Friday 31, October 2014

Jordan Threatens to Revoke Peace Treaty Over Temple Mount
Jordan's government has threatened to revoke its 1994 peace treaty with Israel after the Temple Mount was temporarily closed to both Jews and Muslims on Thursday, in an attempt to calm tensions after an Arab terrorist shot Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.

Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel: 'I Think We Are Seeing a New World Order'
Wednesday at the Aspen Institute's "Washington Ideas Forum," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said we are living through, "historic, defining times," that will result in a, "new world order."

Watch Bill Salus TV Teachings & Interviews
The teachings of Bill Salus have been featured on many popular Christian TV networks internationally, like TBN, CBN, and Daystar to name a few. To view some of these TV shows, click the above link.

Bill Salus: ISIS, Iran & Elam, Three Troubling Topics Today
Three troubling topics are currently burdening the minds of many Christians; ISIS, Iran and Elam. Perhaps you thought the topics were ISIS, Iran and Ebola. Ebola is also a disturbing global concern, but Elam is an ancient biblical term that is beginning to be discussed more frequently in Christian circles.

Bill Salus: God's Showdown with Nuclear Iran, Southwest Radio
You are invited to listen to this fascinating two part radio show that was hosted by Larry Spargimino. Larry interviewed Bill Salus about his exciting new book called Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam. Bill Salus brings the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel to life as the world ignores the threat of a nuclear Iran, a threat prophesied in the Bible over 2,600 years ago and becoming a reality in our day.

Shock Video: College Students Sign Petition to Kill Newborns up to age 5

Marine Dad Objected to Daughter's Islam Based Homework…So Administrators Banned Him From School

Thursday 30, October 2014

Jerusalem holy site closure 'declaration of war' says Abbas
Nabil Abu Rudeina said the Palestinian Authority would take legal action over the move, which came amid tension after the shooting of a Jewish activist.

After the US Election, an Escalation of the Mideast War
Less than one week before the midterm elections in the US, it is becoming ever more clear that, whatever the results in terms of the breakdown of Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Obama administration will embark on a major escalation of military operations once the voting is done.

Sweden Recognizes Palestinian State
Sweden's new Prime Minister announced that the country would be the first member of the EU to recognize Palestine.

Iran wants sanctions lifted before nuclear deal
Iran wants all Western sanctions to be lifted before striking a deal on its contested nuclear programme by a November deadline, a top official said Wednesday.

China to buy 5,000 Russian air-to-air missiles
China is likely to purchase 5,000 R-73 and R-77 air-to-air missiles from Russia, writes Toshiyuki Roku, retired commander of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Air Development and Test Command, in an article for the Tokyo-based Japan Military Review.

State Dept Not Interested in Who Attacked Bibi... of course

Obama Will not stop travel to/from West African Ebola Infected Countries
But he had no problem stopping flights to Israel a few months ago.

Christians and Hindus discern common ways of working for justice and peace
The Christian faith uniting with other religions, watering down the Gospels, is wrong.

Interpol facial recognition experts meet to develop global guidelines

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you...

Could an implanted tattoo be the future of wearable technology?

Ebola could crash U.S. healthcare system
The U.S. health care apparatus is so unprepared and short on resources to deal with the deadly Ebola virus that even small clusters of cases could overwhelm parts of the system, according to an Associated Press review of readiness at hospitals and other components of the emergency medical network.

NYT: Mounting Crises Raise Questions on Obama Team's Ability to Cope...

Wednesday 29, October 2014

Netanyahu Described as 'Chickens**t' by American Official
Is Washington taking off the gloves when it comes to Israel? Amid the latest tensions in U.S.-Israel relations, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic on Tuesday quoted unnamed officials in Washington who launched a verbal tirade against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. It's not hard to see why the Bible says that America will NOT come to Israel's defense during the War of Gog and Magog.

Rumors of War: PLA troops crossed into India a month ago
Photos of Chinese soldiers crossing over the Asa-Pila-Maya Army camps into Indian territory were recently taken by villagers in Taksing circle in the disputed Arunachal Pradesh region, according to the New-Dehli-based Deccan Chronicle, in an Oct. 27 report.

