Friday 29, April 2016

Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization...
The left hates standards... moral standards, artistic standards, cultural standards. The West is built on all three, and it has excelled in all three. Why does the left hate standards? It hates standards because when there are standards, there is judgment. And leftists don't want to be judged.

UN Security Council rejects Netanyahu Golan declaration
The UN Security Council on Tuesday issued a rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's assertion that the Golan Heights would remain part of Israel "forever," but did not go as far in denying Israeli claims as Arab states had demanded.

Report: Israel hunting chemical-armed ISIS terrorists in Golan
Israeli intelligence officials are concerned that an ISIS terrorist cell operating in the southern Golan Heights, along the border with Israel, has obtained chemical weapons.

Sweden faces a massive ISIS terror attack
Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have infiltrated Sweden and are planning an imminent attack on the capital city of Stockholm, according to intelligence received by the Scandinavian nation.

Obama Admin Working to Expand Syrian Refugees in U.S. from 10,000 to 200,000
The Obama administration is in talks with the United Nations to expand the original Syrian "refugee" resettlement estimates of 10,000 entering the U.S. to an astonishing 200,000, according to the Washington Examiner. The meetings in Geneva have centered on finding "alternate safe pathways" for the migrants to enter America and Europe and one such way is by asking colleges to offer tuition. Another is asking citizens to house those who have already arrived.

Facebook Told Me Anti-Semitism Does Not Violate its 'Community Standards'

A million and counting... is Target paying attention?
Last week the American Family Association announced its boycott of Target in the wake of the company's reiteration of a controversial bathroom policy. "We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity," Target announced. "... Everyone deserves to feel like they belong." EXCEPT FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK MEN SHOULD VISIT MEN'S ROOMS ONLY AND WOMEN SHOULD VISIT WOMEN'S ROOMS ONLY.

LAPD Investigate Belief in Two Genders as a Hate Crime at Catholic College
Police along with the university's "Bias Incident Response Team" are investigating a "hate crime" at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The hate crime? Believing there are only two genders. Both the police and the university's Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

Curt Schilling: ESPN biased against political conservatives
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling hurled some high, hard ones at his former employer and some of his colleagues Wednesday in an appearance at "Breitbart News Patriot Forum" on Sirius XM (SoundCloud below)...

Satanists are furious that Boehner compared Ted Cruz to the Dark Lord

Thursday 28, April 2016

Poll: Majority of Palestinian Youths Support Knife Attacks on Israelis
The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center poll, carried out across the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in April, indicated that 58 percent of Palestinians between the ages of 15 and 29 supported stabbings to one degree or another, but Gazans backed it significantly more than did their West Bank counterparts.

Report: Muslim terrorists sneak into U.S. with help of drug cartels
Drug cartels are helping Muslim terrorists, including at least one ISIS militant, sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border to scope out the targets for terror attacks, according to a Tuesday report from Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Report: Child-Rape on the Rise Among Muslim Syrian Migrants in Greece, Europe
Syrian migrants have been wreaking havoc in migrant camps and their surrounding neighborhoods all across the Eurozone. Reports of riots, looting, burning, assault and battery, molestation and worst of all child-rape, abound. In fact, the latter scourge is reportedly on the rise in Greek migrant camps, according to Breitbart.

Forget Yellowstone... Snake River Plain's volcano is a MUCH BIGGER threat to America

Wanna talk about Jesus? You'll need a permit for that
A permit is required before students can talk about Jesus at North Carolina State University, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court.

Citing safety, CWA says 'no' to Target
American Family Association has picked up an ally in its boycott of Target stores. Concerned Women for America announced this week that it's joining AFA in its national boycott, says Penny Nance, president of CWA. CWA announced its participation in North Carolina, on the steps of the state capitol in Raleigh.

Lutheran Leader Claims Jesus Was A Hermaphrodite
Schnekloth, who's also a well-known author and speaker in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, is well-respected by other church leaders and thus wields a great deal of power: he controls two of the largest ELCA Facebook pages and writes content for worship resources. So his "intersex" statement reflects not just the opinion of one church pastor but rather how major churches in general are turning into powerful vehicles to promote a social justice warrior agenda.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds 'Genderqueer,' 'Cisgender' and 'Gender Neutral' Title 'Mx.'
Merriam-Webster, the leading publisher of dictionaries in the United States, added over 2,000 new words and phrases to their unabridged dictionary last week, including the terms "cisgender," "genderqueer," and the gender neutral title "Mx."

20,000 illegals with criminal convictions released into U.S. communities in 2015
Between them the aliens notched a total of 64,000 crimes, including 12,307 drunken driving convictions, 1,728 cases of assault, 216 kidnappings and more than 200 homicide or manslaughter convictions, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ahead of a hearing Thursday.

Wednesday 27, April 2016

The God Effect? Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg
Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing 'fireworks' on film.

British MP called to ethnically cleanse Israeli Jews
UK Labour Party MP Naz Shah has declared that all Israeli Jews should be "relocated" to the United States. She even suggested that the British government could pay for the "transportation costs" of removing Jews from the Middle East.

EU draws up plans for United States of Europe behind Britain's back
In a direct challenge to David Cameron's claims of British sovereignty, Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg signed a document last September in Rome calling for the creation of a "general union of states", which has only now come to light.

Rutgers Removes Jesus on a Dart Board 'Art'
The piece, which shows a figure of a crucified Jesus stabbed with four darts, was part of an exhibit in the Art Library on Voorhees Mall in the heart of the New Brunswick campus.

Colorado court rules that baker cannot cite religion in refusal to make same-sex cake
The Colorado Supreme Court refused Monday to take up the case of a suburban Denver baker who would not make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, letting stand a lower court's ruling that the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner cannot cite his Christian beliefs in refusing service.

University denies student degree over same-sex stance
Missouri State University (MSU) is being sued for dismissing a student from its graduate degree program because he expressed reservations about counseling same-sex couples and therefore compromising his religious convictions.

#BoycottTarget growing: 750,000 sign the pledge
More than 750,000 people have signed a pledge to boycott Target until it stops allowing men to use the women's restrooms and dressing rooms in Target stores. See current number of signatures and sign petition here.

Tuesday 26, April 2016

Bill Salus: The Ezekiel 38 Connections to Psalm 83 and America
Southwest Prophecy Ministries interviewed Bill Salus about his NOW Prophecies book and DVD in a two part radio show. PART ONE discusses the following topics...

Bill Salus: Prophecy in the NOW'S; Televising the ones for YOU!
Is the time for mere table talk about Bible prophecies over? Are several prophecies about ready to happen NOW, at the present time? Prophecy in the News TV interviews Bill Salus in three TV shows about his new bestselling book entitled, The NOW Prophecies. Watch all three programs HERE.

GCC leaders reject Obama's Middle East policy
debkafile's intelligence sources and its sources in the Gulf report exclusively that US President Barack Obama failed to convince the leaders of the six Gulf Cooperation Council member states, during their April 22 summit in Riyadh, to support his Middle East policy and cooperate with Washington.

