Wednesday 12, December 2018

Hizballah plans Hamas-style mob violence against IDF troops from the Lebanese border
DEBKAfile Exclusive: On Monday, Dec. 1, Hizballah activists began organizing groups of "demonstrators" in the Shiite villages of South Lebanon for mob assaults from behind the Lebanese border on the IDF teams excavating tunnels. They plan to take a leaf from the violent disturbances Hamas and Islamic Jihad staged against Israeli troops from the Gaza border for months. Hizballah strategists estimate that thousands of Shiite men, women and children can be mobilized to harass the Israeli soldiers unearthing its tunnels.

Iranian commander: We can build missiles with broader range
Iran has the ability to build ballistic missiles with a broader range, a senior commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Monday, Reuters reported. Iran's missiles currently cover a range of 2000 kilometers (1,240 miles) and many "enemy bases" are within 800 kilometers of the Islamic Republic, claimed Amir Ali Hajjizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards' airspace division.

Report: Islamic State Threatening to Stage Biological, Radioactive Attacks
The Islamic State group is now threatening to stage biological and radio-active attacks to finish off the anti-ISIS coalition. The organization's Al-Taqwa Media Foundation last week started to publish new inciting material, including animation videos depicting a burning capitol building and abandoned military vehicles as well as civilian cars - as ISIS terrorists raise their black banner. The images also showed four symbols to warn against biohazards which were placed on a nearby building and three barricades near the burning target.

Israel: 'Hard to achieve peace when world won't condemn terror'
White House special envoy Jason Greenblatt slammed the United Nations late Tuesday night, and warned that the international community's failure to condemn terrorism is an impediment to peace in the Middle East.

Israel to intensify efforts to bring large numbers of French Jews to Israel
France is sinking fast. France's globalist leaders have welcomed millions of people from Muslim majority countries who are hostile to Israel and Jewish people. France is now extremely dangerous for Jews. In addition, Macron's government is one of the most anti-Semitic in recent French history. Jews must flee.

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy
Meanwhile, the social media giants are busy deplatforming and silencing foes of jihad terror. Having been one of the early targets of social media censorship on Facebook, YouTube et al, I have for quite some time advocated for anti-trust action against these bullying behemoths. Read my article about this at The American Thinker. We are seeing an unprecedented erosion in our First Amendment rights, increasingly prohibiting the flow of ideas and free expression in the public square (social media). Run by left-wing self-possessed snowflakes, social media giants are indulging their worst autocratic impulses. And because they can, it is getting worse. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Megachurch pastor says yoga has 'demonic roots,' 'diametrically opposed to Christianity'
Missouri megachurch pastor John Lindell has warned his 10,000-member congregation not to participate in yoga, saying that positions associated with exercise and meditation activity were designed to "open you up to demonic power."

Alarm Bells: Are UK Employees Ready For Microchips?
Britain's biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK.

The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger, are similar to those for pets. They enable people to open their front door, access their office or start their car with a wave of their hand, and can also store medical data.

UK Government Goes Full Orwellian, Building Biometric Database On Every Single Citizen
Countries world wide continue to gather biometric data on all of their citizens for the purpose of identification. Most people ignore privacy concerns believing that the benefit of a system that has the capability of reducing terrorism is worth it. Eventually, we will all become citizens of the world and under constant observation.

Tuesday 11, December 2018

Netanyahu briefs Putin on anti-tunnel operation on Lebanese border
December 9, 2018 at 12:55 pm Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Israel's operation along its border with Lebanon, allegedly on tunnels it said were dug by Hezbollah, the Kremlin said on Saturday.

Netanyahu said this week that the tunnels were meant for use by Hezbollah fighters to infiltrate Israel from Lebanon and carry out attacks. The Israeli military sent mechanical diggers, troops and anti-tunneling equipment to the border to shut them down.

Al-Qaeda tricked West into War on Terror to create Middle East 'Islamist structure' says former member
Al-Qaeda tricked the West into the War on Terror in an effort to advance its own Islamist goals in the Middle East, the group's former chemical weapons expert, who later allegedly became an MI6 spy, told RT's Going Underground.

Aimen Dean, who joined Al-Qaeda in 1997, said the trick all began with a letter written by the former US think-tank Project for the New American Century, which was sent to former President Bill Clinton in 1998. It urged Clinton to invade Iraq and "make it a beacon of democracy and to establish American hegemony."

How Iran Turned a 'Counterterror' Meeting into a Push for a New Global Order
A key meeting took place on Saturday in Tehran between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and officials from China, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Afghanistan. Rouhani used the meeting to attack "the US, the West and the Zionist regime," which he claimed are supporters of terrorist groups. As such he leveraged a meeting on terrorism to attack Iran's adversaries. The Tehran meeting came a day before the Gulf Cooperation Council, which consists primarily of western allies, gathered in Riyadh on Sunday.

This is what Planned Parenthood calls 'healthcare'
With new president Leana Wen at the helm, Planned Parenthood is advertising itself as a healthcare provider. A new campaign, called "This is Health Care," shows celebrities and other women discussing how Planned Parenthood provided them with necessary health services. But Planned Parenthood has a tendency to fudge statistics and bloat the facts about the provision of health care that women need - and fails to give accurate details about some of the procedures it most commonly performs. Namely, abortion.

Kavanaugh Joins Liberals To Protect Pro-Planned Parenthood Ruling
The Supreme Court declined to review three cases relating to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level Monday, over a vigorous dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas. The dissent was significant because it indicates that Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the high court's liberal wing to deny review of a lower court decision that favored the nation's largest abortion provider.

Record count reported for mysterious paralyzing illness
his year has seen a record number of cases of a mysterious paralyzing illness in children, U.S. health officials said Monday It's still not clear what's causing the kids to lose the ability to move their face, neck, back, arms or legs. The symptoms tend to occur about a week after the children had a fever and respiratory illness. No one has died from the rare disease this year, but it was blamed for one death last year and it may have caused others in the past.

NY lawmaker wants your social media checked before you can buy a gun
A New York lawmaker is raising the question with a bill that would require police to scrutinize the social media activity and online searches of handgun license applicants, and disqualify those who have published violent or hateful posts.