GCHQ views data with no warrant, government admits
British intelligence services can access raw material collected in bulk by the NSA and other foreign spy agencies without a warrant, the government has confirmed for the first time.

Pope Francis praises exorcists for combating 'the Devil's works'
Pope Francis has told a convention of exorcists from around the world that they are doing sterling service in combating "the Devil's works", as the Catholic Church warned of a rise in Satanism and the occult.

Christians outraged by orders to teach 'other faiths'
New British government threats that a Christian school, which previously was rated "good" and "excellent," may be closed if it doesn't promote "other faiths" are based on new regulations that need to be reviewed, according to school officials.

Atheist Group Targets Public School for Allowing Student-Requested Baptisms
In its most recent assault on religion in the public sphere, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, has issued a complaint against Russellville High School in Russellville, Ala., after the school's head football coach allowed two students and an adult to be baptized on the team's practice field one afternoon after football practice.

8-Year-Old Brings Home Nation of Islam Printout from Teacher's Desk

Man Told To Remove NRA Hat Before Voting
A Douglasville, Georgia man in line for early voting was asked to remove his ball cap with a "NRA Instructor" logo because it was perceived as "campaigning" for the Republican party.

Police: Man Beheads Woman, Jumps in Front of Train
Police are reporting that late last night, a Long Island man cut the head off a woman, dragged the head out to the street, kicked her head 20 feet and then jumped in front of a train. The woman appeared to be in her late 60s and was discovered around 8pm yesterday.

PETERSON: Will Black Folks Let Themselves Be Used Again?
Yes, Barack Obama and the Democrats are shamelessly using black Americans once again. So what are Obama and the Democrats doing to turn out the black vote? They've gone into their bag of tricks, exploiting racial tensions to scare brainwashed blacks to the polls.

Earthquake of 4.6 Magnitude Shakes Peru

Tuesday 28, October 2014

Obama Admin: Palestinians Who Throw Molotov Cocktails at Israelis Are Not Terrorists

Netanyahu Responds to Condemnation: "We Will Continue to Build in Jerusalem"
In response to continued criticism for approving the construction of new homes beyond the Green Line, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear that Israel will not stop building in the capital. Speaking on Tuesday at the cornerstone laying ceremony for Ashdod's new southern port, the prime minister said, "We will continue to build in Jerusalem, our eternal capital."

Franklin Graham: Both Obama And Bush 'Have Done A Great Disservice,' Calling Islam Peaceful
Amen! In a commentary for Decision magazine, evangelist Franklin Graham calls out both President Obama and President Bush for defending Islam as a religion of peace. Graham is reacting specifically to Obama's speech before the U.N. in September in which the president said, "Islam teaches peace," and also to George W. Bush, who, days after 9/11, said, "Islam is peace."

United Methodist Church Reinstates Defrocked Minister Who Perfomed Gay Marriage
In yet another capitulation on the issue of same-sex marriage, a United Methodist Church judicial council voted affirmatively to reinstate minister Frank Schaefer after he was defrocked last year for refusing to repent for having "married" his son to his homosexual partner in 2007. WHERE DOES YOUR MINISTER STAND ON GAY MARRIAGE? DO YOU AGREE WITH HIS/HER POSITION?

Jesuit College Recognizes Pagan Group
A Catholic university located in Chicago has given its blessing to a student organization for "pagans," according to The Campus Fix.

Pope Francis: 'The Family Is Being Bastardized'
Speaking before an audience from the international Marian movement, the Pontiff lamented that marriage has been redefined, and not in a good way. "What is being proposed is not marriage, it's an association. But it's not marriage," exclaimed Francis. "It's necessary to say these things very clearly and we have to say it!" Pope Francis also warned against the current societal trend to "call everything family."

Anti-Gun State Senator Arrested In Ferguson Protest Carrying 9mm
Democrat Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested last week during a protest held in front of the Ferguson Police Department. Police claim she smelled of "intoxicants," but Nasheed refused the breathalyzer. Perhaps the most interesting detail was that the state senator, who has sponsored several anti-gun bills, was found carrying a loaded 9mm and extra rounds.