Senate demands aid to Israel be increased
By a huge four-fifths majority, the US Senate signed on to a joint letter pressing US President Barack Obama to hurry and settle a new defense aid package to Israel, encouraging him to raise it from $3 billion a year.

Activists Expose Illegal 'Sharia Law' Court
A shocking video shows activists exposing a Sharia Law court operating inside London, and outside British law. The court, publicly known as the "Islamic Sharia Council," is one of an estimated 100 Sharia law courts carrying out legal matters in the UK in accordance to Islamic law.

Report: Pope Ditched Two Refugees Once He Found Out They Were Christians
One of the most appalling aspects of the current refugee crisis is that persecuted Christian across the Middle East are being completely ignored in favor of Muslim migrants. And when even the world's most prominent Christian figurehead does nothing to help, but instead worships at the altar of multiculturalism and its "new world order," what hope is there for Middle East Christians fleeing genocide?

North Korea Not Slowing Down in Missile Tests
North Korea appears to be preparing a test-launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said on Tuesday, after what the United States described as the "fiery, catastrophic" failure of the first attempt.

9/11 Guard Tells Kids Not To Sing National Anthem

Battle over N.C. transgender law intensifies as lawmakers reconvene
Thousands of people flocked to North Carolina's capital on Monday to show both support and disdain for a law that has thrust the state into the international spotlight over its restrictions on transgender bathroom access and gay rights.

Obama Boasts In Britain: I Saved The World Economy As President
Does a lying narcissist know he/she is a lying narcissist?

Monday 25, April 2016

Russian forces in Syria fired on Israeli aircraft: Israeli newspaper
Russian forces in Syria have fired at least twice on Israeli military aircraft, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek improved operational coordination with Moscow, Israel's top-selling newspaper said on Friday.

Islamic nations call emergency meeting on Golan Heights 'escalation'
The world's largest body of Islamic nations has called for an emergency meeting over statements made last week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel would never relinquish control over the Golan Heights.

Two North Korean Satellites Now Orbit Over U.S.
North Korea now has two satellites orbiting over the United States capable of performing a surprise electromagnetic pulse attack at an altitude and trajectory that evade U.S. National Missile Defenses, a national security expert warned in an interview with Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Peace Loving Muslim Migrants in Germany Chant "Adolf Hitler" and Allahu Akbar"

Arab League calls for special court to try Israel
Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi calls Thursday, April 21, 2016 for a special criminal court to be set up for Israel, at a meeting to condemn an announcement that Israel will never return the Golan.

White House to release earth-shattering 9/11 report
The White House is anticipated to soon release a 28-page secret section of the congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks which allegedly shows the Saudi government was involved, according to reports Sunday.

The Obama Effect: Children of refugees get more federal benefits than poor U.S. kids
Among recipients of food stamps, welfare cash and Social Security payments, refugee children receive more in taxpayer-funded aid than children of citizens, according to a new report on federal spending from the pro-immigration Migration Policy Institute.

Democratic Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights for 206K ex-felons
The move, coming in a presidential election year, outraged Republicans who accused McAuliffe of abusing his power to help longtime ally Hillary Clinton win a battleground state by putting more likely Democratic voters on the books.

Obama Administration Awards $270K to Terror-Linked Islamic Charity
The organization's relief efforts in the USA and throughout the world have been linked to terrorism finance which has led some government to outlaw its activities.

Michelle Obama Criticizes Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Bill in Commencement Speech
First lady Michelle Obama told graduates of a historically black university in Mississippi on Saturday that "the power of voting is real and lasting" and they need to cast ballots to protect civil rights advances made by previous generations.

Is Rock Icon Prince in Heaven?
If Prince Rogers Nelson trusted in the saving death and resurrection of the real Jesus, his sins are forgiven him. Would that other musicians do likewise.

Saturday 23, April 2016

REVIEW: Bill Salus' The Now Prophecies
I have just finished reading Bill Salus' newest book, The Now Prophecies. In this concise, easy to read book, Bill gives the reader a clear understanding of Old and New Testament Biblical prophecies that are very near to coming to fruition; hence the title, 'The Now Prophecies'. Whether you're a prophecy expert or have just begun researching what God's Word says about events related to "end-time" prophecy, you will get an immense amount of information from 'The Now Prophecies'. Please get this book, read it and then pass along to your friends.

Friday 22, April 2016

China test fires missile capable of hitting U.S.
Kanwa Asian Defense reported recently the new ICBM can be deployed near Xinyang in Henan province and could strike the U.S. in about 30 minutes traveling over the Pacific or by a polar trajectory. The missile is larger than other road-mobile units and the new submarine-launched ballistic missile. The build-up is part of the continued posturing between China and the U.S. over the artificial islands in the South China Sea. Missile 'terrifyingly powerful'...

NATO warns of nuclear, radiological or biological attack by ISIS
Islamic State terrorists are plotting to carry out biological and nuclear attack on Europe warned NATO security experts on Wednesday according to reports by the Telegraph. NATO security chiefs told participants of the Security and Counter Terror Conference in London that there is a 'justified concern' that Islamic State militants are actively working to obtain nuclear, radiological and biological materials.

New report: ISIS recruits most from Saudi Arabia
s President Obama visits Saudi Arabia, a new report shows the country tops the list of foreign ISIS recruits. The Combating Terrorism Center in Washington, D.C. is analyzing documents leaked by a deserter that show 579 Saudi citizens joined the group in 2013 and 2014, and is the highest number among the 70 nations represented, according to The Times.

Satanic 'Black Mass' in Oklahoma opposed by 100,000
Conservative Roman Catholic organization Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has forwarded the said petition in the hopes that the Satanic "black mass" could be stopped, just as Catholic protests have prevented a similar ritual from being carried out at Harvard before. The petition calls for the cancellation of the Aug. 15 event, which is deemed as offensive to Catholics all over the world.

Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property'
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken control of six churches in the war-torn southeastern city of Diyarbakir in his latest move to squash freedom of speech and religious movement. The state-sanctioned seizure is just the latest in a number of worrying developments to come out of increasingly hardline Turkey, which is in advanced talks with the EU over visa-free travel for its 80 million citizens. Included in the seizures are Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, one of which is over 1,700 years old.

PA Seeks Nobel Peace Prize for Convicted Murderer of Israeli Jews
The Palestinian Authority has long presented the Palestinian murderers of Israeli civilians as heroes and role models, but now Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports that the PA is taking it up a notch: promoting one of their convicted terrorists as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fired for preaching: Georgia dumps doctor over church sermons
Dr. Eric Walsh, a renowned public health expert who also serves as a lay minister, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Public Health alleging he was terminated for delivering sermons on issues ranging from homosexuality to evolution. "No one in this country should be fired from their job for something that was said in a church or from a pulpit during a sermon," said First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys.

Video: Americans Sign Petition to Ban Cash
Clueless Americans signed a fake petition calling for a ban on physical cash in favor of digital currency, in a recent video from social commentator Mark Dice. THE MARK OF THE BEAST COMES.

