to come down - over 'indignity' to customers
A bill headed through Philadelphia City Hall would force businesses to remove bulletproof glass protecting employees inside stores. Councilwoman Cindy Bass - a Democrat who offered the bill says she's concerned about shoppers' feelings.

Wednesday 29, November 2017

Exclusive: Age of Jesus Christ's Purported Tomb Revealed
Over the centuries, Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher has suffered violent attacks, fires, and earthquakes. It was totally destroyed in 1009 and subsequently rebuilt, leading modern scholars to question whether it could possibly be the site identified as the burial place of Christ by a delegation sent from Rome some 17 centuries ago. Now the results of scientific tests provided to National Geographic appear to confirm that the remains of a limestone cave enshrined within the church are remnants of the tomb located by the ancient Romans.

Age of 'Christ's tomb' is revealed: Mortar used in the complex dates to Rome's first Christian emperor suggesting it really IS where 'Jesus was buried and resurrected'
Believers say it is the tomb where Jesus was buried and rose to heaven. Now, for the first time, experts appear to have confirmed at least one element of the Christian narrative of its history. Researchers sampled mortar taken from between the original limestone surface of the burial bed, where religious followers say Christ was laid to rest, and a marble slab that covers it.

New tests at Jesus's presumed tomb back traditional beliefs
Scientific testing at what is believed to be Jesus's tomb dates material there to the fourth century, supporting traditional beliefs surrounding the site, an expert involved in the study said on Tuesday.

N.Korea says "breakthrough" puts U.S. mainland within range of nuclear weapons
North Korea said it successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday in a "breakthrough" that puts the U.S. mainland within range of its nuclear weapons whose warheads could withstand re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere. North Korea's first missile test since mid-September came a week after U.S. President Donald Trump put North Korea back on a U.S. list of countries it says support terrorism, allowing it to impose more sanctions.

North Korea ICBM Launch Could Put Washington D.C. Within Reach
SEOUL - North Korea said Wednesday that it fired a brand-new intercontinental ballistic missile into the waters off Japan, ending a more than two-month hiatus by Pyongyang and threatening to ramp up tensions with the U.S. and in the region. In a nationally televised broadcast, North Korea's state television said that it had successfully fired a more advanced ICBM, which it dubbed the Hwasong-15 and which it said was capable of reaching any point on the U.S. mainland, in a launch personally ordered by leader Kim Jong Un.

Rumors of War: NATO sees growing Russia, China challenge; higher risk of war
China's growing military strength and a resurgent Russia will pose growing challenges to the trans-Atlantic alliance in coming years, and NATO's moves to bolster its capabilities could trigger a new Cold War-style arms race, a NATO report said. The report, completed once every four years, identifies 20 global trends that are likely to affect the alliance through 2035, ranging from artificial intelligence and accelerating technology development to climate change and growing inequality.

Christmas-Themed Ad Campaign Rejected by D.C. Metro
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in the nation's capital rejected an ad campaign by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington because it touched too close to the true meaning of Christmas.

This is what Discrimination Looks like: BBC Job Posting: No Whites Allowed
The Left claims to oppose racism. Its favorite way of combating it? Racism. That's the apparent philosophy behind a BBC job listing which specifies that it will not consider white candidates.

Tuesday 28, November 2017

Netanyahu warns Assad thru Moscow: Don't let Iran have bases
Syrian military targets will be attacked if you let Iran set up bases in Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Syrian ruler Bashar Assad via Moscow. This was reported Sunday night, Nov. 26 by senior officials in Jerusalem. The Israeli message, in an effect an ultimatum, notified the Syrian ruler that if he allowed Iran to establish bases in his country, Israel would abandon its policy of non-intervention in the Syrian war, which it has upheld throughout the entire six-year conflict, and not hesitate to strike at the Syrian army and other targets buttressing his regime in Damascus.

World War 3 fears: North Korea set for missile launch in 'next few days' warns Japan
North Korea has been threatening another launch following a series of provocative tests earlier this year. Two missiles flew directly over Japanese territory, terrifying citizens and sparking a round of worldwide condemnations and sanctions. And now despot Kim Jong-un could be set for yet another test - despite ever-strengthening warnings from his Western rivals.

EU demands Israel halt demolitions of illegal Arab buildings
The European Union rebuked Israel on Friday, condemning the Jewish state for the demolition of illegal Arab buildings and demanding Israel refrain from further demolitions.

Actor Val Kilmer Credits Jesus and Prayer with Saving His Life
Val Kimer, the actor known for his role as Batman and in Top Gun, just admitted to something that not many people in Hollywood do. Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year and he credits that "power of prayer" for helping him heal, and says is just as powerful today as it was in Jesus' times, reports CNS News.

