Wednesday 01, April 2015

Iran Refuses to Give Up Core Nuke Materials
Iran is refusing to relinquish its stockpiles of enriched nuclear materials, throwing a potential complication into negotiations that are set to expire tomorrow, according to senior State Department officials and Iranian diplomats.

Khamenei sends Iranian navy to Bab el-Mandeb Straits. Iran arms store for Hamas bombed in Libya
Control of the Red Sea Bab el-Mandeb Straits passed Tuesday, March 31 to pro-Iranian Yemeni forces when the Yemeni Army's 117th Brigade loyal to the former Yemeni President Ali Saleh handed positions guarding the waterway to two Houthi commando battalions trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This is revealed by debkafile's military and intelligence sources.

Iran Militia Chief: Wiping Israel Off the Map Is 'Nonnegotiable'
Israeli Radio reported the militia chief's comments Tuesday, which also included threats against Saudi Arabia for its campaign against the Iran-backed rebels in Yemen. The Saudis, warned Naqdi, would share the "fate of Saddam Hussein."

Mideast powers trade blame as Yemen teeters
Regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran traded accusations Tuesday over the escalating conflict in Yemen, which the UN rights chief warned was on the brink of "total collapse".

Obama Plans 'Executive Order' for UN Climate Rules
Please allow us to be clear. There is no man-made global warming. Is there "climate change"? Yes, there always has been and always will be. It's called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The Earth warms, then it cools. The false narrative of man-made global warming is being perpetuated by the global elite to reduce the global power of the United States and to help usher in a UN led global government... more taxes, more government, and less freedom.

Facebook accused of tracking all users even if they delete accounts, ask never to be followed
Academic researchers said that the report showed that the company was breaking European law with its tracking policies. The law requires that users are told if their computers are receiving cookies except for specific circumstances.

The American Empire will crumble like all the rest
The U.S. has $18 trillion in debt. And who knows how much real gold stands behind the nation's currency? It's only a matter of time before the world loses confidence in the dollar and the American Empire. YOU DO KNOW THAT AMERICA IS NOT REFERENCED IN THE BIBLE, EXCEPT FOR A CASUAL MENTION THAT "THE WEST" (MEANING WEST OF ISRAEL) DOES NOT COME TO ISRAEL'S AID DURING THE PSALM 83 WAR.

China's new bank... Is this the start of a New World Order?
When people try to pinpoint the start of a 'new world order' they could look to March 2015. This week, Australia announced it would sign on to China's plans to create a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to rival global institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund...

IRS ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers' calls as deadline looms
Why? Because they can.

Tuesday 31, March 2015

Former CIA Director: Iran the New Nazi Germany
Iran is using the same tactics as Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany to expand their empire, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director James Woolsey stated Monday, by reviving imperialism through ideology.

Netanyahu Warns: Nuclear Deal Will Allow Iran to 'Conquer' Middle East
With a deadline for the nuclear deal with Iran approaching, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that Iran's alliances were "dangerous for all humanity" and said that a nuclear deal could enable Iran to "conquer" the Middle East.

US Negotiating on Iran's Behalf
A journalist who formerly had close ties with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Obama administration is essentially acting for Iran in the current negotiations over that country's nuclear program.

Putin Pledges Support for Palestinian State
Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country will support efforts to build a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem.

Assad: ISIS has expanded since start of U.S. strikes
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in a U.S. television interview that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has seized swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, has been gaining recruits since the start of U.S.-led air strikes against the militant group.

Purported Anonymous Hackers Threaten Israel With 'Electronic Holocaust' Week Before Holocaust Remembrance Day
ndividuals purporting to belong to the hacking group Anonymous have released a video threatening Israel with an "electronic holocaust" for the country's alleged "crimes in the Palestinian territories. We'll erase you from cyberspace as we have every year, 7 April 2015, will be an electronic holocaust," the group said in a video posted online and delivered by a masked individual.

Facebook's Internet Solar Drones Will Envelop the World

Catholic Archbishop: 'Current White House May Be Least Friendly to Religious Concerns in Our History'
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia gave a speech to seminarians in his archdiocese on March 17 in which he examined the threats to religious liberty arising around the world, including in the United States.

