Friday 19, December 2014

Iran Mocks America, Threatens Israel and Angers the Lord!
"Iran: Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered," was the Washington Free Beacon headline on the day following the failed nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1. The latest round of nuclear talks, which expired on November 24, 2014, yielded the similar fruitless results as the past deadline of July 20, 2014, at which time, the P5+1 consisting of Russia, China, America, Britain, France and Germany were unable to convince Iran to downgrade its current nuclear program. The article states that according to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the supposed moderate voice of Iran's ruling rogue regime, "Today, we achieved victory." His boast echoed the sentiments of other top Iranian leaders who celebrated the P5+1 failure to strike a deal as a "sign that the Americans have very clearly surrendered to Iran's might."

Hamas reconstructing terror tunnels using Israeli materials
"Sources in Gaza say Hamas has started to prepare for next conflict with Israel, group said shifting war strategy in wake of Iron Dome, from long-range missiles to short-ranged mortars, coupled with multiple terror cell attacks."

Vatican Did 'Groundwork' for Cuba Deal
"His whole approach to foreign affairs and to the world is to build bridges and to help bring people together through dialogue and negotiations, so he saw this as an opportunity to bring that to fruition"

Yes, Virginia, there is a 'War on Christmas': Atheists unveil anti-Christmas TV specials

Paramount bans showings of Team America: World Police in place of The Interview
Total and unconditional surrender.

After Sony, House Cybersecurity Chairman Warns Power Grid, Wall Street Could Be Next

Gen. Boykin: Army Erred in Punishing Chaplain for Sharing His Faith
Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn reprimanded for "using Christian scripture and solutions" in a mandatory suicide prevention training session.

Comic Relief: Beaver Dams Make Global Warming Worse

Thursday 18, December 2014

Video: Iran's Nuclear Prophecy (Gary Stearman & Bill Salus)
In this interview Gary and Bill unpack an ancient prophecy that appears to be ready for it's fulfillment. Join them as they do a verse by verse study of Jeremiah 49:34-39 concerning the territory of Elam, which is located in modern day Iran. This show takes the viewer behind the scenes to contemplate the events that may soon lead to Israel's attack on Iran's burgeoning nuclear facilities. Did the prophet Jeremiah predict these events 2,500 years ago?

UN draft imposes deadline for "Israeli occupation"

Can America win a war against radical Islam when it refuses to even identify its enemy?

Israelis Want Netanyahu Out But See No Better Option
Most Israelis would like to see Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu replaced after March elections but, paradoxically, he is seen as the most suitable for the job, an opinion poll said Thursday.

From Sydney to Rome, until Islam rules the world
As the Israeli-Arab conflict becomes more religious, solidarity with the Israeli side grows; because now the war is not against Israel, it's against the entire Western world.

Obama Calls Executive Orders "Presidential Memoranda" to Avoid Scrutiny and Issues Most in History
If there's one thing we have learned about Barack Obama, it's that he is a master of deception and absolutely loves to lie to the public. He seems to enjoy conning the plebs to such a degree, I think he actually receives blasts of dopamine every time he does it. The bigger the lie, the better the rush.

Church ministers to sign covenant against gay ordination
Evangelicals opposed to gay ordination are forming a protest movement against greater acceptance of homosexual and lesbian ministers in the Church of Scotland.

Obama "Normalizes" Relationship with Cuba

Wednesday 17, December 2014

Palestinians to press UN statehood bid Wednesday
The Palestinians will press ahead Wednesday with a UN bid to boost their hopes of statehood, despite a warning that the US will block the move, officials said "We will submit our project to the UN Security Council tomorrow," a senior adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told AFP late Tuesday.

Europe Removes Hamas from Terror List
European Court of Justice decides Wednesday to whitewash Hamas, in what apparently will be temporary move fueled by 'technicalities.' WOW!

Russia's sinking economy becoming a global threat
Russia's suddenly escalating financial crisis risks spilling beyond its borders and endangering parts of the global economy.

Tolerant Muslim Taliban 'burn teacher alive in front of pupils and behead children'

Hollywood's 'troubling' trends of R-rated events during "family" shows...
A family advocacy group has released a report that finds an overwhelming majority of broadcast television shows about families contain some form of adult content, including sex, violence and profanity. But that isn't the most troubling finding...

Obama issues 'executive orders by another name'
President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history, using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders. LIBERALS ARE GOOD AT CHANGING THE NAMES OF SOMETHING TO MISDIRECT EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS THE SAME THING... PRO-CHOICE/ABORTION = MURDER. PROGRESSIVE = COMMUNIST. ETC.