Liberal New York Times Celebrates Sexualization of 10-Year-Old Boy
"His eye makeup is better than yours," reads the headline in the New York Times. The article is about Jack Bennett, a 10-year-old boy from Berkshire, England. Thanks to his Instagram account, @makeuupbyjack, the pre-pubescent is now advising cosmetic companies like MAC and NYX on trends and "looks." Bennett is one of a growing number of young men and boys who are becoming popular on the social media site for sharing pictures of themselves doing their own makeup...

NCOSE to Speaker Ryan: Don't forget about the porn problem
Over recent decades, there have been ever increasing reports of sexual harassment and abuse, typically by men, with the most recent reports ranging from Hollywood, to Congress, to television personalities. Kathryn Blakeman of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) attributes the preponderance of pornography over the same period to contributing to the underlying reason.

Parents respond to 'gay pride' push in local library
After parents discovered that the public library in Temple, Texas had set up a pro-LGBTQ lifestyle display in the children's section, local resident Joe Goodson of Concerned Christian Citizens met with library officials. He posed that if they were going to promote that lifestyle, then they should also have a display of books that might help individuals leave that lifestyle behind. At the quarterly board meeting, 40-50 residents showed up, and 80 percent of them delivered a message...

Teachers Attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAP' Sensitivity Training
Gather 'round children! The Canadian Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has some super interesting new information for you! First, we're going to learn a new acronym. Can you say, "LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP?" Let's try it to the tune of "Old MacDonald!" Everyone sing along! Next, we'll learn what these letters mean. Are you ready?

France's President: Make 'Gender-Based Insults' Illegal
On Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron laid out several legislative measures aimed at fighting violence against women, including a monetary penalty for using "gender-based insults."

Denzel Washington Blames Fatherless Homes, Not 'The System,' For Mass Incarceration
Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington should expect some blowback from his latest comments during the premier for his new film, Roman J. Israel, Esq. As the film centers on the criminal justice system, Washington is being asked to weigh in on its reform, especially with mass incarcerations in the inner city. But instead of raising a black power-fist and blaming "the system," Washington points the finger to the exact spot most on the Left don't want to hear...

Racist Nurse 'No Longer Employee' After Tweeting That White Sons Should Be Sacrificed
Calling for the death of an entire race's men may not be the best way to keep your job. An Indiana woman recently learned that lesson the hard way: a hospital in Indianapolis announced yesterday that it has parted ways with the nurse who gained national attention Friday with a tweet urging white women to sacrifice their sons.

MSNBC Panelist Calls Republicans 'Domestic Terror Group'
In a discussion about healthcare on MSNBC's AM Joy, frequent guest Fernand Armandi said a mouthful Saturday. The part-time panelist and full-time nut made the assertion that the GOP is a "domestic terror group."

Monday 27, November 2017

Iran prepared for WAR: World on brink as tensions with Saudi Arabia reach breaking point
Saudi Arabia and Iran are on the brink of war as tensions in the Middle East reach breaking point. The regions of Qatar, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon are also embroiled in the bitter conflict. Relations between the Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia and the Shia-dominated Iran have deteriorated recently due to the ongoing civil war in Yemen and the political crisis in Lebanon.

Iran's leader branded 'new Hitler' by Saudi Prince amid World War 3 tensions
Referring to attempts to make a peace deal with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler before the outbreak of the Second World War the Crown Prince appeared to rule out peace. Prince Mohammad bin Salman said: "We learned from Europe that appeasement doesn't work.

Iran Revolutionary Chief: Mideast War Will Lead to Israel's 'Eradication'
The Algemeiner reports: Any new war in the Middle East "will lead to the eradication of the Zionist regime," the head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps declared on Thursday, according to the semi-official state news agency Fars.

Senior Iranian official warns Europe
The deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, warned Europe on Saturday that if it threatens Tehran, the Guards will increase the range of missiles to above 2000 kilometers. "If we have kept the range of our missiles to 2000 kilometers, it's not due to lack of technology. ... We are following a strategic doctrine," Salami said, according to the Reuters news agency, which cited a report in Iranian media.

World War 3: Saudi power plays in Middle East could kill MILLIONS human rights groups warn
Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade on Yemeni ports in early November, after Houthi-Saleh rebels in the war-torn nation attempted a missile attack on Saudi capital city, Riyadh, as part of an ongoing civil war in which the Saudis have backed their enemies.