Geologist predicts massive U.S. earthquake during full moon
This is a very interesting interview with Jim Berkland who is an accredited geologist that worked with the U.S. Geological Survey and predicted the 1989 world series earthquake in San Francisco 4 days before its occurrence. Mr. Berkland explains the correlation regarding the super moon, equinoctial tide, strange animal deaths, and the current seismic window causing the earthquake catastrophes that we have witnessed in Chile, Sumatra, New Zealand, and currently Japan.

Pro-Abort Students Bake Baby Cookies, Then Bite Heads Off
At a pro-abortion rally held by UNG's "Skeptics Society," students promoted abortion by baking cookies in the shape of babies and sperm, then proceeding to bite the heads off and cruelly give them to nearby protesters.

Thursday 21, April 2016

Russia warns U.S. over naval incident as NATO tensions laid bare
Russia accused the United States on Wednesday of intimidation by sailing a U.S. naval destroyer close to Russia's border in the Baltics and warned that the Russian military would respond with "all necessary measures" to any future incidents.

Former Bernie Sanders adviser: 'Israel will be eliminated'

Document 17: The smoking gun which links Saudi Arabia to 9/11
While reviewing 9/11 documents previously declassified in July 2015, blogger Brian P. McGlinchey discovered a new link between Saudi Arabia and the 2001 terror attacks.

Zika threatens TWO BILLION people across the world
The southeastern US, including much of Texas to Florida, have ideal conditions for the virus to spread. Meanwhile, a large portion of tropical and subtropical regions also have highly suitable environmental conditions, and are on the at-risk list. In total, these areas are inhabited by more than 2.17 billion people, scientists at the University of Oxford and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, estimate. Researchers produced a fine-scale global map of Zika virus transmission, as part of their study...

Trey Gowdy: There Are More Illegal Immigrant Criminals in U.S. Than Population of Pittsburgh
Expressing frustration that the Obama administration cares more about the families of illegal immigrant criminals being torn apart by deportation than it does about the American families of victims torn apart by their crimes, Rep. Trey Gowdy noted yesterday that the number of illegal immigrant criminals currently in the United States exceeds the populations of some major U.S. cities, according to Breitbart.

Target stores opens bathrooms, dressing rooms to transgenders
"We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity," the retailer said. "Everyone deserves to feel like they belong." EXCEPT CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE GODLY, BIBLICAL, TRADITIONAL VALUES.

School Asks 4-Year-Olds to Pick their Gender
A city council in England sent out a letter to parents asking them to support their child's choice of "gender identity" before starting school. Some of the children who will be choosing their gender identity are as young as 4 years old...

Senate Panel Votes to Remove 'Diversity Funding' from U of Tenn.
TN Republican lawmakers have threatened to defund the diversity office for months after two controversial posts on the office website that promoted the use of gender-neutral pronouns and "inclusive holiday celebrations." University officials eventually removed both posts, but lawmakers have continued to question UT's diversity funding throughout the legislative session.

Wednesday 20, April 2016

Iran demands new bribes... and Obama rushes to deliver
Just how far will President Obama go to protect the nuclear deal with Iran, which he sees as central to his legacy? We'll be finding out soon. Tehran is loudly threatening to pull out of the accord unless it gets access to the US financial system. It would have to settle for the measly $150 billion in cash it's already pocketed, plus the end of global sanctions.

Biden slams Netanyahu at Soros-funded J Street event
Vice President Joe Biden slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently at a gala event. He blamed Netanyahu for taking Israel in "the wrong direction", according to AP. The speech was given just hours after a terrorist bus bombing in Jerusalem where 21 people were wounded.

Steve Quayle and Tom Horn: Giants, demonic portals, and the return of the Nephilim
Authors Steve Quayle and Tom Horn say a race of giants exist, demonic portals are being opened around the world, and the vatican is complicit in heralding in the return of the Nephilim.

Federal Researchers Build Massive Online Database of Genomic Data
A new online portal would let scientists access vast amounts of genomic data from patients involved in heart, lung, blood and sleep research studies.

Court troubled by surveillance excesses at FBI, NSA
In a just-released court opinion, a federal court judge overseeing government surveillance programs said he was "extremely concerned" about a series of incidents in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency deviated from court-approved limits on their snooping activities.

Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?
In December 2015, The Satanic Temple and A24 studios began collaborating on a four-city tour called The Sabbat Cycle, which consisted of screenings of the film 'The Witch' followed by politically driven satanic rituals. The stated goal of The Sabbat Cycle was to inspire a "satanic revolution." TST believes that the separation of church and state is currently under attack by radical religious conservatives. They also believe there is a silent majority that opposes this agenda, but remains too apathetic to do anything about it.

Liberals Want Your Daughter to Pee Next to a Man, and You Will Be Compelled to Agree
The rules of bigotry according to the left represent a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of nonsense. This week, we learned that if you don't want your small daughter peeing next to a giant man who thinks he is a woman, you are a bigot; if you are a woman who is uncomfortable with a man who thinks he is a woman whipping out his male genitalia to urinate in front of you, you are a bigot; if you are a religious person who doesn't want to participate in an activity you consider sinful, you are a bigot.

Sheriff: Without Secure Border Every County Will Be 'A Border County'
In testimony before Congress Tuesday, a Maryland sheriff said amnesty for minors has led to increased gang crime and warned that without a secure border every county will be a "border county."

Obama scaring states into funding abortionist Planned Parenthood

Tennessee lawmakers move to regulate handling of aborted babies
Tennessee is on its way to becoming the next state to prohibit the sale of aborted babies' body parts. On Thursday, the state House overwhelmingly approved the ban in a 79-9 vote. Tennessee House Bill 2577 prohibits reimbursement for the transfer, preservation or other handling of fetal body parts following a surgical abortion. Violators could face felony charges, according to the Associated Press. The bill also strengthens reporting requirements to include documentation of the method for disposal of remains and authorization from a woman or girl considering an abortion about the method of disposal. GOD BLESS TENNESSEE!

Utah Gov. calls pornography a 'public health crisis'
Utah lawmakers took a bold step in the final minutes of the 2016 Legislative Session. Late Friday night, the Utah House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. The resolution is the first of its kind in the country. "Society must see this evil like the epidemic it is," said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, member of the LDS Church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. "This ought to be seen like a public health crisis, like a war, like an infectious fatal epidemic, like a moral plague on the body politic that is maiming the lives of our citizens."

Evangelist Warns: The 'Future of America Hangs on the Answer to [This] Question'
Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham, is warning that America "is a mess" and that judgment could be coming, saying that the country's future hangs on the answer to the question of how serious each person has been about "seeking God."

Democratic Socialism is a Form of Dictatorship

Tuesday 19, April 2016

Has America reached a dangerous point where the Lord will no longer hear any intercessory prayers on its behalf? This happened to the Southern Kingdom of Judah and led to its destruction around 586 BC! The Lord told the prophet Jeremiah three times in Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14 and 14:11 to no longer pray for Judah and Jerusalem. It was too late! The Jews would not repent!

Prophecy in the News TV interviews Bill Salus about the current spiritual condition of the USA. This show will air internationally the week of April 18-24, 2016. Take a sneak preview now!