Federal judge rules Obama amnesty order unconstitutional power grab

65 Percent of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs
The Census Bureau reported in a study released this week that 65 percent of American children lived in households taking aid from one or more federal program as of the fall of 2011.

Tennessee Town Sparks Free Speech Debate After Banning Negative Online Comments
South Pittsburg, on the banks of the Tennessee River, is a town of just over 3,100 people. At the town's most recent monthly meeting on December 9, the city council approved a measure that would restrict any employee, elected official, contractor or person doing business with the city from posting negative comments about South Pittsburg on Facebook or Twitter. They are calling it an "all-inclusive" social media policy. However, it specifically excludes any posts that could be considered negative or critical of the town, its policies or the people running South Pittsburg.

'We Don't Mind if It Takes Martial Law to Get This in Order' - Another Innocent Teen Murdered in Chicago

Bush v. Clinton In 2016? New World Order Dream Matchup Being Touted As 'Inevitable'

Surgeon General Confirmation a MASSIVE BLOW to Pro Gun Groups
Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed by a vote of 51-43 in a major defeat against the NRA and many other gun groups. Murthy has been criticized for his gun stance believing it to be a public health issue. HANG ONTO YOUR GUNS PEOPLE. IT'S GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE THE NEXT TWO YEARS.

Naomi Klein: Global Warming Skeptics Are Racists
Progressive conspiracy theorist Naomi Klein has come up with a new one: People who are skeptical of the climate change hypothesis don't care about climate change because it will only damage countries where people of color live. HOW CAN WE HAVE SERIOUS CONVERSATIONS ABOUT IMPORTANT SUBJECTS WHEN WE HAVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS SPOUTING GARBAGE?

Deadly brain disease found in sheep 'could spread to humans', warn experts

Cascadia's Locked Fault Means Massive Earthquake Is Due in Pacific Northwest: Seismologists
The Cascadia fault in the Pacific Northwest is locked up, meaning that a massive megathrust earthquake could occur at any time, seismologists are warning.

Tuesday 16, December 2014

If you Really Want to Hear the Problem with how the West Wrongly Sees the Israeli / Islamic Terrorists Situation, Watch this 5 Minute Video...

Liberman: Israel Will Not Be Dictated to by the PA
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman urges Israel to be proactive in fighting international pressure, forge ties with 'moderate' Arab world.

A World Out of Control with John B. Wells & Bill Salus
John B. Wells, formerly with Coast to Coast radio, interviews Bill Salus on Caravan to Midnight. This show talks about the importance of Bible prophecy today. Bible prophecy is invaluable predictive information that is outsourced from a loving God with 100% accuracy. It is intended to equip people for the times in which they live. Moreover, it can spare lives and save souls.

Bill Salus: Will Iran Nuke America in 2015?
Is such an attack even remotely possible? And, is Iran's nuclear program prophesied about in the Bible? The answers to these two questions appears to be YES and YES! You are invited to watch the December 10, 2014, Prophecy in the News interview with Bill Salus below to understand more about what the Bible seems to say about Iran's current nuclear aspirations.

Video: World Government on the Horizon
Dr. Andy Woods's presentation at a Compass Bible Conference September 2014. He discusses the past, present, and future of Government from a Biblical point of view.

Lord Mockton: 1 year from now, freedom dies worldwide
The reason? Big government actions due to fake global warming stories.

Sen. Coburn's farewell warning: America is a republic in danger
Alluding to President Barack Obama's persistent trend of avoiding the system of checks and balances via executive orders and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) fairly recent act of "tyranny" by deciding other senators' rights, Coburn alerted dozens of his colleagues in the Senate that America's failure to stick to the Constitution and the founding father's intent will only result in the U.S. repeating history by becoming just another failed republic.

Former terrorists now translating Bible
Bible translation is underway in areas hostile to Christianity and Westerners, but the real story may be the people doing the translation work...

Rise of Nationalism in Germany Sets off Alarms
Its members have been dubbed the "pinstriped Nazis" and they refer to their demonstrations as "evening strolls" through German cities. But on Monday night, an estimated 15,000 people joined Pegida, or Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West, in a march through Dresden carrying banners bearing slogans such as "Zero tolerance towards criminal asylum seekers", "Protect our homeland" and "Stop the Islamisation".

Taliban Gunmen Kill 126 in Pakistani School - Mostly Children
The "Religion of Pieces" shows its true colors once again.

Olympics Ban Countries Restricting Homosexuality From Hosting
LifeSiteNews reports that the International Olympics Committee (IOC) unanimously agreed to add "sexual orientation" to its anti-discrimination Principle 6 clause in application of their Olympic Agenda for 2020.