Iran threatens to put Europe in missile range...
The deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned that it may increase the range of missiles to over 2,000 km - enough to strike Europe. Brigadier General Hossein Salami said: "If we have kept the range of our missiles to 2000 kilometres, it's not due to lack of technology - we are following a strategic doctrine.

Rumors of War: Israel vows to destroy Iranian positions within 40 km of Syrian border
Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida revealed on Sunday that an Israeli source disclosed a promise from Jerusalem to destroy all Iranian facilities within 40 kilometers (25 miles) of Israel's Golan Heights. The source, who remains unnamed, said that during Syrian President Bashar Assad's surprise visit to Russia last week, Assad gave Russian Premier Vladimir Putin a message for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Damascus will agree to a demilitarized zone of up to 40 kilometers from the border in the Golan Heights as part of a comprehensive agreement between the two countries, but only if Israel does not work to remove Assad's regime from power.

Kuwaiti writer: There is no 'Palestine' and no occupation
A Kuwaiti writer recently said that Israel was an independent and legitimate sover eign state and that there was no occupation, but rather "a people returning to its promised land." The writer, Abdullah Al-Hadlaq, made the comments in an interview which was broadcast by the Kuwaiti Alrai TV channel on November 19 and translated by the Middle East Research Media Institute (MEMRI).

Egypt attack: Gunmen kill 235 in Sinai mosque
Militants have launched a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai province, killing 235 people, state media say. The al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed was targeted during Friday prayers. It is the deadliest attack of its kind since an Islamist insurgency in the peninsula was stepped up in 2013.

Church of Sweden votes to stop using 'He' or 'The Lord' to refer to God
The Church of Sweden is encouraging its clergy to use the gender-neutral term "God" instead of referring to the deity as "he" or "the Lord". The decision was made on Thursday, wrapping up an eight-day meeting of the church's 251-member decision-making body. The decision will take effect on May 20 during Pentecost. The decision to update the book of worship gives priests new options on how to refer to God during their services.

Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump
The Most Reverend Justin Welby told ITV's "Peston on Sunday" program that he "really genuinely" can't comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump.

Famous Christmas Display Attacked by Government Grinch

Brain implants to 'change moods controlled by AI' begin HUMAN TESTS
Devices plugged into people's skulls are being developed by boffins funded by the US military's research division DARPA. These implants will use electronic pulses to alter the chemicals in people's brains in a process called "deep brain stimulation". This will then change people's moods and is believed to be able to treat mental illness and provide therapy.

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming 'Apocalypse'
For at least three decades scientists and environmental activists have been warning that the world is on the verge of a global warming "apocalypse" that will flood coastal cities, tear up roads and bridges with mega-storms and bring widespread famine and misery to much of the world. Of course, human civilization has not collapsed, despite decades of predictions that we only have years left to avert disaster. Ten years ago, the U.N. predicted we only had "as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average rise of 2C or more."

Tuesday 21, November 2017

Saudi Arabia issues furious World War 3 WARNING to Iran as Middle East tensions soar
The senior Saudi official threatened to respond to aggression against the nation, after rebels in Iran fired a missile at the capital Riyadh. The missile, which was fired from Yemen towards Riyadh's international airport, before being intercepted on November 4, was branded an "act of war" by Saudi Arabia.

Kim Jong-un can develop a missile capable of reaching the US mainland THIS YEAR, claims South Korea
South Korea's spy agency said on Monday it is possible North Korea can develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US mainland this year and that it is monitoring developments closely. No sign of an imminent nuclear test had been detected, though the North's Punggye-ri complex appears ready for another detonation 'at any time', the agency told lawmakers.

Don't Be Alarmed But The Next War In The Middle East Is Brewing
The next war in the Middle East is brewing. Yet some policymakers and pundits are missing the buildup and, in some cases, missing the battle lines. Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based Shi'ite terror group is preparing to go to war with Israel - once again.

French Author: To Prevent Sharia Civil War, Establish Separate Islamic State Within France
The situation in France has gotten so desperate that the only way to prevent civil war between Muslim and non-Muslim sections of society is to divide the country in two, one French academic argued. This may seem needlessly drastic, but the push for Sharia (Islamic law) being enshrined in the government may make it necessary.

'If you're Israeli, you've got to be happy Trump is president'
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci lauded President Trump's handling of the US-Israel relationship, saying that Trump's inauguration had begun a "new era" for the two countries. "If you want to defend liberty, if you want to defend individual freedom, you have to be a fan and a supporter of Israel," said Scaramucci.