State Sen. Kevin Parker says he hopes his proposal sparks discussion about how to balance public safety and online privacy. The Brooklyn Democrat noted that mass killers often provide warning signs through their social media posts, as in the case of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect, who ranted online that Jews were "children of Satan."

OUTRAGEOUS: A high school teacher fired after he refused to refer to a female student as a 'boy'
A high school French teacher was fired from West Point High School last week after he refused to refer to one of his female student as "him." According to the student's parents, the teacher made her feel "ostracized," prompting the student to file a complaint that quickly led to the teacher's termination.

Marc Lamont Hill and the Soviet's Ongoing War Against Israel
On November 28, 2018, Temple University professor and then-CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill advocated the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel in his prepared remarks before the United Nations. The pundit's decision to use a chant employed by genocidal terrorist groups like Hamas received widespread media coverage and likely prompted CNN to sever ties. It also received widespread applause from Hill's audience: the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP).

Monday 10, December 2018

Israel calls on Germany to end funding of Jewish museum
Israel is pressuring Germany to end funding for dozens of political, cultural and religious organizations that it accuses of anti-Israel agitation both abroad and at home - including the Jewish Museum Berlin - according to an unofficial letter obtained by a German left-wing daily newspaper.

Saturday 08, December 2018

U.S. Fears Iran Planning 'Massive Regional War' in Middle East
The Trump administration disclosed that Iran is behind the construction of several underground tunnels leading into Israel that Hezbollah militants and other terror forces have been using to conduct attacks, according to multiple U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon and communicated fears that Tehran is preparing to lead a "massive regional war."

U.S. Deploys Carrier Strike Group to Middle East Amid Iran, Syria Tensions
A carrier strike group led by the Nimitz-class super-carrier USS John C. Stennis has arrived in the Middle East, ending an eight month period during which a US carrier wasn't based in the region, the US Navy has reported. The carrier group will be based with the 5th Fleet, which is responsible for US naval activity in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, and will be stationed in the region for at least two months.

IDF discovers second Hezbollah terrorist tunnel crossing into Israel
The IDF asked UNIFIL to "neutralize" Hezbollah attack tunnels after it announced on Thursday that it had uncovered a second underground passageway, which originated from the southern Lebanese village of Ramya and extended into Israeli territory. On Thursday, the IDF presented the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon with its first concrete evidence of the tunnels, while the head of UNIFIL's mission Major-General Stefano Del Col visited northern Israel with a technical team.

US fails to win enough support at UN to condemn Hamas
A US attempt to get the United Nations to condemn violence by Palestinian militant group Hamas for the first time failed on Thursday because the draft resolution fell short of votes needed in the General Assembly, Reuters reports.

The resolution required two-thirds support and while Assembly resolutions are non-binding, they can carry political weight. The US text received 87 votes in favour, 58 against, 32 abstentions and 16 countries did not vote.

DeepMind's AlphaZero now showing human-like intuition in historical 'turning point' for AI
DeepMind's artificial intelligence program AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as 'turning point' in history. The computer system amazed the world last year when it mastered the game of chess from scratch within just four hours, despite not being programmed how to win.

But now, after a year of testing and analysis by chess grandmasters, the machine has developed a new style of play unlike anything ever seen before, suggesting the program is now improvising like a human.

War on Christmas: Civil Rights group is demanding that an elementary school remove its Three Wise Men display

Professor says God is 'unethical' and 'grossly predatory,' the Virgin Mary did not give 'consent'
Eric Sprankle, an associate psychology professor at Minnesota State University Mankato, tweeted that the Virgin Mary did not consent to being impregnated by God - "an all-knowing, all-powerful deity."

Ebola spreads to major Congo city as vaccines a concern
The second-largest Ebola outbreak in history has spread to a major city in eastern Congo, as health experts worry whether the stock of an experimental vaccine will stand up to the demands of an epidemic with no end in sight. Butembo, with more than 1 million residents, is now reporting cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever. That complicates Ebola containment work already challenged by rebel attacks elsewhere that have made tracking the virus almost impossible in some isolated villages.

Friday 07, December 2018

China Likens CFO Arrest to Declaration of War
China's state-run newspaper claims the arrest of a Chinese CFO in Canada, at the request of U.S. authorities, is "basically a kidnapping" and even a declaration of war. Meng Wanzhou's Saturday arrest was reportedly at the behest of the United States over federal charges of violating Iran sanctions and she could even be extradited to New York to face those charges.

Fatah: If Hamas is a terrorist organization, so are we
Today the UN General Assembly will be voting on a US-proposed resolution to condemn Hamas for firing rockets into Israel and inciting violence. The resolution demands that Hamas and other terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad cease their "militant" activities, including the use of airborne incendiaries.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: 'Inevitable' Global Warming Governance will Create 'Economic, Social and Racial Justice'

Facebook censors photo that 'may show violent or graphic content.' Photo depicts Santa Claus kneeling to honor baby Jesus in manger
Facebook has censored a photo of Santa Claus kneeling in baby Jesus's manger because, according to the guidelines, the photo may "show violent or graphic content." According to LifeSiteNews, the photo was previously covered up by a banner that read "may show violent or graphic content." Underneath the ominous warning, users had the option to "decide if [they] want to see it."

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is very upset that Americans listen to what they hear in church
Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez revealed the extent of the hostility of Democrats to the church in a speech where he criticized that Americans were listening too intently to what they were hearing from "the pulpit."

Thursday 06, December 2018

In the Middle East, Vladimir Putin is putting Russia back on the map

Netanyahu to UN chief: Take action against Hezbollah
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening spoke by telephone with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The Prime Minister said that he views with utmost gravity the flagrant violation of Israeli sovereignty and the violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 on the part of Hezbollah. He added that this was an additional part of Iran's aggression in the region.

New satellite images reveal activity at unidentified North Korean missile base
New satellite images obtained exclusively by CNN reveal North Korea has significantly expanded a key long-range missile base located in the mountainous interior of the country, offering yet another reminder that diplomatic talks with the US have done little to prevent Kim Jong Un from pursuing his promise to mass produce and deploy the existing types of nuclear warheads in his arsenal.