Anti-Gun Billionaire: 'We Need More School Shootings'
Within hours of the Oct. 24 shooting that claimed the lives of two students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, one of the billionaire backers of the Nov. 4 ballot initiative posted a link to the story on his Facebook page with the caption, "We need more school shootings!!! Vote yes on Initiative 591."

CA School District to Apologize to 11-Year-Old Atheist Student Who Wouldn't Stand for 'Pledge'
With help from the American Humanist Association

Obama Plans To Import Ebola-Infected Foreigners From Other Countries
The news out of New York, contrary to what President Obama and other top government officials have said, is that the Ebola crisis appears to be getting worse in the U.S. Judicial Watch is striving to pry loose the truth from reticent federal agencies that have a responsibility for public safety and our national security.

Giant Sunspot Keeps Firing Off Huge Solar Flares
The largest sunspot observed on the sun in more than 20 years has been firing off powerful solar flares for the past week, and it's still producing strong solar storms.

Monday 27, October 2014

FEC Democrat pushes for controls on Internet political speech
Democrats are all in favor of free speech and ideas... as long as they agree with them. Otherwise, your free speech is called hateful, or made fun of, or shut down.

'Hazing': Obama Administration Reportedly Designed Snub of Israeli Defense Minister to Intentionally 'Humiliate' Him
The Obama administration's mass snubbing of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon last week was designed to "humiliate" him, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, adding that Obama officials would continue to "ostracize" him until Ya'alon further apologizes for off-the-record comments he made about Kerry more than nine months ago.

North Korea Can Miniaturize Nuke Warheads
On Friday General Curtis Scaparrotti, the commander of U.S. Forces Korea, briefed reporters at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. During the press conference, Scaparrotti was asked if North Korea had the capability to marry a miniaturized nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile.

Julian Assange launches attack on 'shady, invasive' web giant Google, and claims chairman Eric Schmidt is 'imperialist' government stooge

Elon Musk: 'We are summoning the demon' with artificial intelligence
Musk: "I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess like what our biggest existential threat is, it's probably that. So we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence. Increasingly scientists think there should be some regulatory oversight maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don't do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there's the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it's like yeah he's sure he can control the demon. Didn't work out."

Satan 'Told' Man to Urinate On, Destroy Oklahoma Capitol Ten Commandments Statue
A 29-year-old man is currently in a detention center undergoing a mental evaluation after he drove his car into a Ten Commandments statue near the Oklahoma Capitol building Thursday night, KOCO reports.

Cornel West: Judging Islam by ISIS Same As Judging Christianity for Lynching Blacks

NY Post: Obama Plans 'Secret Radical Agenda' After Midterms
President Barack Obama is holding off implementing a "secret radical agenda" until after the November 4 midterm elections when it won't hurt Democrats in the voting booth and when he hopes no one is paying attention, the New York Post says.

New Attkisson Book Loaded With Details on Thin-Skinned, and Deceptive, White House
Precedent setting for the coming, oppressive, one-world government.

"They Just Want The Money!" The IRS Can Now Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone
For almost 40 years, Carole Hinders has dished out Mexican specialties at her modest cash-only restaurant. For just as long, she deposited the earnings at a small bank branch a block away, until last year, when two tax agents knocked on her door and informed her that they had seized her checking account, almost $33,000.

School District Allows Sikh Student to Carry Dagger
A school in Auburn, Washington, a Seattle suburb and not far from the site of Friday's school shooting, has decided to allow a Sikh student to carry a ceremonial dagger. School officials said that there are religious exemptions in state and federal "zero tolerance" policies in allowing the student to carry the weapon.

Toronto School District to Host 'LGBTQ' Activism Conference for Middle-Schoolers
In the school district of Toronto, legislation mandating that gender-neutral bathrooms be constructed to accommodate transgender students has served as a gateway to several new "student conferences" with the purpose of advancing LGBTQ activism to students as young as 11.