FBI signals it may investigate Planned Parenthood for baby parts trafficking
The FBI has asked the Senate for unredacted documents obtained from abortion facilities related to Planned Parenthood's trafficking of fetal body parts, signaling a move towards a potential investigation. The Hill reports that the FBI's request was made recently to the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who referred Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities to the FBI for criminal investigation.

Overt demonic activity coming, warns 'Spiritual Warfare' expert
The Roman Catholic Church is publishing prayers to combat the "powers of darkness" as interest continues to grow in the rite of exorcism. Demons and supernatural forces have become a staple of popular culture, and churches are scrambling to keep up as the imagery of evil continues to flood pop culture.

Congress paid out $17 million in sexual harassment settlements. Here's why we know so little about that money.

Sex abuse claims have cost the US Catholic Church almost $4 billion
Sex abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church in the US have cost the institution almost $4 billion over six decades, the National Catholic Register (NCR) has found. An extensive investigation revealed that the Church paid out at least $3,994,797,060 between 1950 and August 2015; almost $1bn more than previously estimated.

ISIS Group Releases Image of 'Beheaded' Pope Francis
Just a few days after circulating a propaganda poster depicting a jihadist driving toward the Vatican, a pro-ISIS media group today released another poster depicting Pope Francis beheaded.

Liberal LA Times Goes Soft on Manson: 'Not So Utterly Different From Us'
It didn't take long after Charles Manson died while in prison at the age of 83 for The Los Angeles Times to come out with the hottest of hot takes on the murderous cult leader's life as just one of the guys...

Black Diversity VP at Apple Replaced by White Woman for Saying White Men 'Diverse'

Monday 20, November 2017

RUMORS OF WAR: Ominous signs that the next war in the Middle East is coming, and it won't be pretty

How North Korean Weapons Could Start a War (in the Middle East)
On November 4, a ballistic missile exploded above King Khalid Airport near Riyadh after being intercepted by Saudi Patriot missiles. The attack, launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen, led the Saudi government to blame Iran for supporting the rebels, escalating tensions across the Middle East.

North Korea on 'aggressive schedule' in developing ballistic missile submarine
Kim Jong Un's regime is pursuing an "aggressive schedule" to construct its first operational ballistic missile submarine, an analysis of satellite images indicated as North Korea scoffs at international condemnation and moves to complete its missile and nuclear program.

Why Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter rivals
Saudi Arabia and Iran - two powerful neighbors - are locked in a fierce struggle for regional dominance. The decades-old feud between them is exacerbated by religious differences. They each follow one of the two main sects in Islam - Iran is largely Shia Muslim, while Saudi Arabia sees itself as the leading Sunni Muslim power.

'Introduce Sharia law, create Muslim state to avoid civil war'
A French professor has suggested creating a Muslim state within France in order to prevent a civil war, reports Westmonster. Professor Christian de Moliner admits that an independent society has formed within France, which he described as: "A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

The Trump Effect: 'ISIS has lost 95% of its caliphate'
The Islamic State (ISIS) group has lost 95 percent of the cross-border "caliphate" it declared three years ago in Iraq and Syria, the U.S.-led coalition fighting the jihadist group says.

Inside chilling religion creating 'God robot' a billion times smarter than humans
Anthony Levandowski has created the Way of the Future, a religion based around super powered AI. The tech boffin is looking for followers of the new religion to help him build super intelligence into a bot, which they will then worship.

'Stop saying Christmas' Priest warns Christians to abandon the word
CHRISTIANS should stop using the word Christmas because it has been hijacked by "Santa and reindeer", an Irish Catholic priest has urged. Father Desmond O'Donnell said Christians of all denominations should realize that Christmas and Easter no longer has any sacred meaning. DOES HE HAVE A POINT?

Students to atheists: Don't mess with Texas Christian flag
An atheist group's demand to get rid of a Christian flag on a public school campus flagpole was defied by Texas high school students, who flew the flag with a message that was loud and clear. After the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) discovered that the "Come and Take It Flag" - donning a Christian cross that was flown during the Texas Revolution - was hanging from a flagpole at LaPoynor High School, it ordered the school district to remove it.

Muslim basketball player cut for anthem warmup; ACLU on it
A Muslim community college basketball player in Kansas was cut from his team after taking warmup shots while the national anthem played, and then filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU followed up by sending Garden City Community College (GCCC) a letter claiming that the Muslim player, Rasool Samir, was not protesting, but rather simply refraining from observing the national anthem because his Muslim faith forbids him from acts of reverence to anything but the god of Islam.

Wisconsin College Democrats leader resigns after tweeting, 'I f-ing hate white men'
Sarah Semrad, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and vice chair of the statewide College Democrats organization also celebrated tearing down flyers at her campus for Christian-based pregnancy counseling, the La Crosse Tribune reported. The tweets apparently caught the attention of conservative Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling.