Poll Shows Huge Democrat Bias Toward Muslims Over Christians
Sixty-eight percent of Democrats say employers should grant a request for prayer space by Muslims - but only 45 percent say employers should grant a similar request by Christian employees, says a survey by Grinnell College.

Sen. Hirono: Our Problem is 'We Democrats Know So Much'
In explaining why Democrats seem to have difficulty in connecting with voters, liberal Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said it was because they speak more to the brain instead of the heart, that "Democrats know so much" and tend to be "very left-brain."

Shocking extent of how big firms harvest your data - from children's voice recordings, passport info and even pregnant mothers' due dates...
The disturbing scale of the personal data harvested and traded by multinationals can be revealed today. Health details, children's voice recordings and copies of passports can be at risk when customers tick an online consent box.

Analysis by the Mail found that Marriott International, Facebook, Asda, Paypal, BT and Tesco engaged in hidden data harvesting and sharing. Giant firms can use personal data to build a profile of customers for targeted adverts or to pass to other organisations.

Baby Jesus In Cage As Part Of Dedham Church's Immigration-Themed Nativity Scene
It's an unconventional take on the nativity scene at St. Susanna's Parish Dedham. The baby Jesus is in a cage, the wise men are closed off by a wall. For the parish, the creche is meant to be thought provoking. "We try to take a picture of the world as it is and put it together with a Christmas message," said Pastor Fr. Stephen Josoma.

Principal banned candy canes because 'J' shape stands 'for Jesus.' But that was just for starters...
Also on the naughty list were Christmas carols, Christmas music, and making Christmas ornaments as gifts.

USC students asked if they love U.S., say 'America is trash'
When students on the University of Southern California (USC) campus were asked if the love or hate the United States, many of the answers received from the future leaders of America are being viewed as a cause for concern. Hate for America appears to be a growing trend for young Americans coming out of a school system dominated by politically correct educators dedicated to indoctrinating youth in ultra-left ideologies. SAUL ALINSKY AND SATAN ARE WINNING.

Bishop wallops own LGBT-affirming denomination over sin
A lone Episcopal bishop is holding true to biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality, and a conservative Anglican group is grateful for his unpopular stance in the liberal denomination. A pro-homosexual resolution that passed earlier this year by the Episcopal Church General Convention is being described as a "compromise" for bishops who refuse to officiate a same-gender marriage ceremony.

Wednesday 05, December 2018

In the Middle East, Russia is back
There's a new power rising in the Middle East, and it needs to be wooed. Three decades after the Soviet Union collapsed and the United States emerged as the undisputed superpower in the Middle East, a resurgent Russia is back. Under the personal direction of Putin, Russia is stepping into the vacuum left by the disengagement of the Obama administration and the unpredictability of the Trump one to challenge the United States' dominant role in the region.

Netanyahu's warning to Lebanon...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver a warning to Lebanon during his meeting on Monday evening in Brussels with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to News 2, the prime minister will warn Lebanon: "Stop the last Hezbollah operations in Lebanese territory or we will have to act."

Pope calls for 'two-state solution' during meeting with Abbas
Pope Francis on Monday called for the implementation of a "two-state solution" to solve the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict. His comments came during a meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican.

Busy deployment sees Marine infantry battalion covering three Middle East war zones
A Marine infantry battalion shouldered a large chunk of responsibility for U.S. military operations across the Middle East as it covered down on three war zones. From small fire bases in Syria and Iraq, to Helmand province, Afghanistan, and a show of force exercise aimed at countering Russian provocations near a small U.S. garrison at al Tanf, Syria - Marines with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines were spread across a large swath of terrain during their 2018 deployment to the U.S. Central Command area of operations.

Openly Gay Apple CEO Tim Cook: Not Banning Those Who Violate 'Our Morality' 'Is a Sin'
Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is openly gay and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, defended the banning of certain speech and news media on Apple platforms when they violate the "values" of the company. He added that to not ban what is "wrong" is irresponsible and "a sin."

Expert: Bible's 'extreme vetting' has legit application to immigration
An expert on immigration points out that the walls and gates in heaven serve a purpose: to allow sovereignty to reign over lawlessness. The same principle, he argues, should govern America's immigration policy.

Women Now Claim This Popular DISNEY Song Promotes Sexual Assault
An all-male a cappella group at a prestigious university will no longer sing one well-known Disney song because some audience members - and one sophomore who wrote an article about it for the student newspaper - found it to be "uncomfortable." Of course, this is all happening at an Ivy League college: Princeton University.

'Whiteness' Forum Denounces The Christian Cartoon 'VeggieTales' As Racist
Apparently, as the Christian cartoon "VeggieTales" was teaching children about the Bible, it was also secretly teaching them to hate people of color. According to The College Fix, Cal State San Marcos held a so-called "Whiteness Forum" last Thursday where a variety of topics pertaining to America's systemic racism was discussed. The two-hour event featured more than a dozen poster board projects critiquing various aspects of society. On top of lambasting the NFL and white women for perpetuating racism, the cartoon where talking vegetables perform biblical stories for children somehow found its way into the discussion, with speakers alleging it portrays racial stereotypes.

A college president turns a chicken sandwich into an intellectual adversary
The most recent evidence of the intellectual insanity running rampant on today's campuses comes from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where President Gregory Dell'Omo took the bold and courageous stand of protecting his precious little corner of intellectual inquiry from the evil influence of one of the greatest threats to academic liberty ever known to man: Chick-fil-A.

Evergreen State faculty motion reportedly calls for ban on word 'covenant.' You'll love their reason.
The faculty union at Evergreen State College - where protesting students last year bullied a professor who refused to capitulate to their left-wing demands and targeted free speech - is set to vote on a motion to ban the word "covenant" because it represents "cultural genocide" of Native Americans, the College Fix reported.

MSNBC anchor tells audience all life is pointless if we're not addressing climate change
MSNBC anchor Katy Tur told her audience Tuesday that her life was meaningless unless people began addressing the issue of climate change seriously. Katy Tur was reviewing an article in the New Yorker about climate change when she made the startling claim about the meaningless of all life. "I read that New Yorker article today and I thought gosh, how pointless is my life," she said.

Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse, Just In Time For The Holidays
In the Illinois Capitol rotunda this month, several traditions are being celebrated. There's a Nativity scene for Christmas, a menorah for Hanukkah, and then something a little different: an arm holding an apple, with a snake coiled around it. It's a gift from the Chicago branch of The Satanic Temple. Called "Snaketivity," the work also has a sign that reads "Knowledge Is The Greatest Gift."

Tuesday 04, December 2018

Iran's multiple-warhead Khorramshahr test and Israel's reported Syria assault - new stage in Mid East missile war
It was a Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last Saturday condemned Iran for testing, DEBKAfile reveals. Our military sources have discovered that this multi-headed missile, which he said could strike "anywhere in the Middle East and even parts of Europe," had been test-launched the day before on Friday, Nov. 30, from a site in southeasterm Iran and struck all its preset targets.

IDF operation launched against Hizballah cross-border assault tunnels
The assault tunnels dug by Hizballah under the Lebanese border into Israel are the target of IDF Operation Northern Shield announced early Tuesday, Dec. 4. It is led by OC Northern Command, Maj Gen.Yoel Strick. The IDF stressed that the operation is confined to the Israeli side of the border and was mounted before the tunnels were operational and posed a direct threat to northern security. Although the operation is sensitive, citizens of the north were advised to carry on as normal.

Netanyahu: Anyone who tries to harm Israel will pay heavy price
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke out Tuesday afternoon on the ongoing IDF operation along the Israel-Lebanon frontier, following the discovery of a cross-border terror tunnel originating in a south Lebanese village and leading into Israeli territory.

Report: Syrian Army Raises Alert Over Israel Air Force Activity Along Lebanese Border
Israel's air force operated in Lebanon's south on Monday, according a Syrian source quoted on the Al-Masdar News website. Israeli planes have recently been operating along the Lebanese-Syrian border after "stalking this region several times last week," the report claimed.

Chris Pratt delivers Gospel of Luke at Disneyland's candlelight ceremony: 'Each and every one of us is a special creation'
Actor Chris Pratt executed an impassioned delivery of the Gospel of Luke at Disneyland's annual Candelight processional over the weekend, and professed the love of God in his remarks. The annual invite-only tradition dates back to the park's 1955 opening in California. The event features a processional of local choirs, a live orchestral performance of Christmas songs, a bell choir, candlelighting, and a retelling of the original Christmas story. THANK YOU MR. PRATT FOR SHARING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST!

UN climate chief has solution to 'urgent' climate threat: 'We require deep transformations of our economies and societies'
UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa: 'This reality is telling us that we need to do much more...The impacts of climate change are increasingly hard to ignore. We require deep transformations of our economies and societies.' 'Failure to act will be catastrophic' - "A failure to act now risks pushing us beyond a point of no return with catastrophic consequences for life as we know it," said Amjad Abdulla, chief negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States, of the UN talks.

Video: Man Confronts Teacher for Putting Grandson in a Dress
An irate grandfather confronted a teacher after learning his 2-year-old grandson was encouraged to wear a dress in class.

Moral Relativism is a Satanic Attack on American Society

Britain's The Guardian: Melania Trump's 2019 Christmas May Employ 'Voodoo/Human Sacrifice Theme'
The liberal media in the United States despise President Donald Trump and attack him and his family everyday, and the same is true of the leftist press in Britain as The Guardian's Barbara Ellen demonstrated in smearing Melania Trump's 2018 Christmas decor as "gigantic uterine fibroids," and suggested that she will employ a "voodoo/human sacrifice theme" for the 2019 Christmas.

Monday 03, December 2018

Russia Just Launched Five Objects Into Space. One Problem, There Were Supposed To Be Four
The Russian military says it successfully placed three classified communications satellites into orbit today, along with the upper stage of the rocket that put them there. But according to the U.S. military's Combined Space Operations Center, or CSpOC, a fifth object, possibly another, unannounced satellite, may have hitched a ride into space on the launch.

Sweden's human microchip craze a warning for privacy-loving Americans
Thousands of Swedes have been busily inserting microchips beneath the skin on their hands - for convenience's sake, for goodness sake. That's fine and dandy. For Sweden. But what's alarming is that the trend has been making a beeline for America's shores, as well...

Archbishop warns Christians in Middle East facing 'imminent extinction,' 'horrendous prosecution
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is warning that Christians in the Middle East are facing "imminent extinction," and a threat equal to the Mongol invasions of the 13th Century. Despite what is described as "horrendous persecution," just one in 400 Syrian refugees granted asylum in the UK last year were Christian, The Telegraph reported.

CDC: Number of abortions in U.S. drop to historic low
A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday shows the number of abortions in the United States has reached its lowest level since Roe v. Wade. Abortion data just released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that the number of reported abortions dipped slightly (2.27 percent) from the previous year. In 2015, 638,169 abortions (down from 652,639 in 2014) were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas excluding California, Maryland and New Hampshire. The abortion rate also decreased from 12.1 in 2014 to 11.8 in 2015.

Doctor on prenatal surgery: If the baby is a patient, then he's also a person
In a recent video linked on Facebook, Dr. William Lile, an OB/GYN in Florida, speaks about how children in the womb are distinct human beings from their mothers, and also how they should be viewed as persons because they can receive prenatal medical treatment.

Chaos in Paris as rioters torch cars, smash windows; French President Macron plans emergency meeting
Paris police said 412 people were arrested and at least 133 were injured and as protesters ripped through city streets in the capital over the weekend in what is being called the one of the "worst disturbances the capital has seen since 1968," according to Reuters news.

A real nightmare before Christmas: San Jose Christmas event includes Satanic tree display
Thieves targeted a Satanic group's so-called Christmas tree in San Jose, California, this week by stealing some of its occult-related ornaments. "The tree targeted was decorated with pentagrams and other demonic symbols, its decorations sponsored by a Bay Area Satanic organization," KPIX-TV reported.

Group demands removal of Christmas display of three wise men, star, from Michigan school building
Newaygo Public Schools in Michigan could face legal action for having a large display of the three wise men and a star on top of a district building. The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists this week demanded the take-down of the Christmas display because they believe it violates the separation of church and state. The association has been involved in similar state cases in the past, the WZZM-TV reported.