Palestinian suicide attack hits buses in Jerusalem
The explosion on Jerusalem bus No. 12 on Monday as it travelled on Hebron street around 6:00 p.m., which also ripped through a second bus and injured 20 people, including two seriously, will enter the annals of the current intifada as the crossing of two red lines: one by the Palestinians, and one by the person who ordered the Israel Police to try to hide the fact that an explosive device was placed on the bus.

Kerry: Iran Has Only Received $3 Billion, Not $100B, As a Result of Nuclear Deal

Obama's Security Advisor: 'Promoting Sustainable Development' Will Help 'Defeat ISIL's Ideology'

Top Insurer Warns Global Civil Unrest Could Go Viral
Lloyds commissioned leading global risk management consultancy the Risk Advisory Group to produce a report analyzing what factors could prompt the spread of civil unrest around the world. The report found that, "Instances of political violence contagion are becoming more frequent and the contagion effect ever more rapid and powerful," with head of exposure management and reinsurance, Trevor Maynard, warning that global outbreaks of violence are increasingly likely to develop into "pandemics" of civil unrest.

Could a super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park erupt soon ?
Underneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, there is a reservoir of magma that is more than twice the size that researchers previously thought. It's not getting bigger. It's just that new technology has made the ability to see it better. This will also have implications on the extent of the volcano's impact when it erupts. Researchers with the U.S.G.S. say that the last time the volcano erupted was some 640,000 years ago. They also say that this supervolcano has the potential to spew more than 240 cubic miles of magma across Montana, Idaho and Wyoming with global effects. Scientists do believe that it will erupt again one day, but do not know when.

Mosquitoes taking priority over the unborn
The CDC has announced that the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease, causes microcephaly and other birth defects, although America's health protection agency says much more research must be done just to be sure. In the meantime, says Judie Brown, founder of American Life League, the stance taken by prominent health organizations is decidedly anti-life.

Corporations choose LGBT rights over religious freedoms
Major corporations invested in Southern states have become some of the staunchest opponents of bills they consider discriminatory, facing off against Republican lawmakers eager to portray their states as the best home for global brands.

'The Bible Is History': Pastor Breaks Down Evidence That He Believes Proves Both Jesus and the Gospels
Pastor Rice Broocks of Bethel World Outreach Church in Nashville, Tennessee, is hoping that his new book, "Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History's Greatest Question," will inspire readers to "examine the evidence" and decide exactly what they believe about the historicity of Jesus. "I think the existence of Jesus is a historical bedrock," Broocks recently told The Church Boys podcast. "There are facts of history that even historians who are skeptics will acknowledge are true."

White Privilege Activist at White Privilege Conference: Everything Bad Comes from Christianity
Everything bad in the world comes from or is tied to Christianity, alleged one speaker at this weekend's White Privilege conference in Philadelphia, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. Activist and author Paul Kivel told the conference that everything from racism and sexism to weakening economies and global warming stem from the ideology of "Christian hegemony." Essentially, Kivel said all things that are bad in the world evolved from Christian ideals.

Monday 18, April 2016

Iran vows to defend Muslim nations against terrorism, Israel
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday vowed to defend Muslim countries against terrorism and Israel while insisting that its neighbors should not feel threatened.

Israel Will Never Give Golan Heights to Syria, Netanyahu Vows
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel led a cabinet meeting in the Israeli-controlled portion of the Golan Heights on Sunday, calling on the world to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the conquered territory and vowing that Israel would never give it back to Syria.

Syrian Minister Threatens 'Resistance' to Capture Golan Heights
Reacting to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's declaration on Sunday that Israel plans to retain the Golan Heights forever, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad has warned that Syria is prepared to use "all possible ways" to capture the Golan, including military means.

Iran aims to buy fighter jets, advanced tanks from Russia
Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan is planning to raise the purchase of warplanes and tanks during an upcoming meeting with his Russian counterpart in Moscow, Iran's semi-official news agency Fars reported Friday, citing Russian media.

Russian Jet Threatened U.S. Recon Aircraft (flew within 50 ft.)
Obama's response? Nothing.

'Muhammed appeared in a dream, inspired me to kill Jews'
When Shatila Abu Iyadh set out two weeks ago to murder Jews in Rosh Ha'ayin, she was acting on orders she had received, in a dream. Two weeks ago, Abu Iyadh left her home in Kfar Qassem, and made her way to the nearby Afek industrial park, in between Rosh Ha'ayin and Kfar Qassem. Armed with two knives, Abu Iyadh looked for potential targets as she walked down HaMelacha Street, eventually singling out 30-yearold Reut Weitzman, a mother of three from nearby Kfar Saba.

Saudi Arabia Issues Major Threat to US Over Law That Would Name Who's Behind 9/11 Attacks
The United States has had a working, though at times tense, relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the 1940s. However, that relationship could be heading for a falling out if Congress passes a bill that holds the Saudi government partially responsible for the September 11th attacks.

The Citadel considers exception to allow Muslim hijab
he Citadel, South Carolina's state military college in Charleston, is considering a request from a new student that the school's longstanding uniform requirements be tweaked to allow her to wear a traditional Muslim headscarf.

Mayim Bialik: Tough to be Shomer Shabbat in Hollywood
You may know her as Amy Fowler from The Big Bang Theory television, or as Blossom Russo, the titular character from the mid-90's sitcom Blossom. Mayim Bialik has played dozens of roles in television and film in a career that stretches back nearly 30 years. In that sense, Bialik is very much at home in Hollywood, having worked there since the age of 11. In some ways, however, life in the media capital of the world is difficult, especially since Bialik is a Shabbat-observant Orthodox Jew.

Friday 15, April 2016

PayPal, Apple, Coca-Cola Reject N.C. 'Bathroom' Law But Do Business Where Gay Sex and Cross-Dressing Are Illegal
Although many large businesses, including PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, have criticized North Carolina's new locker room and bathroom law as "discriminatory" to LGBT people, those same four corporations do business in Middle Eastern countries where homosexual conduct and cross-dressing are illegal.

Iran receives missile system from Russia

Sanders attacks Israel in presidential debate
Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Thursday night took aim at Israel once again in a CNN debate with Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn, ahead of the fateful New York primaries.

Tel Aviv, Palestine?
Israeli activist reveals a package sent by company in Germany to 'Tel Aviv, Palestinian Territory,' comments: 'Europe is on psychedelics.'

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?
"During his final year in the White House, US President Barack Obama is preparing a metaphorical roadside IED for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It cannot be that the tainted relations between the two leaders will not end with Obama exacting some sweet revenge." Variations of the above statement have been uttered for a while now by senior American and Israeli officials since Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress last year during his campaign against Obama and his nuclear agreement with Iran.

As Palestinians head back to the UN, cause for concern in Israel
Unlike last time Israel faced a hostile resolution at the United Nations Security Council, in December 2014, this time there is virtually no chance that it will fail to garner the required majority.