Monday 13, November 2017

Tension mounts in Lebanon as Saudi Arabia escalates power struggle with Iran
In Beirut's southern suburbs, where buildings scarred with wars of old blend with posters of the latest dead, talk of another conflict has taken hold. A fight on a scale not seen before may be brewing, say locals like Hussein Khaireddine, a barber who says he and his family in the Shia suburb of Dahiyeh have grown used to tensions over decades.

Terror group: Israeli threats 'a declaration of war'
The Islamic Jihad terror organization responded Sunday morning to Israeli warnings against retaliation for Israel's recent destruction of the terror tunnel network near Gaza. Major General Yoav Mordechai, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), on Saturday night warned the terrorist organizations in Gaza that Israel will respond to any act of retaliation for the destruction of the terror tunnel that was exposed in Israeli territory two weeks ago.

Israel draws a veil over perils building up around Gaza - the third Iranian-Hizballah front
Israel and the Palestinian terrorist groups Jihad Islami and Hamas are conducting a heated war of words over the Gaza Strip. But both keep mum on the real situation on the ground.

Report: Trump's team drafting peace plan
U.S. President Donald Trump and his advisers have begun developing their own concrete blueprint to end the conflict between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Israel trains for 'tunnel war'
Following Israel's bombing of a resistance tunnel at the end of the last month, in which it killed 12 Palestinians, its troops have started to train for a "tunnel war", reported on Friday. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) expects the Palestinian response to the killings to develop into a full-scale war that would include an Israeli ground operation, Israel's news website Wallah has said. If this happens, then "tunnel attacks" would be involved.

US warns against 'proxy conflicts' in Middle East as World War 3 tensions rise
Though he did not directly say so, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's warning was aimed directly at Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi'ite Iran, whose rivalry has already wrought upheaval in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain. Prime Minister Saad Hariri's shock resignation while in Saudi Arabia has led to a week of mounting tensions which threatens to break the country's delicate coalition government.

BLACK DEATH WARNING Fears deadly plague that has killed 140 people in Madagascar could mutate and become untreatable
Professor Paul Hunter also said it was possible for the disease to reach Europe and North America like the Ebola virus did in 2014 following an outbreak in West Africa. Hunter, who lectures in health protection at the University of East Anglia, said: "As with any disease, it's a real worry that it mutates and become untreatable."

Privacy fears over artificial intelligence as crimestopper
Police in the US state of Delaware are poised to deploy "smart" cameras in cruisers to help authorities detect a vehicle carrying a fugitive, missing child or straying senior. The video feeds will be analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify vehicles by license plate or other features and "give an extra set of eyes" to officers on patrol, says David Hinojosa of Coban Technologies, the company providing the equipment.

Professor Blames Whiteness for Texas Church Shooting
Remember Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher, the white man who tweeted last year that "all I want for Christmas is white genocide"? The Communist who appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to defend his racist, anti-American views? The academic who was suspended from campus for a tweetstorm blaming the Las Vegas massacre on "Trumpism" and "white victimization"? Back with more hateful theories based in cultural Marxism, Ciccariello-Maher is now blaming "whiteness" for the recent Texas church massacre in which a mentally ill, Christian-hating, white atheist male murdered 26 people.

John Bolton, Morton Klein Rally Congress to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
The national security subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee held a congressional hearing Wednesday, chaired by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), with testimony about whether the United States should move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Thursday 09, November 2017

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister calls for sanctions on Iran for its 'support of terrorism'
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister urged the international community to slap fresh sanctions against Iran on Thursday, accusing its arch-regional rival of supporting terrorism. "We would like to see sanctions on Iran for its support of terrorism and sanctions on Iran for violating the ballistic missile resolutions of the United Nations," Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi minister of foreign affairs, told CNBC Thursday.

Iran: Saudi Arabia making a mistake by choosing Israel
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Saudi Arabia is making a "strategic mistake and miscalculation" by choosing ties with the US and Israel over ties with Iran, according to Iranian news outlets.

What would China do in U.S.-North Korea war?
A national defense analyst warns that a U.S.-North Korea war would be devastating, especially if the Chinese intervene. "Maybe man for man, or weapon for weapon, we have superiority," says Bob Maginnis, a retired U.S. Army colonel now with the Family Research Council.