Gonzaga University blocks Ben Shapiro event, citing school's Christian mission
Gonzaga University in Washington State has blocked a proposal to host Jewish conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro, citing the school's Christian mission to "stand in solidarity" with marginalized communities and to protect students and staff from a hostile campus environment. Judi Biggs Garbuio, vice president of student development at the private Catholic school in Spokane, recently denied a request by the school's College Republicans chapter to invite The Daily Wire founder to campus in the spring of next year.

Friday 30, November 2018

Iranian airline now ferrying weapons directly to Beirut
In irregular flight path, Iranian 747 packed with weapons flies directly from Tehran to Beirut. Flight part of militia arms buildup.

UN: Eastern Jerusalem must be capital of 'Palestine'
UN Secretary General calls for Jerusalem to be capital of Palestinian state, Abbas accuses Israel of Apartheid at UN pro-Palestinian event. Secretary General Guterres said that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people served to "remind us of our collective and unfinished task" to create a Palestinian State.

Iran vows to fight 'deal of the century'
Iran is determined to fight against US Donald Trump's anticipated Arab-Israeli peace plan, parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Tuesday according to semi-official news agency ISNA. Trump has dubbed his administration's long-awaited plan the "ultimate deal", which has already unsettled the Palestinian Authority although no details have yet been disclosed.

Speaking in Tehran, Larijani said the "deal of the century" was a "plot" between Iran's arch foe Israel and the United States to establish the Jewish state's domination in the Middle East.

Syria: Wide-ranging Israel air strikes in three waves over Damascus region
Syrian sources reported shortly before midnight of Nov. 29, that Israeli air attacks had been ongoing from 21:30 over areas in the Damascus vicinity. Three waves of air and missile attacks had struck Al Kiswah, south of the capital, Qanaqar to the southwest, and Quneitra opposite Israel's Golan border.

Iran's Khamenei calls on army to increase its capability
Iran should increase its military capability and readiness to ward off enemies, the country's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday. His comments came in a meeting with Iranian navy commanders, Reuters reported, citing Khamenei's official website.

Religious Leaders' Embrace of Marxism Would Stifle Abundance Produced by Capitalism

NFL player to promote US-Israeli relations in 'My Cause My Cleats' campaign
Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Michael Pierce announced Wednesday that he'll be promoting fellowship between American Christians and the people of Israel when he hits the field this Sunday, as part of the NFL's third annual "My Cause My Cleats" initiative. GOD BLESS YOU MR. PIERCE.

'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' called 'seriously problematic' for bullying, racism, homophobia
The beloved Christmas movie, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," has been called out as "seriously problematic" for its displays of bullying, racism, homophobia - not to mention verbal abuse, sexism, bigotry, lack of acceptance, and even exploitation of workers. That's what a video courtesy of the Huffington Post declared Wednesday, even calling the protagonist "Rudolph the Marginalized Reindeer" in its opening montage. IF ONLY LIBERALS CARED AS MUCH FOR UNBORN CHILDREN AS THEY DO ANIMATED TELEVISION. IF ONLY.

Strange seismic waves that rippled around world leave scientists bewildered
he waves rang for over 20 minutes, emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte - a tiny island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Africa. From here, they reverberated across Africa, setting off geological sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They crossed the Atlantic, and were picked up in Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away, the National Geographic reports.

Thursday 29, November 2018

Iranian air freighters now routed to Beirut instead of Syrian air bases
Day by day at least one, if not two, Iranian transport aircraft, are landing at Beirut international airport in the past week, DEBKAfile's military sources report. Flights to Syrian air bases have all but ceased. On their return flights, they refuel at Damascus airport. Most of the incoming aircraft are Boeing 747s of Qeshm Fars Air, which serves Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan, in Iran, warns Trump a Mideast war possible
DUBAI, UAE: Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is warning President Donald Trump not to pull "the trigger of war in the Middle East . at the insistence of Israel." His remarks came during a visit to Iran where Farrakhan spoke to journalists in Tehran on Thursday.

CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill Calls for Destruction of Israel, Endorses Palestinian Violence
Hill was speaking at the "U.N. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People," which provides an annual platform for extremist rhetoric against Israel. He was present to express his views as an "invited representative of civil society."

Drag queen story hours for children designed to 'groom the next generation,' one drag queen admits
Amid the spread of controversial drag queen story hours at public libraries - during which performers in full makeup and glitter read to children and toddlers - one drag queen admitted that the events are meant to "groom the next generation."

Suicide, at 50-year peak, pushes down US life expectancy
Suicides and drug overdoses pushed up U.S. deaths last year, and drove a continuing decline in how long Americans are expected to live. Overall, there were more than 2.8 million U.S. deaths in 2017, or nearly 70,000 more than the previous year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. It was the most deaths in a single year since the government began counting more than a century ago. SATAN MUST BE PLEASED.

U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Further
Data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Thursday show life expectancy fell by one-tenth of a year, to 78.6 years, pushed down by the sharpest annual increase in suicides in nearly a decade and a continued rise in deaths from powerful opioid drugs like fentanyl. Influenza, pneumonia and diabetes also factored into last year's increase.

Blacks Make Up 13.4% of Population But 36% of Abortions
Although black Americans comprise 13.4% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0% of the abortions in 2015, which was almost identical to the percentage of abortions (36.9%) that year among white Americans, who make up 76.6% of the population.

Tuesday 27, November 2018

'Trump's Mideast team in agreement on Deal of the Century'
American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman issued a statement Monday regarding his recent meeting in Washington with President Donald Trump and senior administration officials in preparation for the release of the much-anticipated 'Deal of the Century' framework for Middle East peace.

Kremlin warns of flare-up of hostilities in eastern Ukraine
MOSCOW (AP) - The Kremlin has warned that the martial law that will go into effect in parts of Ukraine on Wednesday might trigger renewed hostilities in the separatist-held east. The Ukrainian parliament on Monday adopted a motion by the president to impose martial law for 30 days, something that Ukraine avoided doing even when Russia annexed its Crimean peninsula or sent in clandestine troops and weapons to the war-torn east.