'Clear and present threat' of chemical attacks in Europe
Russia on Wednesday pushed for measures at the United Nations to monitor extremist groups fighting in Syria, warning of a "clear and present threat" that they could stage chemical attacks, possibly in Europe.

Gay rights movement 'emboldened' by marriage ruling targets religious liberty
If the debate over marriage looks like it's becoming more polarized, that's because it is. Professor John C. Eastman, founding director of the Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, said the Supreme Court opened a Pandora's box in June when it struck down all laws nationwide defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Science Gut Bill Nye: Let's Discuss Criminalizing 'Climate Deniers'
The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) posted a video to YouTube on Thursday featuring science popularizer Bill Nye "The Science Guy" suggesting that "climate deniers" and energy CEOs should be treated no differently from war criminals.

Tennessee Governor vetoes bill making Bible official book
Gov. Bill Haslam on Thursday vetoed the bill designating the Bible as the "official state book" of Tennessee, but the bill's legislative sponsors said they'll try to override the veto next week. It is only the fourth veto of Haslam's five years, three months in office. He cited both a state attorney general's legal opinion that the measure violates both the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions and his own personal belief that the bill "trivializes the Bible, which I believe is sacred text."

5 Major Earthquakes in 48 Hours as a Seismologist Warns 'Catastrophic Mega Quakes are Coming'
Over the past 48 hours, there have been five major earthquakes globally, and one prominent seismologist has declared that "catastrophic mega earthquakes" could be on the way. In fact, seismologist Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado has made headlines all over the world by warning that "current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude". If his projections are accurate, our planet could be on the precipice of a wave of natural disasters unlike anything that any of us have ever experienced before.

Thursday 14, April 2016

Bill Salus: Is the Decline of ISLAM a NOW Prophecy?
Acceleration TV host, LA Marzulli, interviews Bill Salus about the role of Islam in Bible Prophecy. This interview features Bill's latest book and DVD entitled, THE NOW PROPHECIES. Marzulli asks Bill to talk about the Mideast Shia Crescent, the coming Islamic Mahdi, the differences between Sunnis and Shiites and more.

'All those who love Jerusalem must do utmost to prevent religious war in holy city'

Russian warplanes flew 'simulated' attack near US destroyer
wo Russian warplanes flew simulated attack passes near a U.S. guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. military said, with one official describing them as one of the most aggressive interactions in recent memory.

Chinese militarizing another South China Sea island
China is building up its military on Scarborough Shoal, an island north of the contested Spratly chain in the South China Sea. U.S. intelligence sources uncovered the plan last month and it was confirmed on a website run by Chinese military enthusiasts, according to the Washington Free Beacon. There were details on the site which included plans for a runway, power system, housing and a port for warships.

ISIS Urges Supporters to Kill Muslim 'Infidels' in West, Including Congressman and Top Clinton Aide
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) is urging its followers to kill identified Muslim figures in the West, saying they are "obligatory" targets unless they "openly repent from kufr [disbelief] before they are apprehended."

Belgian Minister Compares Terrorists to Jews During Holocaust
When asked how it was possible that the terrorist network which was behind the attacks in Brussels, could hide for a long time in the heart of Brussels, Jambon replied: "Someone who is hiding and receiving support from the population, can remain hidden a long time."

Why are Bibles being removed from 'Missing Man' tributes?
It really takes a special kind of low-life to desecrate a military display honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action. Over the past several months the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has waged a campaign to have Bibles removed from "Missing Man" displays located on federal property. They claim the inclusion of the Bible is a violation of federal law.

Glenn Beck: 'We Are Worshiping' Demon-Gods Baal and Moloch 'Right Now'
In an interview with Christian evangelist Samuel Rodriguez, head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, author and conservative leader Glenn Beck said that people in America today are "worshiping" the demon-gods Baal and Moloch, "just in a different way" than in the past, a point that Rodriguez agreed with, saying, "We're there."

CDC says it's 'now clear' that Zika virus causes microcephaly
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday evening that new data suggests the mosquito-borne Zika virus is a cause of birth defects like microcephaly, a costly and life-threatening condition that is ravaging Brazil and has impacted nearly 5,000 children in the country.

The Re-Education Camps We Call Universities...

Wednesday 13, April 2016

Church of Norway Officially Embraces Gay Marriage: 'A Historic…Shift in the Church's Teaching on Marriage'
The Church of Norway voted at its annual conference on Monday to allow gay marriage, with the Christian body joining the French Protestant Church, the U.S. Episcopal and Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denominations, among others, in now supporting same-sex unions.

Your son living as 'girl' at school? Not your business!
Michigan is the latest state bracing for a debate over transgender accommodation in public schools, as a Republican lawmaker is confronting a sweeping State Board of Education policy about to take effect and crafting legislation designed to empower parents and protect the privacy of all students. In February, the Michigan State Board of Education quietly passed a new transgender policy for K-12 public schools.

Israel has hit 'dozens' of Hezbollah arms transfers, Netanyahu says
Israel has carried out dozens of strikes against Hezbollah to prevent the Lebanese group from obtaining advanced weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, a rare Israeli admission of involvement in a series of air attacks in Syria.

Syrian surge! 'Refugees' flood into U.S. at rate of 358 per week
A flood of Muslim refugees from Syria, an average of 358 per week to be exact, is expected to arrive in the United States between now and the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. The Obama administration has decided to implement a "surge" in Syrian refugees, fast-tracking the arrival of those fleeing civil war in that country to make good on its commitment of bringing 10,000 by the end of fiscal 2016. The "surge" is needed because the administration has delivered only 1,411 in the first six-and-a-half months of the year.

The Obama Effect: Government Collects Record-High Taxes in First Half of FY 2016

Big Companies Siding with Pro-LGBT Agenda and Against American Familes
Hundreds of businesses, including numerous nationally recognized pro-LGBT American corporations, are joining hands in their attack against pro-family bills protecting women, children and religious freedom in North Carolina and Georgia. At the helm of the concerted effort to push the homosexual agenda in the two states and challenge religious rights are two business alliances, Equality NC and Georgia Prospers.

Zika may be linked to brain diseases similar to multiple sclerosis

Tuesday 12, April 2016

Erdogan raises price tag for normal ties with Israel: Cairo amity first
Turkish president Tayyip Recep Erdogan has raised another large obstacle on the road to Turkish-Israeli reconciliation and normal ties. Saudi King Salman, who is visiting Cairo, confided to his host Egyptian president Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi that Erdogan had made it clear that he would not finally repair Ankara's ties with Israel until Sisi came forward to shake his hand, stopped being hostile and turned a new page in their relations.

Bill Salus: What NOW? The Hagmann Report Investigates the NOW Prophecies
Bill Salus has done many TV and radio shows since his NOW PROPHECIES book and DVD has been released. The April 7, 2016 Skype interview conducted by the HAGMANN AND HAGMANN REPORT enabled Bill to discuss many topics about the NOW PROPHECIES that were not addressed comprehensively on many of the other media interviews. Bill unpacks the importance of the rebirth of Israel and how that fulfilled a marquee prophecy. Now that Israel exists all of the end time's prophecies are poised to find fulfillment soon and sequentially. Joe Hagmann and Bill Salus lay out the timeline and sequence of some of these unfulfilled prophecies. Find out how all of this plays out on the prophetic timeline. THIS SHOW, WHICH CAN BE HEARD (WATCHED) BELOW, BEGINS AT THE 8:32 MINUTE MARK...