Scientists are implanting tiny HUMAN brains into rats
Stanford University bioethicist says as the lab rats become more human-like they may one day be 'entitled to some kind of respect'. Advances in science have allowed experts to connect tiny human brains with that of a rat. To do this, they created clumps of cells that behave similarly to human brains called organoids.Several labs have inserted those organoids into rat brains, connected them to blood vessels and successfully grown physical links.

Pastors rally around devastated TX church

One Year Later: Trump Hailed as 'Most Pro-Life President in Modern History'
One year after his election to the presidency, national pro-life leaders are praising Donald Trump for his clarity and leadership in protecting unborn babies and their mothers from abortion. "President Trump has been the most pro-life president in modern history, slashing the Mexico City Policy shortly after taking office, which sent millions of taxpayer dollars overseas to pay for abortions," Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, tells Breitbart News.

Dems Win in Dem States That Voted Dem in 2016
On the anniversary of President Trump winning the White House, Democrats are celebrating their own election wins in Democratic states which voted against Trump, and the mainstream media is spinning these victories as a "setback" for the president.

Judicial Watch President: Over 1 Million Illegals Voted For Hillary
Asserting that illegal immigrants are voting in enough numbers to "change the outcome of elections," FItton said that the number of illegal votes was somewhere in between the zero claimed by the Democrats and the 6 million figure claimed by Trump.

No Joke: USA Today Warns Of 'Chainsaw Bayonet' Mods On Texas Killer's Gun

Rand Paul Reveals 6 Broken Ribs, Lung Condition after Attack from Socialist Neighbor
The Republican senator was assaulted last Friday at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, by next-door neighbor Rene Boucher, 59, who tackled Paul as he was mowing his lawn over an alleged property dispute.

Iran-North Korea's 'axis of evil' may be Trump's biggest threat
With sanctions and rhetoric, President Donald Trump may be pushing North Korea and Iran closer together. On Wednesday, while in Seoul on his Asia tour, three U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups displayed military strength nearby, while Trump gave dire warnings to North Korea's leader to abandon nuclear weapons. "Do not underestimate us, and do not try us," Trump said while addressing the National Assembly. It's a dangerous game of brinkmanship.

Wednesday 08, November 2017

Are We About To See A Full-Scale Saudi-Iranian War In The Middle East?

No god but Allah and public ed. is his apologist
Wake up, parents, to the fact that many public schools are indoctrinating your children. "The parents have got to wake up to the fact," says constitutional activist Donna Hearne, "that their child is being indoctrinated in a way that is very destructive not only to what they probably believe in but also to the future of America."

Millennial mega-church pastor won't say whether he believes abortion is sinful: 'God's the judge'
Carl Lentz, pastor at Hillsong Church, appeared on "The View" last week to promote his new book, "Own the Moment" - but the one moment everyone is talking about is Lentz's refusal to call abortion sin.

Left-Leaning Chicago Approaching its 600th Homicide for the Year
Thirty people were shot over the weekend, five fatally, bringing the total number of murders to 593 as of Monday. Now, the Chicago Police Department employs slightly different accounting. Its numbers don't include homicides on expressways, fatal shootings by police, or justified homicide. Taking out those, the CPD tabulates 581 homicides for the year - still extremely high.

Conservative NRA Member and Texas Hero Stops Liberal, Atheist, Texas Church Shooter with Media's Dreaded AR-15
Stephen Willeford, the man who doesn't think he's a hero for stopping the Texas church massacre on Sunday, continues to bust the media narrative on guns wide open. Not only was he a former NRA instructor; not only did he retrieve his legally owned rifle from a gun safe; not only did he engage the gunman before he killed more innocent people, but he did it all with the most feared gun in all of the Left: the AR-15.

CA Dem Walks Out of Moment of Silence for Texas Church Victims
Junior Democrat representative from California Ted Lieu protested a moment of silence held by Congress on Monday night to honor the victims of the mass shooting at the Baptist church in Texas by walking out of the chamber and whining on Facebook that he's had enough with everyone's thoughts and prayers.

NY Governor Cuomo SLAMS Praying For Shooting Victims: 'We Have Pastors, Priests And Rabbis To Offer Thoughts And Prayers'
This is deeply insulting and deeply ignorant. It's insulting because the suggestion here seems to be that prayer in the absence of legislative action Cuomo likes amounts to nothing. We can judge your sincerity and efficacy before God by determining whether you back Cuomo's gun control policies. Did you pour your heart out before your Creator in sympathy with the slain children, and pledge charity or blood? Not enough. You didn't "do something" in the way Cuomo would have you do it. Did you decide to cherish your family more because the horror showed you that you have failed to properly appreciate your own children? Not enough, says Cuomo - support a government gun-grab, or be accused of doing nothing.