US acknowledges gay marriage in six more states, total now 33 including DC
Attorney General Eric Holder said Saturday the U.S. government is recognizing same-sex marriages in six additional states, which will make those spouses eligible for federal benefits. The announcement follows gay marriages recently becoming legal in those states: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming.

EPA official calls climate change a major concern for Americans as Weather Channel founder and 9,000 scientists insist it doesn't exist

More than 10,000 Ebola cases in eight countries
The number of people infected with the Ebola virus has passed 10,000, with 4992 deaths, according to the World Health Organisation, as the United States announced its ambassador to the United Nations would visit the three worst-affected West African nations.

Sunday 26, October 2014

Israeli Minister: Ties with USA in 'Crisis'...
"There is a crisis with the Americans and it needs to be addressed as a crisis," Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Saturday after ongoing tensions between Washington and Jerusalem led US officials to block Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon from meeting with senior administration officials during his current US visit.

Number of Islamic extremists growing in Germany
The number of Islamic extremists in Germany is growing rapidly, the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency said Saturday.

WHO: Number of Ebola-linked cases passes 10,000
More than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola and nearly half of them have died, according to figures released Saturday by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread.

More Americans Renounce Citizenship, With 2014 on Pace for a Record
There are 776 names on the Treasury Department list published Friday for the third quarter of 2014. That's the third highest quarterly figure ever, according to Andrew Mitchel, an international tax lawyer in Centerbrook, Conn., who tracks the data. The total number of published renouncers so far in 2014 is 2,353, putting this year on pace to exceed last year's record total of 2,999, adds Mr. Mitchel.

Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs'
AreWeLivingInTheLastDays: Consumer demand for goods or services create businesses. Businesses create jobs!

Friday 24, October 2014

Jerusalem mayor calls for tough crackdown against a wave of Palestinian unrest...
Violence continued in Jerusalem Thursday, a day after an Arab terrorist killed an infant when he plowed into a crowd of Jews waiting for a train. Arabs threw rocks at Israeli drivers and police in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and attacked children at a kindergarten in the Maale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mt. Of Olives - the second such attack in as many months. No one was injured in any of Thursday's attacks.

Taliban Making 'Alarming Gains' In Afghanistan
Western officials report that the Taliban are making "alarming gains" in Afghanistan, seizing control of two districts and reaching a level of power not seen since 2009, when President Obama ordered what was supposed to be their decisive defeat.

Fight against Islamic State at impasse, military commanders say
The Obama administration on Thursday offered a very mixed assessment of progress in the U.S.-led campaign to degrade and defeat the Islamic State, with no serious ground offensive against the militant group likely for at least a year and little sign that the effort to stanch its flow of money has succeeded.

China seeks stronger military ties with Iran
Iran is under severe international sanctions over its nuclear program, which much of the world believes is intended to develop nuclear weapons.

Top Iranian Official: Obama is 'The Weakest of U.S. Presidents'
The majority of Americans: Obama is 'The Weakest of U.S. Presidents'

Rumors of War: US scrambling jets almost daily to repel Russian threats...
Russian military provocations have increased so much over the seven months since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine that Washington and its allies are scrambling defense assets on a nearly daily basis in response to air, sea and land incursions by Vladimir Putin's forces.

Man Attacks NYPD with Ax, Terrorism Suspected
His Facebook posts indicate he is a radical Muslim with the intent to conduct jihad.

INTERPOL Readying Launch of Global Facial Recognition Database...
Biometric experts recently gathered at the first meeting of the Interpol Facial Expert Working Group to begin development on international facial recognition standards, according to a report by Eurasia Review.


Houston Pastor: Gay Rights Agenda 'Systematically Deconstructing God's Created Order'
Rev. David Welch, one of five pastors who were subpoenaed by the City of Houston to turn over all sermons and other documents and communications related to homosexuality and gender identity, said Wednesday that the move represents a much broader agenda of the city's lesbian mayor and other gay rights activists.

Ebola now in NYC
A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea became the first person in the city to test positive for the virus Thursday, setting off a search for anyone who might have come into contact with him.

Volcano could destroy Japan
Japan could be nearly destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption over the next century, putting almost all of the country's 127 million-strong population at risk, according to a new study.