Trump admin issues surprising statement over Russian aggression against Ukraine
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued a surprisingly strong statement against Russia after it fired on three Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea on Sunday, and seized two navy boats. "We strongly support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters," Haley said in a statement Monday. "We express our deep concern over the incident, which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law," she added.

Chad president says 'all options' are open for cooperation with Israel
The President of the Republic of Chad said on Sunday that "all options are open" for cooperation with Israel. Idriss Deby made his comments in a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the Chad leader's historic visit to the Zionist state.

Is the Trump Administration Pivoting the Fight in Syria Toward a War with Iran?

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake leaves more than 700 injured in western Iran

Report: Half a Billion Christians Facing Global Persecution
More than 60 percent of the world's population of more than 7.5 billion reside in countries where the right to religious freedom is obstructed or denied. An estimated 505 million Christians face persecution for following their faith, a Catholic NGO Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) report indicated this week.

Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google in May introduced a slick feature for Gmail that automatically completes sentences for users as they type. Tap out "I love" and Gmail might propose "you" or "it." But users are out of luck if the object of their affection is "him" or "her."

Google's technology will not suggest gender-based pronouns because the risk is too high that its "Smart Compose" technology might predict someone's sex or gender identity incorrectly and offend users, product leaders revealed to Reuters in interviews.

Trump Seeks to Reignite Feud With CNN, Proposes State-Run Television

USA Today's Reynolds: Africans Being Sold as Slaves in Libya Thanks to Hillary Clinton
In a remarkable column that apparently received little media attention, USA Today Board of Contributors member Glenn Harlan Reynolds analyzed how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's policy in the Obama administration forced the overthrow of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, which produced social and political chaos there, the flooding of refugees into Europe, and now the open sale of Africans at slave markets.

Lulu and Nana: First genetically modified babies born in China, researcher says
It will be years, perhaps a decade at least, before Lulu and Nana can begin to understand how they are different from the rest of us. Born this month in China, the twin girls are said to carry genes -- strands of DNA code -- that were altered for HIV-immunity with an "editing" tool when they were still single-cell embryos not yet inside their mother's womb. At least that's what He Jiankui, one of the researchers involved, says.

Monday 26, November 2018

Middle East has moved from bad to worse due to its crises
The Middle East has moved from a bad to worse situation in the last decade due to its crises, HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said. He was referring to the blockade of Qatar and the problems of Lebanon, Syria, Libya and Yemen while addressing a special session on the sidelines of the Mediterranean Dialogue Conference in Rome on Thursday.

Isralei Bennett on BBC: We won't create another Palestinian state

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani calls Israel cancerous tumor, fake regime established by US
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday called Israel a cancerous tumor that is used by Western cultures to promote their interests in the Middle East, The Times of Israel reported. Although Israel-bashing is common among Iran's leaders, Rouhani, who is more moderate, "rarely employs such rehetroci," the news outlet reported.

Russia fires at Ukrainian ships and captures three vessels off Crimea
Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea. Three sailors have been wounded after the Ukrainian navy said two artillery boats were hit by the strikes in the Black Sea.

CLAIM: Every human spawned from single couple 200,000 years ago...
All modern humans descended from a solitary pair who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, scientists say. Scientists surveyed the genetic 'bar codes' of five million animals - including humans - from 100,000 different species and deduced that we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped out the human race. YET ANOTHER PIECE OF EVIDENCE THAT ADAM AND EVE WERE REAL AND WE ALL CAME FROM THEM.

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020
China's plan to judge each of its 1.3 billion people based on their social behavior is moving a step closer to reality, with Beijing set to adopt a lifelong points program by 2021 that assigns personalized ratings for each resident. The capital city will pool data from several departments to reward and punish some 22 million citizens based on their actions and reputations by the end of 2020, according to a plan posted on the Beijing municipal government's website on Monday. Those with better so-called social credit will get "green channel" benefits while those who violate laws will find life more difficult.

The Chinese Government Identifies Citizens by the way They Walk
The Chinese obsession to monitor biometrics as a means of maintaining social control will become the norm in the future when a global society is implemented by a global government.

Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children's Behavior at Home
Patents recently issued to Google provide a window into their development activities. While it's no guarantee of a future product, it is a sure indication of what's of interest to them. What we've given up in privacy to Google, Facebook, and others thus far is minuscule compared to what is coming if these companies get their way.

The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030...
This article provides an explanation how the United Nations has a plan to establish a pathway towards a one world government that soon will be established on planet earth.

61 Percent of Christians Believe in These 4 New Age Ideas...
It's common knowledge that the New Age movement has a strong foothold on our culture right now. Bookstores are lined with best-selling titles teaching people how to use crystals, how to meditate and cultivate "higher consciousness" and how to make contact with spirit guides, as people like Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey continue to push things like Christ-consciousness and meditation on the masses.

Rider University rejects Chick-fil-A as students' top pick for new eatery, citing 'corporate values'
Administrators sent out a survey last semester asking students which restaurant they would like to see on campus, Campus Reform reported. After Chick-fil-A became the clear winner, the school decided to change course in the name of "inclusion for all people," the outlet reported. Chick-fil-A's "corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider," the university told students in a Nov. 1 email explaining the decision to reject the results of the survey, Campus Reform reported.

Abortion supporters are sending 'rape porn' to pro-lifers and rape survivors

Abortion facilities closing at unprecedented rate, says new report
Good news for pro-life advocates can be found in a recently released report from an abortion organization claiming that "independent [abortion] clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate." The report was published by Abortion Care Network (ACN), whose stated mission is to "ensure access" to abortion.

Clemson University workshop: 'What gender is this apple?'
Clemson University students were just treated to a workshop at the Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Multicultural Center, titled "Create Your Own Gender Adventure," during which they - as the title suggests - discussed and debated how the traditional birth determinations of male versus female, girl versus boy, are out-of-touch, antiquated pooh-pooh labels, quite unnecessary in these advanced modern times.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown, were you a racist?
Critics are slamming ABC's "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" for seating its only black character, Franklin, alone on one side of the holiday table - in a rickety old lawn chair.

But others defended the classic special, pointing out its creator Charles Schulz fought to add Franklin to the cast to stand up against racism in 1968. "Seriously please get some historical context. Charles M. Schultz was a trailblazer and bucked racism in those days by adding Franklin to reflect the issue... and challenging what was then going on in society," tweeted California radio show host Mark Larson.