Oxford on Rape Charges Against Islamic Prof: 'Just Another Way for Europeans to Gang Up' on Muslim
Oxford's Islamic professor Tariq Ramadan has been confronted with accusations of rape recently and students at the Oxford Middle East Centre are angry at the University's slow response, accusing authorities of acting "as if nothing had happened."

California NAACP wants Congress to replace 'racist, pro-slavery' national anthem

Race Hoax: Black Man Apologizes for Painting Slurs on Own Car
In another story to file under race hoax, a 21-year-old man, Dauntarius Williams, has apologized for causing a campus uproar at Kansas State University after painting racial slurs all over his car.

Liberal Professor of Gender Studies: 'Toxic Masculinity is Killing Everyone'
There have been two mass shootings in the U.S. in the space of a month and an Islamic terrorist attack in-between. According to a professor of gender studies at the Kutztown University of Pensylvania, "toxic masculinity" is to blame.

Tuesday 07, November 2017

Saudis on the Brink of War
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia accused Lebanon on Monday of declaring war against it because of aggression by the Iran-backed Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, a dramatic escalation of a crisis threatening to destabilize the tiny Arab country. Lebanon has been thrust to the center of regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran since the Saudi-allied Lebanese politician Saad al-Hariri quit as prime minister on Saturday, blaming Iran and Hezbollah in his resignation speech.

Saudi crown prince accuses Iran of 'direct aggression'
RIYADH (AFP) - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran on Tuesday of "direct military aggression" against the kingdom by supplying Yemen's Huthi rebels with ballistic missiles, state media reported. "The involvement of Iran in supplying missiles to the Huthis is a direct military aggression by the Iranian regime," the Saudi Press Agency quoted the crown prince as saying during a telephone conversation with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Ben Shapiro: We're About 'Five Minutes Away from a Full-Scale Sunni/Shia War' in Middle East
On his Twitter feed Sunday, syndicated columnist, The Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, and host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" warned that we're about "five minutes away from a full-scale Sunni/Shia war in the Middle East."

Israeli Arab MKs in Brussels to ask EU to interfere in Israel
A delegation of MKs from the Joint Arab List, the Knesset party which acts as an umbrella party for Israeli Arab MKs,arrived in Brussels Monday for a series of political meetings at the headquarters of the European Union (EU).

Air Force Filing Error Allowed Texas Church Shooter to Buy Weapon
The Left would like to believe that additional laws on the books would have prevented Devin Kelley from committing mass murder at the Baptist church in Texas on Sunday, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only did Kelley break the no murder-law 26 times, he also lied on his background check when purchasing the Ruger AR-556 back in 2016 which was used in the massacre. But now it has been revealed that had the shooter's previous domestic violence conviction been properly filed, he would have never been able to purchase the firearm in the first place.

Including The TX Church Shooting, Guess How Many Mass Shooters Were NRA Members?
The actual number is zero. There have been no NRA members that have committed mass shootings in the past half-century. Furthermore, many mass shooters actually hold anti-NRA views.

Man who reportedly traveled to DC to kill 'all white police' at White House arrested
A Dallas man who reportedly traveled to the nation's capital for the purpose of killing "all white police" at the White House was arrested, according to the Secret Service.

Portland Candidate Berated For Being A White Male: "How Dare You Run Against 3 Women Of Color"

Missile attack 'an act of war' by Iran, Saudi Foreign Minister says
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia regards the failed ballistic missile attack on Riyadh's international airport Saturday as an act of war by Iran and will take "appropriate" measures when the time is right, the country's Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir said.

Monday 06, November 2017

Texas Church Killer Preached Atheism and a Member of Leftist Antifa Group
The Texas church shooter who mercilessly shot dead 26 people and injured 24 others was an 'outcast' who 'preached his atheism' online. Former classmates say Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, who stormed First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas and opened fire on Sunday, was 'creepy', 'crazy' and 'weird'.

Lebanese Prime Minister Resigns, Plunging Nation into Uncertainty
Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri resigned from his post in a televised address from the Saudi capital Saturday, accusing Hezbollah of taking the country hostage, in a surprise move that plunged the nation into uncertainty amid heightened regional tensions. In his resignation speech, Hariri fired a vicious tirade against Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah group for what he said was their meddling in Arab affairs and said that "Iran's arms in the region will be cut off."