Pence: 'This Avalanche of Intolerance That's Been Poured on Our State Is Outrageous'
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) says his state has been hit by an "avalanche of intolerance" ever since he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act last week.

Monday 30, March 2015

Netanyahu: Nuke Deal 'Dangerous for all Humanity'...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a dire warning Sunday about a possible nuclear accord with Iran as talks in Switzerland towards the outline of a deal intensified days before a deadline.

US surrender on breakout time to a bomb leads to breakthrough on a nuclear deal
President Barack Obama and John Kerry promised that the nuclear deal to be signed with Iran in Switzerland this week will give the world powers a year's warning after the Islamic Republic's breakout up to an operational weapon.

Assad 'Welcomes' Larger Russian Naval Presence in Syria
Syria would welcome an increased Russian military presence at its sea ports, President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Russian news channels published Friday.

'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented,' navy source says
Advanced weaponry, much of it supplied by Iran, is flowing into Syria and Lebanon, a senior Israel Navy source warned on Sunday.

IDF Sources: ISIS Accumulating Support Near Israel-Jordan Border
Islamic State has recently found a following among Bedouin tribes in southern Jordan, tens of kilometers away from the border with Israel, sources from the IDF's Southern Command claim, according to Walla! News.

Biden: American Jews Can Only Rely on Israel, Not US
In a unusual moment of clarity, VP Biden manages to utter a sentence of truth. Jews, and especially American Jews, can ONLY rely on Israel, not America.

China's Potential Deflation Threatens to Overthrow Global Monetary Order
People's Bank of China (PBOC) governor Zhou Xiaochuan, speaking at a forum of the nation's high-ranking officials and top businesspersons on the Chinese island of Hainan in Sunday, admitted the Communist nation is falling into the mire of deflation at a faster pace than might be expected.

Google controls what we buy, the news we read and Obama's policies
A former Google officer is the president's chief technology adviser. Google employees contributed more to President Obama's re-election than did employees of any other company except Microsoft. Google says that in the future, its determinations about what is true and what is untrue will play a role in how search-engine rankings are configured. Will Leftist and anti-Christian news and service organizations get higher rankings than Conservative Christian sites?

Thousands protest 'religious freedom' law in Indiana

U.S. Special Operations holding urban warfare drills in Broward County
Police agencies in Broward County are assisting members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces who are undergoing urban warfare training.

Episcopal Church Bishop: Denying Climate Change 'Sinful'
According to the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church Katherine Jefferts Schori, denying climate change is a sin. She says Jesus "insists" that Earth's citizens reduce their carbon footprint and proselytize others to do the same. Of course, the Episcopalian Church is also the group that OK'd gay ministers.

Sunday 29, March 2015

Netanyahu Says Looming US/Iran Nuclear Deal 'Worse Than Feared'

Nasrallah: Israel Should be Targeted, Not Yemen
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah blasted Saudi Arabia for launching airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Speaking in a televised speech, Nasrallah said the military campaign should be directed at Israel, not Yemen, adding that if the warplanes were directed towards Israel, Hezbollah would join in.

Arab leaders agree joint military force
Arab leaders agreed on Sunday to form a joint military force after a summit dominated by a Saudi-led offensive on Shiite rebels in Yemen and the threat from Islamist extremism.

Friday 27, March 2015

Joel Rosenberg: Mounting evidence suggests President Obama preparing to "divorce" Israel. What are the implications if he does?
Once, it would have been almost preposterous even to ask such a question. Today, however, it feels like it's a matter of "when," not "if" Mr. Obama will formally abandon American support for the Jewish State. And the situation is rapidly going from bad to worse...

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together
The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration's position in the negotiations.

Iran, Saudi Arabia fighting bloody proxy wars across the Middle East

Former Obama Ambassador Blasts His Mideast Policy: 'We're In a GD Freefall Here!'
Barack Obama faces a slew of Middle East crises that some call the worst in a generation, as new chaos from Yemen to Iraq, along with deteriorating U.S.-Israeli relations, is confounding the president's efforts to stabilize the region and strike a nuclear deal with Iran.