Michael E. Kraft: Climate-change deniers deserve punishment

Colorado GOP Leader to Disgruntled Trump Supporter: Go Ahead and Burn the Party Down

Humans 'to be cloned on black market'...
While it remains illegal in most countries, including the UK, scientists have reached a point where they are able to clone human embryos on a grand scale. However, it is legal for scientists to follow certain therapeutic cloning procedures, if the sole purpose of it is to study cells.

The Liberal Effect: U.S. Worries About Race Relations Reach a New High
More than a third (35%) of Americans now say they are worried "a great deal" about race relations in the U.S., which is higher than at any time since Gallup first asked the question in 2001. The percentage who are worried a great deal rose seven percentage points in the past year and has more than doubled in the past two years.

'Gun Owners Are Terrorists': Hillary Nods in Agreement
A video of a woman asserting that gun owners are terrorists during a round table meeting in New York yesterday shows Hillary Clinton nodding along in agreement...

Ruling: It's legal to bad-mouth dead-baby disposers
A campaign that publicizes a major disposal company's contract with Planned Parenthood to dispose of the bodies of unborn children will be allowed to continue, a judge decided Monday. Judge Margaret Marcoullier rejected a request from Stericycle that would impose speech restrictions on members of Created Equal, which runs a publicity campaign called #ProjectWeakLink.

Holy Bible on list of 'challenged' books at libraries...

Monday 11, April 2016

Treason': Mark Levin Slams Obama Admin for Conspiring with Iran
Is the Obama administration conspiring with Iran? After listening to the State Department's press briefing on Wednesday, when spokesman Marc Toner basically admitted as much, Mark Levin sure seems to think so.

US deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar to "fight" ISIS
The U.S. Air Force deployed B-52 bombers to Qatar on Saturday to join the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the first time they have been based in the Middle East since the end of the Gulf War in 1991.

FBI Warns of Cyber Threat to Electric Grid
Three months after a Department of Homeland Security intelligence report downplayed the threat of a cyber attack against the U.S. electrical grid, DHS and the FBI began a nationwide program warning of the dangers faced by U.S. utilities from damaging cyber attacks like the recent hacking against Ukraine's power grid.

Horror as China tears down THOUSANDS of crucifixes in crude bid to eradicate Christianity
More than two thousand crosses have now been forcefully removed from churches as part of a government campaign to regulate "excessive religious sites". The nation's leadership launched the crusade to eradicate Christianity in the coastal province of Zhejiang almost two years ago. Several members of the public have since been arrested for attempting to halt the government's crude attempt to suppress the Christian faith.

Vatican invites Bernie Sanders to speak on 'moral economy'
Bernie Sanders has been invited to discuss building a "moral economy" at the Vatican, the Democratic presidential candidate has announced. During his appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe Friday, Sanders confirmed the summons, saying he was "very moved by the invitation," despite differing views with Pope Francis.

Colorado Cancels Republican Primary, Awards Delegates to Cruz
No matter who you're for, this is NOT THE ACTIONS OF A REPUBLIC!

UNC president: Campuses must follow new transgender law
The 17 campuses in the University of North Carolina system will follow the state's new law about transgender people by requiring all bathrooms to be designated for use by people based on their biological sex, the system president wrote in a memo to chancellors.

RINO Graham says the U.S. should give Middle East millions to rebuild
Sen. Lindsay Graham is calling on Congress to provide millions of dollars to Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt to help with the fallout from the Syrian Civil War and the rise of ISIS. He claims those countries are on the brink of chaos if they don't get help. He also believes Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel need assistance, according to Military Times. Graham made the assessment after a recent visit to the Middle East.

No Gap Between Political Correctness and Insanity

Friday 08, April 2016

Report: US army building secret missile-proof base in Israel
Iran's recent ballistic missiles tests, which have led to concern and consternation in Israel, apparently have the United States military worried as well.

ISIS descends on Jordan's border, activates suicides. Jordanian command post in Daraa
ISIS forces in southern Syria overran several Jordanian border crossings south of the Yarmouk River on Tuesday, April 5. This disastrous turn of events is illustrated by an exclusive picture obtained by debkafile of an ISIS fighter unfurling the organization's flag at one of the crossings which sports a Jordanian flag.

Risk of Collapse at Jesus' Tomb Unites Rival Christians

Bernie Sanders Lies: Israel 'Indiscriminately' Killed 10,000 Palestinians
Anyone who believes that because Sen. Bernie Sanders is Jewish, he is a friend to Israel, is sorely mistaken. The Democrat Party primary candidate is more beholden to his far-left wing political ideology than he is to reason and logic, or even statistical truths.

Sesame Street Afghanistan Gets New Female Muslim Puppet: 'Asalaam Alaaikum'
Sesame Workshop has announced its latest addition to the character lineup for its co-production of children's program Baghch-e-SimSim (Sesame Garden) in Afghanistan with its first female Muslim puppet, Zari.

20,000 lesbians in the desert: welcome to the Dinah, a world without men
But is God welcomed?

Bill Unloads On Obama: 'World Coming Apart'
Former President Bill Clinton unloaded on the Obama administration and Black Lives Matter protesters during a campaign event Thursday for his wife in Pennsylvania.

Thursday 07, April 2016

Russia increases nuclear warheads while US scales back
A new report from the State Department shows Russia has beefed up its nuclear arsenal, despite the New Start treaty. The Russians have deployed 153 strategic nuclear warheads in the past year. The U.S. has reduced their program.

Rome Offers Jubilee-Year Course in Exorcism and Demonic Possession
The Catholic Church in Rome is offering a week-long course on casting out Satan, preparing priests and some lay people on the finer points of exorcism and demonic possession.

'Demonic' arches rising in New York and London on April 19: 'Welcome signs' for the Antichrist?
Christians should watch out for two events that would take place simultaneously on April 19 in New York City and London, Christian author Michael Synder says. On that day, reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going to be erected in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square. That would coincide with an occult festival related to the worship of a demon named Baal.

Germany: Police Raid Homes Of 'Anti-Refugee' Internet Posters
German thought police raided the homes of a host of Germans for allegedly posting "anti-migrant messages, anti-Semitic messages and songs with banned lyrics" on social media, the Associated Press reports. THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE.

Racist College Professor Calls For "Whiteness" to be "Abolished"
Portland Community College history professor James Harrison called for "whiteness" to be "abolished" during a talk he gave for the university's 'Whiteness History Month' program. During his presentation, entitled 'Imagine A World Without Whiteness', Harrison argued that a world without conflict could only be achieved by eliminating "whiteness" from the "power structure".

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny service based on religion
The Tennessee House passed a bill on Wednesday allowing mental health counselors to refuse service to patients on religious grounds, the latest in a list of U.S. state measures that gay rights activists have criticized as discriminating against the LGBT community.