Liberal N.Y. governor: Insurance companies must cover sex reassignment surgery
The governor of New York penned a letter this week mandating that insurance companies can no longer deny sex reassignment surgery to patients.

Monday 15, December 2014

Netanyahu: Palestinian State will Lead Islamists to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Sydney Siege: Gunman Forces Hostages To Display Islamic Message
The Religion of Pieces strikes again.

Iran hackers may target U.S. energy, defence firms, FBI warns
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned U.S. businesses to be on the alert for a sophisticated Iranian hacking operation whose targets include defence contractors, energy firms and educational institutions, according to a confidential agency document.

Hundreds of Chinese said fighting alongside Islamic State in Middle East
About 300 Chinese people are fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Monday, a rare tally that is likely to fuel worry in China that militants pose a threat to security.

Mayor Walks Out on Invocation Prayer to Satan, Zeus, Allah

Armored vehicles needed for 'Constitutionalists' with guns
AWLITLD.COM: ISN'T THIS EXACTLY WHAT THE BRITISH SAID IN 1776? THAT THE BRITISH MONARCHY NEEDED TO RISE UP AGAINST THOSE PESKY COLONISTS WHO WANTED FREEDOM FROM AN OVERBEARING GOVERNMENT? A video posted to YouTube Saturday shows what appears to be a Washington state deputy sheriff explaining that armored vehicles are needed by police departments to confront "Constitutionalists" with firearms.

What role does DNA play in the FBI's biometrics database?

Convicted Terrorist Ayers Appears on Iranian Media to Give a Rebuke of the United States

Europe Moving Toward Legalization of Euthanasia
"French legislation introduced Friday to ease restrictions on doctor-assisted death risks further diversifying the range of clashing national laws on euthanasia across Europe," Agence France-Presse reported.

Push On in Texas to Allow Open Carry of Handguns
Texas lawmakers could soon change its 140-year ban on carrying a handgun openly as the GOP-dominated legislature and the new Republican governor are expected to push for expanded gun rights.

Magnitude-3.6 quake shakes area around San Joaquin

Saturday 13, December 2014

Bill Salus: The LORD is LIVID with IRAN!
About 2600 years ago the LORD informed Jeremiah the prophet that HE was livid with Iran. Jeremiah 49:37 informs of this fierce anger. This verse also announces that Iran's western border, by the Persian Gulf, will be the location of an epic biblical disaster. This impending catastrophe comes as a result of a severe judgment from the LORD!

Video Update: Current Events in Bible Prophecy
Several powerful events that are presently taking place in Israel, China, America, Russia, Iran, at the Vatican and elsewhere are converging toward the fulfillment of end time's Bible prophecies. In the November 24, 2014 video interview below, Pastor Tom Hughes of Calvary Chapel 412 Church in San Jacinto and Bill Salus explore the potential prophetic connections of some of today's major current events.

Thursday 11, December 2014

Jordanian King Warns Of Impending World War III

200 State Lawmakers Launch Gun Control Alliance
The Police State comes...

Congress Passes Bill Which Grants "Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American"
According to Congressman Justin Amash, Congress just passed a bill which grants the government and law enforcement "unlimited access to the communications of every American".

College President Forced To Apologize For Saying 'All Lives Matter'
Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College in Massachusetts, faced backlash from students when she sent out an email titled "All Lives Matter" as a show of solidarity with students as they protested the decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. Her show of good faith backfired as students quickly reminded her of the actual phrase, "Black Lives Matter."

Wednesday 10, December 2014

Shocking 2015 Mideast Scenario!
Are the apocalyptic Bible prophecies of Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Jeremiah 49 (Elam) about to find fulfillment? If so, which one comes first, and how does it trigger the other prophecies? Watch this timely video to see Gary Stearman and Bill Salus explore a Shocking 2015 Mideast scenario that is not too far-fetched.

Iran Launches 'We Love Fighting Israel' Campaign
The Iranian regime has launched a nationwide social media campaign called, "We Love Fighting Israel," which encourages Iranian children, teens, and Internet users to photograph themselves alongside messages of hate for the Jewish state.

Israel indicts American over plot to bomb Muslims
An American Christian who passed himself off as an ex-U.S. Navy SEAL faces charges in Israel of trying to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, Israeli authorities said Tuesday.

NATO Intercepts Russian Bombers Over Baltic Sea
NATO warplanes intercepted a "significant" force of six Russian nuclear-capable bombers over the Baltic Sea, the alliance said in the latest such encounter amid tensions with Moscow over Ukraine.

Pssst.... You Know the Obamacare Bill all of the Republicans Hated?