Islamic State attack on Italy coming
The Islamic State terrorist group likely will launch an attack on Italy within weeks, not months, according to a senior Libyan government official.

Russia warns NATO drills a 'problem' as US attack planes buzz Poland
Four US A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes are taking part in war games in Poland, as the nation expects about 10,000 NATO forces at drills this year. Moscow says the military build-up at Russia's borders will have a negative long-term impact.

University Bans Christian Fraternity
The Chi Alpha fraternity has been kicked off campus. They were not punished for wild parties or crooning racially offensive songs. They were not caught taking liberties with young ladies. Nothing scandalous. Nothing like that. No, no, no. They were kicked off the Cal State University Stanislaus campus because of Jesus.

Congress Pushes Obama-backed National Biometric ID for Americans
After largely failing to prod state governments into developing a national identification system known as "REAL ID," Republican lawmakers in Congress are once again pushing an Obama-backed scheme that would force every American to have a national ID card containing sensitive biometric data. The controversial plan, embedded in an immigration-enforcement bill, has been in the works for years, but has consistently been met with stiff opposition from liberty-minded grassroots organizations and activists.

US Troops Go Undercover on American Soil

Homosexuals in Newfoundland hit by 'astronomical' syphilis outbreak
A syphilis outbreak of "astronomical" proportions has been unleashed in Canada's easternmost province, according to the healthcare authority of eastern Newfoundland.

Bono: 'Capitalism Takes More People Out of Poverty Than Aid'
U2 frontman Bono, who is also an investor, philanthropist, and Christian told students at Georgetown University that real economic growth, not government aid, is what lifts people and countries out of poverty long-term, emphasizing that "entrepreneurial capitalism" is the key to prosperity. Are you listening, liberals?

Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days... Where's the Outrage?

Thursday 26, March 2015

Egypt seizes Bab el Mandeb ahead of Iran. Saudis bomb Iran-backed Yemeni Houthis. US launches air strikes over Tikrit
In a surprise step, Egyptian marine naval and marine forces Thursday morning, March 26, seized control of the strategic Bab El-Mandeb Straits to foil Tehran's plans to grab this important energy shipping gateway between the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal.

Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes against Yemen rebels
Saudi Arabia has launched a military operation against Shiite rebels threatening the government in Yemen, the kingdom's ambassador to the US said Wednesday night, as five Gulf states said they would protect embattled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

Iran to Test Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in 2015
The US ground-based interceptors based in Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California are sufficient to protect the United States homeland against "the future Iranian ICBM threat should it emerge," Syring stated.

New Video: Is Time Running Out? Cahn, Salus and Biltz
Many biblical scholars are now claiming that we are living in the end days, and many prophetic events are lining up that point to that possibility. OUT OF THE MOUTH OF TWO WITNESSES, WARNINGS FROM THE HEAVENS discusses these possibilities through information revealed by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastor Mark Biltz and author Bill Salus. Candid interviews with Cahn, Biltz and Salus point out that biblical cycles, heavenly signs and current world events suggest that mankind is living deep into the end times. These interviews have been made into a TV special as well as into a DVD. The DVD will soon be made available and more information will follow.

Franklin Graham: 'End is Near'
Evangelist Franklin Graham said America's "end is near" thanks to progressive politics and the "new morality" imposed by the Obama administration.

Russia's growing presence in Latin America is cause of worry for U.S. and its allies

War in the Middle East is pushing vital water plants 'close to the breaking point'

Navy to chaplain: You can't comfort dead sailor's family
An embattled Navy chaplain with a stellar 19-year career continues to take a beating from his superiors, who say his counseling isn't "inclusive" enough.

Church threatens to cancel over 'religious freedom' bill
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has sent a letter to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence threatening to cancel its 2017 convention in Indianapolis if he signs controversial legislation that could allow business owners to refuse services to same-sex couples.

Christian leaders say faith under attack in Canada by governments, regulators
A group of Canadian Christian leaders is raising the alarm about what they say are attacks on their faith, citing barriers to a Christian university setting up a law school and doctors opposed to ending pregnancies being forced to refer patients elsewhere.