Freemasonry: The cult preying on Christianity's ignorance

Is Mormonism a cult or a form of Christianity?
The question of whether Mormonism is a cult or a form of Christianity has been long debated. Experts Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson talk about Mormon beliefs on the April 6 edition of TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles. Both men are evangelists in the Salt Lake City area, where they have great insight into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While members of LDS seem like other Christians, the doctrine they follow is very different...

Survey shows U.S. Christians feel persecution is growing
Christians in the U.S. claim they are facing increased oppression. LifeWay Research has found, in a new survey reported by Newsmax, that 63 percent "strongly agree" they have faced an increase in persecution, an increase from 2013. Sixty percent of the survey respondents believe religious liberty is declining, which is up from three years ago.

PayPal Boycotts U.S. State Over Human Rights but is Happy to Expand to Cuba
As TruthRevolt reported on Tuesday, PayPal has decided that men's and women's restrooms are discriminatory to transgender individuals and therefore it won't expand business to the state of North Carolina because of the state law that prohibits people from using the bathroom of their opposite sex. However, last month the online payment company was more than pleased to announce an expansion to that bastion for human rights, Cuba.

Wednesday 06, April 2016

Financial blogger says emerging cashless society linked to Bible prophecy
Financial blogger David Haggith thinks the global central banks push toward a cashless society is linked to warnings in Bible prophecy against taking the Mark of the Beast in the end times. Haggith's statements were made during an interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Tuesday, when asked which direction he saw the global central banks, and emerging super powers, taking the world's economy in 2016 and 2017. Rick Wiles proposed during the interview that there are currently three avenues being laid forth by the elite...

Top Iranian general: Iran preparing for all-out war with the US
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has said Iran is preparing for all-out war with the US and its allies, and has vowed Iran will continue advancing and testing its ballistic missile program. Speaking at a gathering of senior IRGC commanders in Tehran Tuesday, Jafari declared that the US "would not be able to do a damned thing" in the face of Iranian advances, according to official Tasnim news agency.

Russia again said set to begin delivery of S-300 missile to Iran
Russia is to begin delivering the S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system to Iran in the coming days, a senior Russian diplomat was reported as saying Tuesday, the latest chapter in an on-again, off-again saga involving transfer of the advanced weapon.

Socialist Bernie Sanders claims Israel killed '10,000 innocents' in Gaza
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has accused Israel of killing over 10,000 innocent civilians during 2014's war with Gazan terrorists, in a gross inflation of the casualty statistics enough to make even Hamas's own propaganda chiefs blush.

Will A Gateway Be Opened When The Arch From The Temple Of Baal Is Reconstructed In Times Square?
In April, part of the Temple of Baal that stood in Palmyra, Syria will be reconstructed in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London. The specific portion that is being erected in both cases is the 48-foot-tall arch that stood at the entrance to the temple. The Institute of Digital Archaeology is the organization behind this effort, and the display of these two arches is intended to be the highlight of UNESCO's World Heritage Week late next month. After seeing my initial story, one of my readers observed that an arch is really just a gateway or a portal. In other words, it can serve as both an entrance and an exit. So could it be possible that we will be unknowingly setting up a gate or a portal of some sort in Times Square?

This unique chant brings Vietnamese Catholics deeper into Christ's Passionc
Fr. Duc told CNA that the intoned meditative chants, called "Ngam," describe the suffering of Jesus. Designed to help people enter more deeply into the experience and emotions lived out by Christ during his Passion, they have been adapted from folk traditions integrated with prayers prepared by missionaries who came to Vietnam in the early 16 -17th century.

Mexico: Evangelical Christian beaten and imprisioned after he refused to convert to Catholicism
Lauro Nunez, from Chachalacas in the Oaxaca region, was attacked by a mob on Easter Monday as he attempted to return to his village to visit his family. He had previously been expelled from his home for his evangelical Christian faith.

Belgium Proposes 'Death on Demand' Euthanasia Law
A law that would allow 'death on demand' is to be put before legislators in Belgium. Already the country with the world's most permissive euthanasia policy, it is now to consider the introduction of a law which would stop doctors from denying euthanasia requests from patients.

Brits More Likely to Believe in Ghosts Than in a Creator
British people are more likely to believe in ghosts then a creator, and self-identified Christians are more likely to believe in aliens than then devil, according to a new survey.

Extension approved for Israel's biometric database pilotc
A request by Israel's Interior Minister for a nine-month extension on the country's biometric database pilot was approved on Tuesday. According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, the initiative is seeing reduced support since a legal adviser to the Israeli Biometric Database Management Authority acknowledging that the potential for database breaches of the country's experimental biometric identity database couldn't be ruled out.

Tradition Bound: Pushing Back Against the LGBT Agenda
As the one-year anniversary approaches of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationally and promoting LGBT issues, Christians are grappling with the fallout of a culture increasingly opposed to upholding biblical standards on matrimony.

PayPal Cancels Business Expansion in NC Because Male/Female Restrooms are Discriminatory
PayPal has decided that North Carolina is wrong to restrict its citizens from using the bathroom of the opposite sex and has canceled its expansion plans to bring millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to the state. IDIOTS!

Tuesday 05, April 2016

Enemy No. 1: Satan worship returns worldwide
Even the secular press gives the devil his due, as reports of violence driven by occult beliefs are sweeping the global media. In Mexico, a restaurant worker was reportedly tortured to death as part of a Satanic ritual. Police in Long Island are investigating animal sacrifices which may be being done by a cult. Even an unsolved murder from 1984 has recently been linked to the notorious "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez, the Satanist serial killer who sometimes committed his murders in a ritualistic fashion.

Iran deploys elite 'commandos' to Syria
Iran has deployed a contingent of special forces "commandos" to Syria, according to a senior Iranian military commander. Speaking to Iran's official Tasnim News Agency, Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force for Coordination Brigadier General Ali Arasteh said Tehran had dispatched a group of military "advisers" from the army's elite 65th Brigade.

Iranian military official warns US: Stay away from Iran's red lines
Iranian deputy chief of staff says Islamic Republic will not curtail its missile program no matter what. Iran warned the US on Monday that any attempt to encroach on the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile program would constitute the crossing of a "red line."

North Korea claims attacks on US will kill more than 9/11 in latest chilling threat
North Korea has claimed they will kill more people in America than the September 11 attacks. A ranting article in the hermit Stalinist nation's state-run publication DPRK Today said their weapons are trained on the White House, the Pentagon and other vital strategic locations.

The Bible, Human History and Biology Remains Incontrovertible: Homosexuality Is Wrong
Order and anarchy. Good and evil. Truth and lies. Natural sexuality (within marriage) and homosexuality (of any kind). The contrast is bright as day is to night. While Christ repeatedly condemned all "sexual immorality" as defined in the Old Testament Jewish moral code (which includes homosexual behavior), God's Word, throughout both the Old and New Testaments, specifically denounces as evil rising to the level of "a detestable sin" all same-sex sexual conduct, be it "loving, monogamous and committed," or otherwise.