Friday 23, November 2018

'It's time for a preemptive strike on Hezbollah'
Former Interior Minister Gidon Sa'ar reiterated that Israel should carry out a pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah in order to prevent the terror militia from growing stronger. Hezbollah currently possesses over 150,000 thousand missiles, more than most NATO countries. Senior defense officials have said repeatedly that Hezbollah is now Israel's major threat and predict that hundreds of Israelis will die in the next war between the two sides.

Israel could pay 'much heavier price' if it doesn't strike soon
Former minister and security cabinet member Gideon Sa'ar called for an Israeli counterstrike on precision weapons factories in Lebanon and other strategic threats that Hezbollah is developing. At the Jerusalem Post's Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem, Saar said that Israel was approaching the point of no return on the Lebanese border.

Iran says US bases in Middle East within reach of its missiles
A top Iranian general claimed US military personnel and assets in the Middle East are within range of his country's missiles Wednesday, amid ongoing tensions between Tehran and Washington. Amirali Hajizadeh, the head of the air division for the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, said improvements to Iran's missile arsenal had put US bases in Qatar, the UAE and Afghanistan within reach, as well as US aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf, according to Iran's Tasnim news agency.

Jerusalem mayor green-lights US embassy expansion
The Mayor of Jerusalem signed an order permitting the new US embassy in Jerusalem to expand its facilities, allowing the US mission in Israel to transfer more of its operations from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital city. On Wednesday, Mayor Nir Barkat gave approval to plans submitted by the US embassy for a massive expansion of the former US consulate building.

Federal judge declares female genital mutilation law unconstitutional, dismisses charges
In a major blow to the federal government, a judge in Detroit has declared America's female genital mutilation law unconstitutional, thereby dismissing the key charges against two Michigan doctors and six others accused of subjecting at least nine minor girls to the cutting procedure in the nation's first FGM case. The historic case involves minor girls from Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota, including some who cried, screamed and bled during the procedure and one who was given Valium ground in liquid Tylenol to keep her calm, court records show.

Teachers are being made to 'unlearn' racist and 'colonialist' Thanksgiving crafts
A report from PBS gave tips on how to avoid racist and outdated stereotypes when teaching the meaning of Thanksgiving, and on the top of the list was Native American headdresses with feathers. "When teaching #Thanksgiving, one arts educator considers crafts like dream catchers or headbands with feathers to be inappropriate," PBS tweeted on their official social media account.

"She joins a group of teachers arguing the traditional Thanksgiving narrative is disrespectful to Native Americans," the report explained.

Obama: Americans are too 'confused, blind, shrouded with hate' to save ourselves from climate change
During a summit Monday for the Obama Foundation in Chicago, former President Barack Obama trashed the Trump administration and Americans as a whole for not investing in efforts to solve climate change. "The reason we don't do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues," he added. "I mean... we are fraught with stuff."

Monday 19, November 2018

Russia Flexes Military Muscles with World War 3 training in Mediterranean off Syrian Coast
VLADIMIR Putin's superstate has held anti-submarine warfare drills in the Mediterranean sea, just off the coast of Syria, as tensions escalate between Russia and the US. Russia has accused the US of building up its own forces in the Middle East in preparation for a possible strike on Syrian government forces. The prospect of Putin's military forces and Trump's troops coming head to head has long been feared as the Cold War adversaries take opposing sides in Syria's seven-year civil war.

Hamas leaves Israel with only one option in Gaza
Israel and the Palestinian terror groups in Gaza came one step closer to all-out war last Monday evening when an undercover operation by an IDF elite unit near Khan Younis ended in a shootout with members of Hamas' military wing Izz-a-Din al-Qassam.

US to oppose UN Golan resolution, wins Israeli praise
The United States said it would oppose on Friday for the first time an annual resolution at the United Nations calling on Israel to rescind its authority in the Golan Heights, drawing praise from Israeli officials. The Golan Heights form a buffer between Israel and Syria of about 1,200 square km. Israel captured most of it from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war. It annexed the territory in 1981.

BREAKING: North Korea Moves Forward With Missile Expansion Sites
Last Monday, new satellite images showed that North Korea has continued to upgrade its ballistic missile program at 16 secret facilities. As The Daily Beast reports, "The development suggests North Korea's promise to shut down one major test site was an attempted deception." The Center for Strategic and International Studies states, "North Korea's decommissioning of the Sohae satellite launch facility, while gaining much media attention, obscures the military threat to U.S. forces and South Korea from this and other undeclared ballistic missile bases."

Pope decries that 'wealthy few' feast on what belongs to all
VATICAN CITY (AP) - Championing the cause of the poor, Pope Francis on Sunday lamented that "the wealthy few" enjoy what, "in justice, belongs to all" and said Christians cannot remain indifferent to the growing cries of the exploited and the indigent, including migrants.

Francis invited about 6,000 poor people as well as some of the volunteers who help them to the splendor of St. Peter's Basilica where he celebrated Mass on a day the Catholic Church dedicates to the needy. Later, he sat down with 1,500 of the indigent for a lunch of lasagna, chicken, mashed potatoes and tiramisu in a Vatican auditorium.

Woman leaves abortion facility after learning her baby has a heartbeat
A new video from Created Equal shows a pregnant mother visiting an abortion facility considered by many pro-lifers to be the "most dangerous" in the nation - and reconsidering her decision to abort her baby.

INSANE: ACLU Now Opposes Accused Students Having So Many Rights, All To Bash Trump
On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union came out against the Title IX reforms proposed by the Trump Department of Education, led by Betsy Devos. Those reforms are based on preserving the rights of the accused while still protecting accusers in sexual assault cases – but the ACLU, caving to the woke Left, has decided that it is no longer worthwhile to protect such accused people. Civil liberties go by the wayside when it comes to sexual assault, apparently.

Ex-SBC president: Dems a 'godless' religion, not a party
Former Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Ed Young is under fire for recently contending that the Democratic Party is a "basically godless" religion - rather than a political party. During his impromptu speech at Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas)'s election watch party on midterm election night, the senior pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, followed up the outgoing Republican's concession speech by also contending that "God will not bless America" because of abortion.