Judge convicts Christian for voicing Bible verse
A Christian street preacher convicted and fined by a U.K. judge, who also serves with an Islamic Shariah court, is guilty of having breached the public order by his choice of Bible verses. Says OK to preach from Leviticus 18, but not Leviticus 20.

Uber-liberal Cosmopolitan magazine just admitted babies can feel in the womb
NOT NECESSARILY BEING RIPPED APART BY AN ABORTION, BUT BY THEIR "EVIL" MOTHER SMOKING... In a twist of irony, Cosmopolitan Magazine told its readers babies can feel in the womb. The magazine published an article Tuesday that showed ultrasound images of babies reacting to mothers who smoke while in the womb. This is the same magazine that jumped into the 2014 elections with a hashtag campaign #CosmoVotes to support pro abortion candidates.

Ebony Editor Equates Country Music With 'Killing Muslims'

O'Keefe Shows Cornell University Dean Okay With ISIS Group

FLASHBACK: Susan Rice: Bergdahl Served With 'Honor and Distinction'
According to his lawyer, Sgt Bowe Bergdahl is being charged with desertion and misbehavior, a finding that dramatically clashes with the Obama administration's description of Bergdahl and the circumstances of his capture when the controversial swap was first announced.

Wednesday 25, March 2015

Saudi Arabia building up military near Yemen border
Saudi Arabia is moving heavy military equipment including artillery to areas near its border with Yemen, U.S. officials said on Tuesday, raising the risk that the Middle East's top oil power will be drawn into the worsening Yemeni conflict.

Obama's "Success" Story, Yemen, Falls into a Civil War
The last American troops are being pulled out of Yemen after al-Qaeda fighters stormed a city near their base on Friday. Houthi rebels who have already overrun most of the country are closing in on Aden, the last stronghold of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. And on Sunday ISIS (IS) sent suicide bombers into two big mosques in the capital, Sanaa, killing 137 people.

War-ravaged Syria feeling 'abandoned by the world'
United Nations, United States: Syrians increasingly feel forsaken by the rest of the world, after four years of war that has killed nearly a quarter-million people, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday.

Russia To Build Nuclear Reactor In Jordan
On Tuesday, Russia and Jordan signed a $10 billion deal for Russia to construct Jordan's first nuclear power plant in Amra, according to ABC News. The plant will feature two 1,000-megawatt reactors, which will use fuel purchased from Rosatom for the first ten years.

Obama Dodges Iran Question: Focus on What 'Really Matters'
Mr. President... let's keep this simple... if Iran builds a nuclear weapon, they most assuredly use it against Israel or if they could, use it on America.

White House Dismisses Ayatollah's 'Death to America' Rhetoric: 'Intended For A Domestic Political Audience'
On Monday, Josh Kraushaar of National Journal reported that according to CNN, the White House dismissed Ayatollah Khamenei's "Death to America" rhetoric on the grounds that it was "intended for a domestic political audience."

New Trend: 'Radically Inclusive' Churches That Embrace All Religions And All Lifestyles
If you want as many people to attend your church as possible, why limit yourself to just Christians? All over America, "radically inclusive" churches that embrace all religions and all lifestyles are starting to pop up. Church services that incorporate elements of Hinduism, Islam, native American religions and even Wicca are becoming increasingly common. And even if you don't believe anything at all, that is okay with these churches too.

Breaking... WH Plans to Develop a "Country Within a Country" of 15 Million "New Americans"
The White House has plans to legalize 13 to 15 million illegal immigrants who will then establish a "country within a country." The following Mark Levin interview with Susan Payne is shocking but it also puts all the pieces into place...

Facebook Reveals its Master Plan, Control All News Flow
Big oppressive, controlling companies are just as bad as big, oppressive controlling governments.

They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal
The move to a cashless society won't happen overnight. Instead, it is being implemented very slowly and systematically in a series of incremental steps. All over the planet, governments are starting to place restrictions on the use of cash for "security reasons".

Huge asteroid capable of wiping out entire country is on near-collision course with Earth
A mammoth asteroid measuring 1,000-metre wide in on course to narrowly miss Earth within days, NASA predicts. The object called '2014-YB35' is predicted to skim the Earth on Friday travelling at more than 23,000 mph in space.