Tennessee lawmakers vote to make Bible official state book
Having already made a .50-caliber sniper gun the official state rifle, Tennessee lawmakers on Monday gave final approval to making the Holy Bible the state's official book. GUNS AND THE BIBLE, DEAR MR. OBAMA, WE'RE THE BITTER-CLINGER STATE YOUR COMMUNIST FRIENDS WARNED YOU ABOUT.

Preschooler expelled when parents object to 'gender' ed.
A four-year-old student was kicked out of a Colorado preschool after her parents questioned the administration's controversial curriculum that openly promotes homosexual behavior and transgenderism in the classroom.

Bernie Sanders: Breadlines are a Good Thing
Back in the 1980s Vermont's socialist congressman praised the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua. The remark is in a video recently aired on Fox...

Panama Papers: Massive Tax Haven Document Leak Exposes Corruption and Crime on Global Scale
A trove of files obtained by German journalists reveals how a global industry of law firms and large banks sell financial secrecy services to politicians, crooks and drug dealers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars.

Monday 04, April 2016

Muslim school in England teaches hate for Jews, Europe
A private Muslim school in England is again drawing attention, this time for teaching anti-Semitism and a strong anti-European ideology. The Islamic Tarbiyah Academy, located in the northern town of Dewsbury, offers classes for 140 children, as well as hosting an after-school religioous program and adult education classes. It is still run by its founder, Mufti Zubair Dudha.

Military edge in peril as weapons flood region, general warns
Brig.-Gen. Tal Kalman, chief of staff of the Israeli Air Force, discusses the changing threats against Israel during the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies' annual conference in Tel Aviv's

Obama: ISIS plotting nuclear attacks on the West
Noting the chilling possibility of a nuclear attack, US President Barack Obama remarked that Islamic State terrorists have already made use of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, and that there is evidence ISIS has made efforts to acquire nuclear material.

New York gives pro-terror activist $500,000
Close ally of de Blasio gets funding after promoting 'courageous' rock-throwing terror against Israel, calling Councilman a 'Zionist troll.'

Hillary Clinton says unborn babies have no rights
Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton ran afoul of both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the abortion debate Sunday when she said constitutional rights do not apply to an "unborn person" or "child."

Persecution of Christians in unexpected places
The persecution of Christians is growing in many parts of the world and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down. There has been an increase in violence toward Christ followers in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Kenya. On Easter, a Muslim jihadist group affiliated with the Taliban slaughtered Christians at a park in Lahore, Pakistan.

'Batman v Superman' star Jeremy Irons attacks abortion
Playing Batman's butler, Alfred, in the box office smash that took in more than $209 million on its first week alone, Irons has attracted much attention for his role in his latest action thriller as a superhero's right-hand man, but his recent comments about abortion have also turned many heads. During an interview last week when the blockbuster hit the big screen, Irons was quite candid about his stance in the abortion debate. "I think the Church is right to say [abortion is] a sin," Irons told The Guardian. "Abortion harms a woman."

Friday 01, April 2016

Bill Salus: The Prophecies of Damascus (Syria) and Amman (Jordan)
Prophecy in the News TV recently did a prophecy update with Bill Salus. This 10 minute video discusses the prophecies concerning Damascus in Isaiah 17 and Amman, Jordan in Jeremiah 49:1-6...

Russia, US agree to dethrone Assad, send him into exile
Embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's key ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, may be preparing to turn his back on the Syrian president.

Major naval exercise prepares for ISIS attacks
The Israeli Navy completed a major exercise in the Sea Red early Wednesday morning, a simulation which is usually undertaken once or twice a year.

North Korea: We Are Ready for 'Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike' on U.S.

Ayatollah: Our Missiles Are 'a Source of Happiness' for Nations Wronged by US, Israel
Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared Wednesday that Iran's ballistic missile capabilities are crucial for the country's defense, and in an apparent swipe at an influential former president, added that those who argue that this is a time for talks rather than for missiles are either ignorant or traitors.

Official Brussels Crisis Hotline Tells Jewish Victims Israel Does Not Exist
An official government crisis hotline has been established in Belgium following the recent terror attack that killed 35 people and injured hundreds. Many of the wounded are foreign nationals, including several Israelis.

Demon Haunted World: Exorcisms increase...

Christian legal aces face down LGBT 'bathroom bullies'
A Christian legal agency announced it will offer North Carolina free legal services to do what the state's own attorney general has refused to do — defend the state's new law preventing transgender men from entering women's public bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

Thursday 31, March 2016

Claim: Israeli Aircraft Struck Islamic State Targets in Egypt's Sinai
A news agency known for its close ties to the Islamic State claimed that Israeli aircraft on Tuesday struck outposts of Wilayat Sinai, the IS's branch in the Egyptian Sinai.

Risk of nuclear war in Europe growing, warns Russian ex-minister
The East-West standoff over the Ukraine crisis has brought the threat of nuclear war in Europe closer than at any time since the 1980s, a former Russian foreign minister warned on Saturday.

Islamic State has trained over 400 fighters for Europe attacks
The Islamic State group has trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks, deploying interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck Brussels and Paris with orders to choose the time, place and method for maximum carnage, The Associated Press has learned.

The Obama Effect: Terrorism Toll 800% Higher Since 2010
Mr. Obama, do you still think this whole "leading from behind" idea was a good one? No, we don't either/

Feds Give $270K Grant To Islamic Charity With Alleged Ties To Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood
The Obama administration recently gave a $270,000 grant to an Islamic charity that has been banned by Israel and the United Arab Emirates because of alleged financial ties to the terrorist group Hamas and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Isis has 'advanced plans to attack Jewish children' in Turkey, intelligence sources say
Istanbul's synagogue in Beyoglu is understood to be the most probable target of the allegedly impending attacks, which has a community centre and school attached to it. Kindergartens, schools and youth centres for Jewish children are at the centre of the plans, according to reports.

US churchgoing in decline as young people leave the faith
America has long been thought to be the exception to the rule that religion is in decline in the Western world because of its relatively high levels of churchgoing. However, the study by David Voas and Mark Chavez published in the American Journal of Sociology shows a drop in the number of Americans who claim religious affiliations, attend church regularly and believe in God. Furthermore, it says younger people are increasingly irreligious.

39 Percent of GOP 'Evangelical' Voters Don't Believe Bible Is Literal Word of God
Nearly four in 10 Republican voters who identify themselves as "born again" or "evangelical" don't believe the Bible is the literal Word of God. IN A 100%, COMPLETELY UNRELATED STORY... DONALD TRUMP STILL LEADS THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.

Three Years Of Pope Francis Have Unnerved Some Conservative Catholics
Francis' popularity with most Catholics, and legions of non-Catholics, has given him the image of a grandfatherly parish priest who understands how difficult it sometimes is to follow Church teachings, particularly those on sexual morality.

CDC Chief: More Than 30 States at 'High Risk' for Zika Transmission
Zika is an emergency; infected mosquitos may arrive in the U.S. this summer; "and there's much that we still don't know about it," Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told Congress on Wednesday.