How Financial Warfare Could Bring America to Its Knees
Financial warfare is coming to the fore. It's something that's been talked about for some years, but now it's actually being played out and practiced. Since 2012 the United States has been in a financial war with Iran. It's not a shooting war, we're not invading Iran, but because of their nuclear ambitions, the U.S. has tried to isolate Iran.

Hallmark Pulls Holiday Wrapping Paper With Swastika-Like Image

China: Turning away from the dollar

65 Percent of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs

Statues of Mary, Joseph vandalized at church in Chicago suburb

Liberals vs. Liberals: Berkeley Protests Stop Amtrak Train
For the third straight evening, demonstrators took to the streets of Berkeley, California to protest the shooting by police of unarmed black suspects Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY.

Parents Angry After School Tells 13-Year-Olds They Can Have Sex, Choose Gender

WATCH: Professor: 'Tea Party are Like the Nazis'
An anonymous college student uploaded a video to YouTube of his professor comparing the Tea Party to the Nazis. The student writes in the video's description: "I began recording after he called Senator Ted Cruz a bastard for using the last name 'Cruz' to win the election."

To The Left, Lying About Rape Is Just Dandy
This is the culture we are in now... End-Time Culture.

Law School Students Too Busy Protesting Garner, Brown Cases to Take Exams
Seriously bad times, people.

Monday 08, December 2014

Risks of nuclear war rising because of global tensions and insecure stockpiles, warn experts
Urgent action is needed to minimise the risk of a nuclear war, more than 120 senior military, political and diplomatic figures from across the world have warned.

Mid-East sources: Israel's air strikes hit Russian top-line air defense missiles sent to Syria & Hizballah
Israel's air strikes near Damascus international air port and the Syrian-Lebanese border Sunday, Dec. 7, are depicted by Middle East military and intelligence sources as Israel's first overt military clash with Russia in the course of the more than three-year Syrian war.

Suspected Israeli war jets strike near Damascus airport
Suspected Israeli aircraft bombed a military complex on the outskirts of Damascus' international airport Sunday in what Syrian state television said was an attack on warehouses housing an advance Russian-made anti-aircraft system.

Egypt's Largest Military Maneuver 'Meant for Israel'

Jordan king says war against Islamic State is WWIII
Jordan's King Abdullah II described the fight against Islamic State as akin to a third world war last week. "We have to stand up and say, 'This is the line that is drawn in the sand,'" the king said in an interview that was broadcast on CBS's This Morning on Friday.

Europe is Becoming an Israel-free Zone, Again

Does Pope Francis Believe Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
At the famous Blue Mosque during a papal visit to Istanbul, Pope Francis stood beside the grand mufti of Istanbul and prayed for two minutes, bowing his head, closing his eyes. At the end of his prayer, the grand mufti whispered aloud: "May God accept it."

Obama DOJ forces city to pay Muslims $7.75 million
A proposed mega-mosque in the pretty little town of Bridgewater, New Jersey, was rejected by the town council last year, "citing an ordinance that limited houses of worship to major roads." Reasonable enough. Municipal officials argued that the purpose of the ordinance was to "preserve the residential character of its various neighborhoods."

Most Americans See Race Relations Worsening Since Obama's Election
No words or deeds that Obama has said or done has, by any stretch of the imagination, tried to make race relations better in the United States. His radical agenda in fact works better if race relations are bad.

Obama: 'All Lives Must Be Valued' ... NOT A Pro-Life Endorsement
When President Obama said "All lives must be valued," he was talking about two black men who were killed by police, not unborn babies. But imagine if the president of the United States, with these words from his speech, had been making the case for the more one million lives ended by abortion every year in America...

Morale Crisis in Military - Burned Out and without Sense of Mission

Big Government: Watch Out for That Puddle, Soon It Could Be Federally Regulated
Earlier this year the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers proposed a rule redefining the "waters of the United States" that are subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act. The two agencies recently finished collecting public comments on their draft rule and are deciding on how to proceed.

Police Chief: Report 'Gun Enthusiasts That Are Angry'
Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke to the media in response to government buildings being the target of a shooting in his city last Friday and used the opportunity to encourage citizens to report anyone who owns guns and expresses "hatred towards any particular group."

Merry Christmas: Florida Capitol Will Display Satanic Diorama
The Satanic Temple is set to celebrate with decorations at Florida's Capitol this year. According to CBSMiami, among the nativity scenes and other presentations in the first floor rotunda will be a cotton and cardboard diorama of an angel falling into hell.

Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world's 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days

Friday 05, December 2014

Reports: Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel
The Obama administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem.

Masked Protestors Storm Pro-Israel Event
Anti-Israel protestors stormed an event at the University of Pittsburgh on November 24th requiring police intervention and leaving event organizers shaken.

Putin: 'No One Will Succeed In Defeating Russia Militarily'
In an annual speech ranging from economy to school tests, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday evoked religious imagery and defended the Kremlin's aggressive foreign policy as necessary for his country's sheer survival.

China Conducts Third Flight Test of Hypersonic Strike Vehicle
China conducted the third flight test of a new hypersonic missile this week as part of its strategic nuclear program and efforts to develop delivery vehicles capable of defeating U.S. countermeasures, defense officials said.

U.N. Chief Urges 'Greater Accountability' in U.S. Following Garner Non-Indictment
Dear U.N., we the people of the United States of America receptively ask you to stay out of our business. Thank you.

Social Media Erupts Because Black Singer Sings 'White Christmas'
The problem was not that Darius Rucker bungled the lyrics or gave a lackluster performance. It was that he was a black man singing about a "White" Christmas.

Head fake? Obama never signed amnesty order
It's common knowledge President Obama signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to forgive millions of illegal aliens for their past violations of immigration law, right? Wrong!

Satanic Temple display approved for Florida Capitol
Unlike last year, a Satanic Temple display will be officially welcome inside Florida's Capitol during the holiday season. And Festivus, a non-commercial festival "for the rest of us," will be back as a 6-foot stack of empty beer cans. Also expected are a pair of nativity scenes.

Nebraska school district scans student fingerprints for lunch program
The school district has moved to a biometric identification program, saying students will no longer have to use an ID card to buy lunch.

Typhoon Hagupit: 150 MPH Winds Close in on Philippines
A very dangerous situation is evolving for the Philippines as Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as Ruby, will bear down on the nation this weekend. More than 30 million people will be impacted by this cyclone.

Thursday 04, December 2014

Obabanomics: China is new #1 economy and America is now #2
There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it: We're no longer No. 1. Today, we're No. 2. Yes, it's official. The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world. For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was president, America is not the leading economic power on the planet.

Dr. David Jeremiah: I'm no prophet, but the End Times are here
According to Bible scholar Dr. David Jeremiah, Christians should be prepared for the next stages of the End Times, which he argues were ushered in by Israel fulfilling Bible prophesy by reestablishing itself as a nation back in 1948, after having no homeland for two millennia.

Rev. Franklin Graham: 'The War on Christmas' in America is 'A War on Christ'
Rev. Franklin Graham, son of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham, said the last few decades in America have witnessed an increased hostility towards "the sacred nature of Christmas," a stripping away of religious references in the public square that is "at its root and core" a "war on Christ and His Followers."

Report: US to Impose Sanctions Against Israel over Construction
The United States is considering taking "harsher action" against Israeli construction efforts in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria, reports Thursday said.

Jewish-Arab school attack scars Jerusalem's troubled co-existence

Iran 'Carried Out Airstrikes in Iraq' Against ISIS
Is this part of the reason the West won't come against Iran when they and Russia attack Israel during the War of Gog and Magog?

Russia, China plan for 2nd naval exercise in Mediterranean

Ukrainian PM reports accident at nuclear power plant

Before Being Killed, Children Told ISIS: 'No, We Love Jesus'

Google wants to replace passwords with fingerprints and eyeballs
Google Glass is due to receive an update in 2015, and if a Google patent submitted last month is any indication, it could include a new feature to let wearers use their fingerprints, or scans of their eyes, instead of passwords on websites. AND IF GOOGLE KNOWS, SO WILL THE NSA. ARE WE OKAY WITH THAT?

CNN 'Loses' Video Feed After NFL Star Mentions Jesus

Big Brother: CPS Removes Newborn Twins From Mother After Home Birth
Washington State Child Protective Services took newborn twins away from their mother days after she delivered them inside her home. The couple's attorney is calling the seizure "unlawful, unconscionable, and inexcusable."

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind
Prof. Stephen Hawking, one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. He told the BBC:"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race."

Texas leads coalition of states in lawsuit against Obama immigration actions
Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that Texas is leading a 17-state coalition suing the Obama administration over the president's executive actions on immigration.

"Transparency": Feds balk at releasing docs showing IRS sharing tax returns with White House
Less than a week after 'fessing up that it found some 2,500 documents potentially showing that the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, the Obama administration has reversed course and won't release the trove to a group suing for access.

Ferguson Activist On MSNBC: Garner Decision Means It's Legal To 'Hang And Lynch' People Of Color
AWLITLD.COM: Never let facts of a case and a legally seated Grad Jury get in the way of some lies and overreaction.