Balance of Power: Saudi Turmoil Sends Shockwaves Across Middle East
Hopes for any semblance of order returning to the Middle East were dealt a body blow this weekend. Islamic State has been routed from most of its strongholds, and the war in Syria finally looks like it's winding down. But in the region's tumultuous tradition, it only took hours for Yemen to launch a ballistic missile at the Saudi capital, for dozens of Saudi princes and businesspeople, including billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, to find themselves under arrest in an alleged anti-graft sweep, and for Lebanon's prime minister to announce his resignation while in Saudi Arabia, blaming Iran for meddling in his country's affairs.

Four Mideast Conflicts to Watch...
Islamic State is making a last stand in Iraq and Syria. But the region will not rest with the group's defeat, and is gearing up for a war for influence among the regional and international players that were drawn into conflict with the radical militants. A sign of the escalating tensions emerged in Lebanon on Saturday, when Prime Minister Saad Hariri abruptly announced his resignation, blaming Iran in an announcement from Saudi Arabia, its rival for regional hegemony. "Now the real war starts, after the players stop fighting their common enemy, Islamic State," said Sami Nader, head of the Beirut-based Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs.

Lebanese President: If there's a war - Israel will lose
Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Thursday ruled out the possibility of a war with Israel, but said that if such a war were to occur, all the citizens of his country are willing to battle Israel.

'The United States betrayed Israel at the UN'
Ambassador Nikki Haley vows that as long as she's ambassador, the U.S. will not allow anti-Israel resolutions to pass at the UN.

State Department Sitting On A 'Motherlode' Of Clinton Evidence
Judicial Watch has just announced that the State Department revealed in a federal court hearing that it has yet to process 40,000 of 72,000 pages of Hillary Clinton records that the FBI recovered last year. That is a lot of possible information that the FBI has just been sitting on and not revealing to the public.

Cosmo Pushes Incest, "This Is What It's Like to Fall In Love With Your Brother"
ust a little over a week after it said white girls were forbidden to wear Princess Moana costumes for Halloween, Cosmo managed to out-ridiculous itself by normalizing incest. If you think Cosmo couldn't top its already off-the-charts insanity, then brace yourself, because things are going to get really gross... even by Cosmo standards.

S-x Robots Goes Into Mass Production...

Friday 03, November 2017

Iran's Khamenei: We must cooperate with Russia to isolate U.S.
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday told visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin that Tehran and Moscow must step up cooperation to "isolate the United States" and help stabilize the Middle East, Reuters reported.

Israel attacks Syrian arms factory
Arab media reported Wednesday that Israel attacked an arms factory in the rural areas south of the Syrian city of Homs. According to the reports, the attack was carried out by IAF fighter jets. Reports also said that Syria responded to the airstrikes.

'Israel will act to prevent the arming of Hezbollah'
Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz spoke this morning, Thursday, with Army Radio about the events last night in Syria and Israel's strike on the terror tunnel network near Gaza. On Wednesday, Arab media reported that Israel attacked an arms factory in the rural areas south of the Syrian city of Homs.

Update: Plague Outbreak is at 'Crisis Point'
The deadly airborne plague spreading rapidly across Madagascar is now at 'crisis' point as cases have rocketed by 37 per cent in just five days, official figures reveal. The outbreak, the 'worst in 50 years', is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country off the coast of Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) now states there are 1,801 suspected cases - significantly higher than the 1,309 it reported last Thursday.

EVIL: Suspect in NYC Terrorist Attack Specifically Targeted Children
Terrorist suspect Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov had reportedly been planning his attack for a year and used online resources to find his weapon of choice: a pickup truck from Home Depot. He then looked for the best spot for his attack, searching for "Halloween in New York City" and choosing a place where he would be likely to kill children.

Less Christian persecution with Obama out, Trump in
An attorney fighting for the rights of persecuted Christians is pleased with the announcement by Vice President Mike Pence that the Trump administration will go around the United Nations to provide much-needed aid directly to victims of genocide in the Middle East. The new policy recently announced by the VP comes as welcome news to Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver, who explains that during former President Barack Obama's tenure, neither the effort nor the focus was enough to directly aid persecuted Christians.

HS football coach seen in video apparently praying with players. Then atheists caught wind of it.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national atheist group, said it "has put an end to a Georgia high school coach's practice of praying with his players."

JUST IN: Russia Organized Anti-Trump Protests For Liberal Groups
It has been proven that a Russian group used social media to organize a march last November in New York City, that took place a few days after the election and allowed thousands of protesters to organize and disrupt American democracy reports The Hill.

Justice Clarence Thomas: 'We're Getting Quite Comfortable in Our Society Limiting Ideas'

50% of Millenials Would Rather Live in Socialist, Communist Countries...
According to the latest survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy. What's more, 22% of them have a favorable view of Karl Marx and a surprising number see Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un as "heroes."

The Occult Makes Comeback...