Pastor ripped for ousting female-clad male congregant
The pastor of a church in Chicago, Illinois, is receiving backlash from the LGBTQ community and its supporters for publicly rebuking a male church member Sunday night after he repeatedly showed up to church dressed like a woman - despite numerous warnings. Power House International Ministries Pastor Antonio Rocquemore explained that he had to resort to openly admonishing the cross-dressing church member because he refused to heed the church's requests to stop showing up to worship service dressed as a transgender.

Whistleblower teacher says 17 students in British school are changing genders, some were 'tricked'
Seventeen students at a British school are changing their genders and most of them who are undergoing the process are autistic, according to a teacher there, the Daily Mail reported. The teacher, a 20-year veteran who asked to not be identified for fear of losing her job, told the news outlet she spoke out to help protect students. She said she believes schools and some politicians are peddling a politically-correct "fallacy" driven by " a powerful transgender lobby."

Friday 16, November 2018

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that in past years the US has abstained when this cyclical resolution comes for a vote.

Australia, Malaysia at loggerheads over possible Jerusalem embassy
"Make no mistake. I will not have our policy dictated by those outside the country," Morrison added.

U.S. military edge has eroded to 'a dangerous degree,' study for Congress finds
"It's the flashing red that we are trying to relay."

Ohio House Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby's Heartbeat Begins
The controversial legislation would ban most abortions in Ohio if it becomes law. The bill also would allow abortion practitioners to be charged with a felony for aborting unborn babies whose hearts are beating.

Pastor Recalls Miraculous Wildfire Survival Despite Church Group Being Surrounded By Raging Inferno
'We Were Totally Unscathed'

Wednesday 14, November 2018

Macron wants 'European army' to share UN Security Council seat and nukes with Berlin – Marine Le Pen
The EU should "work on a vision" of establishing a real European army in the future, she stated, addressing the members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

'Distinctly Uncomfortable:' U.K. Companies' Plans to Microchip Employees Face Fierce Pushback
Pushback over microchipping plans we reported Monday: British companies are thinking about fitting their employees with microchips—and the country's biggest employer organisation and main trade union body aren't happy about it.

Israel Defence Minister Lieberman resigns over Gaza ceasefire
Late on Monday, militants launched a barrage of rockets and mortars at Israel.

Something's Happening to the Sun Right Now, Here's What It Means for Earth
If the trend continues, the NASA scientist says we could see record cold in a matter of months.

Monday 12, November 2018

Iran army official: Any war Zionists start will lead to them being erased
The deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran slammed Israel and warned that the Islamic Republic has bases from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. In comments made public over the weekend, Brig.-Gen. Hossein Salami told a forum at the University of Damghan in Semnan province in northern Iran that his forces have bases throughout the Middle East and that Iran was confronting "the Zionists" and Americans in the region.

Prayers, miracle from God, caused brain tumor to suddenly disappear, says California patient
Several doctors can find no scientific explanation for the sudden disappearance of a California patient's brain tumor. But a miraculous second chance at life was given to Paul Wood, a Lodi, California, father and community volunteer, KOVR-TV reported. His brain tumor was believed to be malignant.

Plan unveiled to microchip 'hundreds of thousands' of UK employees at major companies
Under the guise of security and convenience, a Swedish company wants to microchip hundreds of thousands of employees at British companies. "One prospective client, which cannot be named, is a major financial services firm with 'hundreds of thousands of employees,' " the report stated. "These companies have sensitive documents they are dealing with," Jowan Osterlund, the founder of Biohax and a former professional body piercer, told the news outlet. "[The chips] would allow them to set restrictions for whoever."

Rev. Franklin Graham: Blessing abortion center like blessing 'gas chambers at Auschwitz'
When Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio announced that "faith leaders" would be blessing the East Columbus Surgical Center in Columbus on November 9th, pro-lifers were shocked. This is not the first time the industry has had pro-abortion clergy "bless" their facilities, but the upcoming "Holy Ground: Blessing the Sacred Space of Decision" event has garnered significant attention.

VICTORY: Two states pass Constitutional measures to protect the preborn
Two out of three states that had pro-life measures on the ballot on Election Day 2018 have now seen those measures successfully passed by voters. While Oregon failed to pass Measure 106, which would have "challenge[d] the legality of public funding for abortion except in the case of an ectopic pregnancy or if the woman's life is in danger," both Alabama and West Virginia voters passed their measures.

It's final: Trump won't force objecting employers to pay for contraceptives
The Trump administration has just finalized a rule change that allows employers with "religious or moral objections" to opt out of paying for birth control for employees, including potentially abortifacient types of contraceptives. The Department of Health and Human Services noted in its press release about the conscience protections...

Google yanks search results calling national Republican women's group a federation of "enablers"
A Google search preview for the National Federation of Republican Women was displaying the organization's title as the "National Federation of Republican Enablers," the Daily Caller reported Saturday.

Robots will soon match humans in creativity, emotional intelligence
As if we didn't already have enough to worry about when it comes to artificially intelligent machines being able to perform many tasks faster and better than humans can, potentially stealing our jobs in the future and presenting what some technologists worry is an existential threat to humanity, now it appears AI will soon be able to match humans at being, well, human, too.

Sunday 11, November 2018

CNN's Chris Cuomo attacks people who think 'God is the answer' to mass shootings
Anti-Second Amendment Chris Cuomo said, "First, I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers, because that's what you do when you offer 'Thoughts and prayers' — You mock those who lost loved ones because if you gave it any thought at all, you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with them."

"And prayer? You think leaving it to God is the answer?" Cuomo grumbled. "We pray for strength. We pray for wisdom, for resolve, but we clearly don't want to act on any of those here. So what are you praying for? What would it take?" Cuomo asked.

Broward Elections Supervisor Snipes mixed illegal ballots with valid ones waiting to be added
Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes, subject of intense scrutiny and a lawsuit filed by Gov. Rick Scott and Republicans over the counting of ballots, mixed about 200 rejected ballots in with ballots that had been accepted as valid, the Miami-Herald reported late Friday night. It is the latest irregularity in the contentious battle over ballots in the Senate race between Scott and incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson.