Friday 14, August 2020

Ambassador Friedman: The peace agreement was not to be missed: THE ABRAHAM ACCORD!
The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, explained on Thursday why it was necessary to suspend the Israeli plan to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria in order to enable the historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In a conversation with the Israel Hayom newspaper, Friedman said that "the words in the joint statement were carefully chosen. It is no coincidence that the term 'suspension' was used. Sovereignty is not off the table and I am convinced that one day the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria will become part of the State of Israel."

US prepares sanctions for Hizballah's Lebanese allies
The Trump administration plans to step into the turbulence in Lebanon to loosen Hizballah's grip on Beirut by anti-corruption sanctions for its allies, US sources reveal. Since the Diyab government resigned under mounting popular fury in the aftermath of deadly explosions at Beirut port, a power struggle is evolving to fill the gap. Washington sees its chance to strip Iran's surrogate of the allies and power which made Hizballah the military and political boss of Lebanon for the past decade.

Iranian Forces Board Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz
U.S. Central Command reported late Wednesday that two Iranian ships and a helicopter carrying Iranian troops boarded the "Wila" tanker and overtook it. The Liberian-flagged vessel is owned by a Greek company and had been operating in international waters near the middle of the contentious strait before sailing to Oman, where it remained as of Thursday morning, according to MarineTraffic, which tracks ships and their movement.

California megachurch draws thousands at in-person services defying state coronavirus orders
The pastor of a megachurch in Los Angeles defended the church's decision to allow thousands in for services Sunday, defying California state orders amid the coronavirus outbreak. Grace Community Church held in-person services on Sunday, and pastor John MacArthur told CNN that 6,000 or 7,000 people showed up.

CA pastor goes there: Dems want church doors locked
A pastor who is ignoring a court's restraining order by holding Sunday church services dropped an accusation on a national radio program: California's governor is using the COVID-19 lockdowns to collect votes for the Democratic Party.

"I can't speak for other states," Pastor Rob McCoy told American Family Radio, "but I can speak for California, where I am very good friends with many who are in the state legislature. The idea with the governor is if he can keep the schools closed and the churches closed, those are the number one places where you do voting, so keep those closed and you can do vote-by-mail."

Why do we need a moral revolution? A No. 1 song too vulgar to repeat
I'm quite aware that hip hop and rap lyrics have long been sexually explicit and vulgar. And I'm quite aware, that already in 1968, the Beatles were singing "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" But when the latest hot song, expected to hit No. 1 next week, is too vulgar even to quote, and when you realize it will be sung by millions of young children, it's time to say, "Enough! We really need a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution."

Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus
The failure to effectively manage contagious people with mild or no symptoms is a driving factor behind some of the world's worst resurgences. But lessons from Italy, South Korea and others that have successfully contained large-scale outbreaks show that there's a tried-and-tested approach to cutting off transmission: move them out of their homes into centralized facilities while they get over their infections, which usually doesn't require longer than a few weeks.

Virus Vaccine Rush Leaves Little Recourse for Anyone It Harms
Americans who suffer adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines that the U.S. is racing to develop will have a hard time getting compensated for injuries from the drugs. That's because pandemic-related claims for vaccines will be routed to a rarely used federal program set up to encourage drug makers to help combat public health emergencies. It spares pharmaceutical and device makers from costly liability lawsuits in exchange for taxpayers compensating injured patients -- though it doesn't guarantee there's funding to do so.

Scorching temperatures in Death Valley will shatter records in West, Southwest
More than 34 million people are under excessive heat watches and warnings across California and the Southwest. Most of the heat alerts go into effect on Friday and will stay in effect through early next week. During this time, dozens of record highs could be set in the coming days for cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson and Salt Lake City.

Hurricane-force storm in Iowa flattens 10 million acres of crops
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said the storm, which had hurricane-force winds up to 112 mph, destroyed at least one-third of the entire state's crops. More than 10 million acres were completely flattened, leading Reynolds to say she thinks the storm should qualify for federal disaster declaration. The Washington Post reports between 180 and 270 million bushels of corn were likely damaged, shortly before harvesting usually begins in September.

Thursday 13, August 2020

BREAKING: Trump announces 'Historic Peace Agreement' between Israel, UAE
The president, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed released a joint statement Thursday, after the three spoke "and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates." The statement said that the "diplomatic breakthrough" was at "the request of President Trump," and that Israel will "suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President's Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world."

US commander: Islamic State threat in west Syria growing
Elements of the Islamic State group are working to rebuild in western Syria, where the U.S. has little visibility or presence, the top U.S. commander for the Middle East warned on Wednesday. In the region west of the Euphrates River where the Syrian regime is in control "conditions are as bad or worse" than they were leading up to the rise of the Islamic State, said Gen. Frank McKenzie. "We should all be concerned about that."

Are Netanyahu and Gantz postponing sovereignty intentionally in case Trump is not elected?
On August 11, 2020 it was reported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the United States for his failure to apply sovereignty to 'West Bank' settlements. On Channel 20. the Prime Minister said: "It was clear from the start that the application of sovereignty would be done only with agreement from the United States. Otherwise, I would have already done it a while ago."

Report: US promises PA Israel will not apply sovereignty
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has received a promise from the United States that Israel will not unilaterally apply its sovereignty over any part of Judea and Samaria, Channel 12 News commentator Ehud Yaari reported.

Israeli air force, tanks bombard Hamas targets in response to balloon terror
"Fighter jets, attack helicopters and tanks hit a number of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip," at dawn on Wednesday, Aug.12. The IDF named the targets as "underground infrastructure and Hamas observation posts." During the day, massed arson balloon clusters loosed from the Gaza Strip set of 60 fires across Israeli farms and woodland. The military spokesman stressed that Israel "will not hold back on any action necessary for stemming assaults on its citizens and territory. Hamas is held fully responsible for such assaults and will bear the consequences."

Hey parents, did you know you're a 'dangerous' outsider?
It might be hard to find positive news during the COVID-19 pandemic but a think tank scholar and a radio show host say families are uncovering the left-wing brainwashing that is wooing their children in public schools. "Number one, people are becoming more family-focused," says Jameson Taylor of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. "They have to because they're staying at home a lot more."

Teacher speaks out... Five OUTRAGEOUS 'Critical Race Theory' lessons unions want to teach your kids
An anonymous California says she was shocked when her mandated training included material based off Karl Marx's "critical race theory," which argues that data, facts, and the scientific method are exemplary of "whiteness" and are "inherently racist." She says teachers were taught during the training session that racism is inherent in all white people, owning property is a form of "whiteness," and that white people only help black people if it's self-serving.

NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN show zero results for reports on the 5-year-old white child allegedly executed by black 25-year-old neighbor
FAKE NEWS: Four major news networks have not reported on a story of a 5-year-old white child who was allegedly shot in the head at point-blank range by a 25-year-old black man while he played in the street.

"Cannon Hinnant Say his name @CNN @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC," Jason Howerton of the Blaze tweeted, along with screenshots from four major news networks showing no coverage of the execution-style murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant. The Washington Examiner also confirmed the four networks' result pages showed no coverage as of Wednesday.

'Y'all don't come out when a kid gets shot!' - R?esidents of Chicago neighborhood drive out protesters who only come for anti-cop protests
A group of residents of a Chicago neighborhood chased out protesters they said only came out when they could demonstrate against the police, and not when blacks were murdered otherwise.

Quake Swarm Under Salton Sea Increases Chances Of Bigger Earthquake Over Next 7 Days
A swarm of minor earthquakes underneath the Salton Sea have increased the possibility of an even stronger temblor due to its close proximity to the San Andreas Fault, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Dozens of minor earthquakes, ranging from 2.0 to 4.6, shook the Salton Sea Monday. The swarm of earthquakes were centered about 8 miles from the southern end of the San Andreas Fault.

U.N. Economist: Pandemic Shows Govts Can Make 'Unorthodox… Massive Interventions' for Climate Change
As hundreds of thousands of people die around the planet as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.N. on Wednesday sought to assert the primacy of climate action in any recovery plans. A United Nations chief economist pushed the focus on climate as he urged the world to pursue more ambitious climate action and investment in renewable energy at the expense of coal.

The Cultural Marxists are closer than ever to winning

Kamala Harris: 'We Cannot Live in a Country With Any Level of Pride When Our Babies Are Being Slaughtered'
Unless you are still in your mother's womb... then you're fair game.

CNN: Harris ready 'if and when Biden decides to step aside'
Top CNN editor Chris Cillizza is full of praise for 77-year-old Joe Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate, but what did Cillizza mean when he said the California senator would be "ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside"? Is he talking about Biden, if elected, choosing not to seek a second term?

Wednesday 12, August 2020

Report: US promises PA Israel will not apply sovereignty
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has received a promise from the United States that Israel will not unilaterally apply its sovereignty over any part of Judea and Samaria, Channel 12 News commentator Ehud Yaari reported. According to the report, the PA agreed to renew ties with the US after receiving the promise. MK Ayelet Shaked reacted with anger to the reports that the US was now officially against the application of Israeli sovereignty.

IDF: Tanks carried out operations on Lebanese border
On Tuesday morning, IDF forces conducted operational activities in an enclave on the Lebanon border, the IDF said in a statement. The operation, conducted near the northern town of Yiftah, included the use of tanks, patrols, scanning the area, and gathering the armored and infantry forces. All of the activity took place on Israeli territory and in coordination with the relevant bodies. "The IDF continues to maintain increased readiness and to act through initiated actions near the border, in order to protect the residents of the north and to exercise the State of Israel's sovereignty," the statement said. Last month, tensions ran high between Israel and Lebanon after suspicious activity was noted on the Lebanese side of the border

Turkey and Iran concerned about Lebanese protests
Two of the most powerful countries in the Middle East that will seek to influence Lebanon in the wake of the explosion that gutted the port of Beirut, and has killed and injured thousands of people, are concerned about protests upsetting their plans. Media in Iran and Turkey were noticeably silent on the massive protests in Beirut on Saturday. Sunday morning found few if any reports in the pro-government media of both states.

China increases military drills as tensions with US heat up
China is stepping up military drills around East Asia as a war of words with the United States heats up over Washington's military activities and the visit of a US cabinet secretary to Taiwan. One Chinese think tank even says the People's Liberation Army (PLA) may consider live-fire exercises near the US island of Guam. Beijing has stepped up the pace of its war games in recent weeks, after the US sent two aircraft carrier strike groups on rare dual-carrier exercises in the South China Sea twice in the month of July.

How China uses facial recognition to control human behavior
Facial recognition supporters in the US often argue that the surveillance technology is reserved for the greatest risks - to help deal with violent crimes, terrorist threats and human trafficking. And while it's still often used for petty crimes like shoplifting, stealing $12 worth of goods or selling $50 worth of drugs, its use in the US still looks tame compared with how widely deployed facial recognition has been in China.

China's facial recognition system logs nearly every single citizen in the country, with a vast network of cameras across the country. A database leak in 2019 gave a glimpse of how pervasive China's surveillance tools are - with more than 6.8 million records from a single day, taken from cameras positioned around hotels, parks, tourism spots and mosques, logging details on people as young as 9 days old.

Teachers Openly Fret That Parents Might Hear Them Brainwashing Children, Call Parents 'Dangerous'
In one of the creepiest yet most revealing Twitter threads ever to be posted on the platform, a teacher recently fretted out loud that virtual classes might allow parents to hear him brainwashing their kids. Matthew R. Kay, an educator and author of a book on "how to lead meaningful race conversations in the classroom," worried that "conservative parents" would be able to interfere with the "messy work" of indoctrinating children into critical race theory, gender theory, and other left-wing dogmas.

Math education prof says using '2+2=4' to show math's objectivity 'reeks of white supremacist patriarchy'
"The idea that math (or data) is culturally neutral or in any way objective is a MYTH," Laurie Rubel of Brooklyn College tweeted a week ago. "I'm ready to move on with that understanding. who's coming with me?" She added in a subsequent tweet that "along with the 'of course math is neutral because 2+2=4' trope are the related (and creepy) 'math is pure' and 'protect math,' and that it all "reeks of white supremacist patriarchy. I'd rather think on nurturing people & protecting the planet (with math in service of them goals)."

After 'Extensive Criminal Destruction' Chicago Mayor Now Wants President Trump's Help, But Only If It's Focused On Gun Control
Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot had strong words for the hundreds of rioters and looters that took to the streets of Chicago Sunday night, causing major damage to some of the city's tourist areas and stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from high-end shops and boutiques located in the city's "Magnificent Mile" shopping district. Lightfoot is now asking for President Donald Trump to send additional resources to federal agents assisting the Chicago Police Department in controlling the city's spike in violence, but only if those resources are targeted towards "federally licensed gun dealers."

Black Man Arrested For Allegedly Executing White Five-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Sisters
On Sunday, 25-year-old black male Darius Sessoms allegedly murdered 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, who is white, in Wilson, North Carolina, in front of the boy's two young sisters.

Sessoms, who lived the next house over from the victim's father, ran across the lawn to Hinnant and shot him in the head at point-blank range as his two sisters, ages seven and eight, looked on, neighbors said, according to Hinnant was in the front yard riding his bike.

Monday 10, August 2020

Hamas fires rockets into sea in 'message' to Israel
Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired rockets into the sea on Monday after repeated exchanges of fire with Israel in recent days, Gaza security sources and eyewitnesses said. At least eight rockets were seen in the sky, heading toward the Mediterranean Sea, said AFP journalists in the coastal strip.

SATANIC TEMPLE: Abortion is a 'Satanic Ritual' and Should Be Protected Under Religious Freedom Laws
In a bizarre attempt at protecting the right to abortions under "religious freedom," the Satanic Temple is urging women to recite satanic incantations during them as a "satanic abortion ritual." The Satanic Temple is protesting waiting periods, mandatory counseling, and "unwanted sonograms," by claiming that abortion is a satanic practice and should be protected due to religious freedom.

The Satanic Temple Raffles Free Abortion, Admits that Aborting Unborn Babies is a Satanic Ritual
The Satanic Temple (TST) has announced it's raffling a free abortion to promote the organization's religious abortion ritual, while it argues that its members' religious rights are exempt from any state laws or any regulations that might block access to abortion services during the first trimester. According to TST, the free abortion can be medical or surgical and is transferable upon request.

Vandals Desecrate Christian Church with Satanic Symbols
Using white spray paint, the perpetrators wrote the words "Ora pro nobis, Lucifer," Latin for "Pray for us, Lucifer," around an inverted Christian cross, along with the Latin words for the Church of the devil. The criminals also painted a pentagram and the number 666, which refers to the number of the "beast" in the biblical book of Revelation, interpreted by some to be the anti-Christ.

Christian college confronts Antifa's threat to damage, remove cross
After Antifa activists threatened to damage and remove a cross at a private Christian college in Oregon - claiming it is a racist symbol - the school took a bold stand against the radical left group, including prayer and armed guards. The cross - which school officials say represents "hope and unconditional love from our heavenly Father" - has been prominently displayed on the New Hope Christian College campus in Eugene, Oregon, since the 1990s, and it was stressed that the structure has no connection with racism.

Powerful 5.1 magnitude earthquake jolts Charlotte area, strongest in NC in 104 years
A 5.1 magnitude earthquake felt in Charlotte shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday was centered just over a mile south of Sparta, near the Virginia border, the strongest quake to hit North Carolina in more than a century. In fact, it was the strongest earthquake in the state since 1916, according to the National Weather Service, when a 5.2 magnitude quake occurred near Skyland, just outside of Asheville.

Hottest Summer: Phoenix surpasses most days at or over 110°...
Sunday may forever be known as the day Phoenix broke "a record nobody really wants," weather officials say. The city Sunday afternoon broke its heat record for having the most 110-degree days in a year,National Weather Service officials in Phoenix confirmed in a tweet. For 34 days this year, Phoenix met or exceeded 110-degree temperatures - the most in a year since the city's previous record of 33 days set in 2011.

What exploded in the Beirut port?
This last Tuesday, there was a huge explosion in the Beirut dockyards. The first accusations by media were that Israel had used a tactical nuke. Later, they claimed Israel had fired a Gabriel missile from an offshore ship. Then they claimed an F-16 fired a Delilah rocket. The problem was that none of these weapons had anywhere near the power that was released.

Saudi Arabia Turns Off America's Oil Taps Again
For the second time in three years, Saudi Arabia is slashing the volume of crude it's sending to America in an attempt to force down stockpiles in the world's most visible oil market and thereby hasten the re-balancing of supply and demand.

The NBA Stays Silent on China's Atrocities While Raking in Billions

Nearly 20,000 fake US driver's licenses from China and other countries seized at Chicago airport
Customs and Border Protection officers seized nearly 20,000 counterfeit U.S. driver's licenses at Chicago's O'Hare airport this year. The shipment of fake driver's licenses were sent to the United States and originated from China and other countries, according to the report from WNYW-TV.

Hollywood censors movies to please Chinese government: report
Hollywood filmmakers are self-censoring to avoid angering leaders in China, where US-made flicks rake in billions of dollars annually, according to a bombshell report. The makers of big-budget films, including "Iron Man 3," "World War Z" and "Top Gun: Maverick", are pandering to the country's authoritarian government by cutting characters and dialogue that aren't pro-China, according to PEN America, a non-profit that promotes free speech.

Thursday 06, August 2020

As Beirut death toll rises, Lebanese PM vows to punish those behind huge blast
Lebanon's prime minister said Tuesday those responsible for a massive blast that killed dozens of people and left wide swaths of Beirut in devastation would "pay the price," as authorities scrambled to rescue the injured and find the cause of the explosion. More than 60 people were killed and more than 3,000 injured, officials said, with the toll expected to rise as more bodies were pulled out of the rubble.

Netanyahu warns Hezbollah amid high tensions along northern border
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah and others, after Israeli forces said they thwarted an infiltration attempt from Syria by suspected militants. The Israel Defense Forces announced late Monday that it had struck targets in Syria after the militants tried to plant explosives in the Golan Heights. The four suspects were believed to have been killed by an Israeli missile strike while carrying out the attempted attack in the pre-dawn hours of Monday.

Report: Saudi Arabia constructed nuclear 'yellowcake' facility with China's help
Saudi Arabia has constructed with Chinese help a facility for extracting uranium yellowcake from uranium ore, Western officials with knowledge of the site told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. The facility, which hasn't been publicly disclosed, is in a sparsely populated area in Saudi Arabia's northwest and has raised concern among US and allied officials that the kingdom's nascent nuclear program is moving ahead and that Riyadh is keeping open the option of developing nuclear weapons.

'Fetuses can't scream' abortionist now in Alabama
Pro-lifers in Alabama will soon greet a controversial abortionist who joked about cutting the throats of unborn babies. The financially troubled West Alabama Women's Center, located in Tuscaloosa, has been sold to the Yellowhammer Fund and a new abortionist, Leah Torres, is taking over the facility as "medical director." In a glowing story about Torres, published at, a Q-and-A allowed the abortionist to defend her plans to expand abortion in the state because children are neglected, she says, so "reproductive health" addresses the issue of food scarcity.

Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chip Will Soon Allow Users to Take Charge of Moods and Emotions
Elon Musk's Neuralink currently develops a new feature on their brain chip that will enable humans to go forth and choose the mood by balancing off a person's hormone levels. The secret project mentioned by Musk teased an update that will provide new feats for the company. He stated that an event on August 28, 2020, will thoroughly explain what the Tech CEO pertains.

When the counterculture becomes the culture
Four short years ago, we mostly assumed the best of our fellow Americans and the best of our country's ideals. No longer. The counterculture has become the culture - and that is both a tragedy and a travesty.

Biden: 'I'll Send a Bill to Congress Creating a Clear Roadmap to Citizenship for 11 Million Undocumented People'
Former Vice President Joe Biden sent out a tweet on Tuesday night saying that on his first day as president, if he is elected, he will send a bill to Congress creating a "roadmap" to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens he calls "Dreamers."

Candace Owens: 'Coronavirus Is the Greatest Rigging of an American Election that Has Ever Taken Place'
We are all unwitting participants" in "the greatest rigging of an election" ever, conservative commentator Candace Owens said Tuesday. "Coronavirus is the greatest rigging of an American election that has ever taken place, and we are all unwitting participants," Owens declared in a tweet of video from her interview with The Daily Caller.

Tuesday 04, August 2020

Often on brink, Lebanon hurtles toward collapse
Power cuts that last up to 20 hours a day. Mountains of trash spilling into streets. Long lines at gas stations. It may seem like a standard summer in Lebanon, a country used to wrestling with crumbling infrastructure as it vaults from one disaster to another.

Only this time, it's different. Every day brings darker signs Lebanon has rarely seen in past crises: Mass layoffs, hospitals threatened with closure, shuttered shops and restaurants, crimes driven by desperation, a military that can no longer afford to feed its soldiers meat and warehouses that sell expired poultry.

The Pandemic Is a Dress Rehearsal
Science will, we must hope, come to the rescue with a vaccine or a cure before our resources are exhausted. But as the world wrings its hands and waits for a deus ex machina, we must recognize that the end of the pandemic does not mean a return to the relatively stable world of the post-Cold War era. The pandemic, which is mild as the great plagues of history go, demonstrates that the complexity of this global civilization has become a source of new vulnerabilities. And with the legitimacy of many institutions resting on their ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, Covid-19 challenges political leaders and institutions in ways that they cannot easily manage.

Ex-WHO doctor who helped eradicate smallpox predicts COVID-19 turmoil for years
People will need a small yellow card at airports to show immunization against the COVID-19 virus. Schools, restaurants and sports stadiums will be equipped with quick, inexpensive testing stations for students and customers. The world will be fighting coronavirus the next three to four years as virus hot spots skip from nation to nation and the pandemic's toll will linger for decades, said Dr. Larry Brilliant, a California epidemiologist who was part of a World Health Organization team in the 1970s that helped eradicate smallpox.

Economic Devastation On A Scale That America Has Never Seen Before
For a very long time we have been warned that a U.S. economic collapse was inevitably coming, and now it is here. Fear of COVID-19 and unprecedented civil unrest in our major cities have combined to plunge us into a historic economic downturn, and nobody is exactly sure what is going to happen next. On Thursday, we learned that U.S. GDP was down 32.9 percent on an annualized basis last quarter. That officially makes last quarter the worst quarter in all of U.S. history, and many people believe that this new economic depression is just getting started.

Google's secret home security superpower: Your smart speaker with its always-on mics
Google has long told users that its speakers only actively monitor ambient audio for utterances of the "Hey Google" wake phrase. Any use of far-field microphones for other purposes, especially for users who didn't sign up for advanced monitoring, could result in some consumers rejecting the device category altogether.

Singapore to make travellers wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine
Singapore will make some incoming travelers wear an electronic monitoring device to ensure that they comply with coronavirus quarantines as the city-state gradually reopens its borders, authorities said on Monday. From August 11, the devices will be given to incoming travelers, including citizens and residents, from a select group of countries who will be allowed to isolate at home rather than at a state-appointed facility. Similar measures using electronic wristbands to track peoples' movements during quarantine have been used in Hong Kong and South Korea.

Marines give in to 'cancel culture,' veto seminar by Christian man
The "cancel culture" has struck again, this time in the Marine Corps, with the cancellation of a training session for reservists because of the instructor's Christian faith. Air Force veteran Jay Lorenzen was scheduled to lead a U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate General training session on July 17 before a complaint by the non-profit Military Religious Freedom Foundation, or MRFF, prompted Marine brass to cancel him.

Monday 03, August 2020

UAE announces successful start up of first nuclear plant in Arab world
The United Arab Emirates on Saturday announced the startup of its Barakah nuclear power plant, a first for the Arab world. "UAE first nuclear reactor at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant has achieved first criticality and successfully started up," tweeted Hamad Alkaabi, the country's representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Mastercard and Visa Are Making Bold Moves Toward Mass Crypto Adoption
Leading global payment companies Mastercard and Visa have been making moves to accelerate the support of cryptocurrency payment processors by opening up new options for users around the world. Both companies made strong statements in support of the use of cryptocurrencies in July by announcing respective projects and collaborations that are driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Netflix orders queer-friendly "DeadEndia" animated kids series
Everyday it seems the LGBTQ+ folks come out with a new way to try to "normalize" their degenerate lifestyles and push it on our children. One of the latest moves by the LGBTQ+ supporters is a new animated kids series from NetFlix that features "queer-friendly" characters and storylines. While I am not familiar with the novels of Hamish Steele this new move to push this animated series featuring LGBTQ+ "friendly" characters and storylines to kids is revolting. There have already been numerous attempts to normalize the LGBTQ+ lifestyle recently with Spongebob Squarepants coming out as gay as well as "Thelma" outed as gay in the remake of Scooby Doo. I guess the perverts will never be satisfied until everyone on TV is "gay".

UFOs Explaining Away the Rapture?
Will UFOs be used to explain away the Rapture of the Church? To answer this question, we invited Billy Crone, the pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of Get A Life! Ministries, to our television program Christ in Prophecy. Billy covered a number of sensationalist Bible prophecy topics such as UFOs and the Nephilim...

Return of the Nephilim?
Why are people talking about a return of the Nephilim in reference to the end times? To answer this question, we invited Billy Crone, the pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of Get A Life! Ministries, to our television program Christ in Prophecy. Billy covered a number of sensationalist Bible prophecy topics such as UFOs and the Nephilim.

Paris tops 100 degrees as London breaks all-time record high
A stifling heat wave that gradually built throughout much of western Europe this week produced some of the warmest conditions of the year so far. Triple-digit temperatures were recorded in some of the continent's biggest cities, including the United Kingdom's capital of London.

Expect 'lengthy' coronavirus pandemic, warns WHO
he World Health Organization on Saturday warned the coronavirus pandemic was likely to be "lengthy" after its emergency committee met to evaluate the crisis six months after sounding the international alarm. The committee "highlighted the anticipated lengthy duration of this COVID-19 pandemic", the WHO said in a statement, and warned of the risk of "response fatigue" given the socio-economic pressures on countries.

Elon Musk's Mysterious Neuralink Chip Could Make You Hear Things That Were Impossible to Hear Before
In a report by Independent, Musk revealed that the chip will allow the wearer to hear things that they weren't able to hear before as it was out of a human's hearing range, meaning the Neuralink chip can be used to "extend range of hearing beyond normal frequencies and amplitudes." Additionally, and perhaps even more interesting and exciting, is that the mysterious chip will apparently be able to help restore movement for people with a fully severed spinal cord.

Neo-Nazis Rising...

Anarchists burn Bible, American flag as tensions rise in Portland
Anarchists burned an American flag and a Bible in Portland, Oregon, sparking outrage just as weeks of violent demonstrations seemed to be coming to a close. For more than 60 days, Black Lives Matters demonstrators, including a "Wall of Moms" and a "Wall of Vets," have clashed with federal agents in the city, drawing national attention as authorities blasted marchers with tear gas and the civilians at times responded with weapons of their own - such as feces, bleach, bricks or batteries.

Why so many Americans are buying up personal bunkers...

Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein's island with 'young girls,' witness says in unsealed court docs
A trove of court documents involving the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed Thursday night. The documents include allegations that former President Bill Clinton visited Epstein's private island. Judge Loretta Preska ruled last week that documents from a 2015 defamation case against Maxwell by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre could be unsealed. Giuffre brought the case after Maxwell accused her of lying about being exploited and abused by Maxwell and Epstein.

Thursday 30, July 2020

Netanyahu: Hezbollah is playing with fire
Any attack from Hezbollah will have a strong response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said hours after the IDF thwarted an attack on northern Israel by the Lebanese terrorist organization. "Hezbollah has to know it's playing with fire," Netanyahu warned in a statement to the press. "Any attack will be met with great force. [Hezbollah leader Hasan] Nasrallah is greatly mistaken about Israel's determination to defend itself, and Lebanon has paid a heavy price for this mistake."

Suspicious activity at Israel-Lebanon border
A short while ago, several suspicious persons were spotted near the Israel-Lebanon border in the western Galilee Tuesday evening, the IDF stated. "The incident is being monitored by IDF troops," the military said. The incident comes one day after an attempt by the Hezbollah terrorist organization to infiltrate Israel was foiled.

U.S. records a coronavirus death every minute as total surpasses 150,000
One person in the United States died about every minute from COVID-19 on Wednesday as the national death toll surpassed 150,000, the highest in the world. The United States recorded 1,461 new deaths on Wednesday, the highest one-day increase since 1,484 on May 27, according to a Reuters tally. U.S. coronavirus deaths are rising at their fastest rate in two months and have increased by 10,000 in the past 11 days.

Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn't Have Enough to Eat Last Week
Food insecurity for U.S. households last week reached its highest reported level since the Census Bureau started tracking the data in May, with almost 30 million Americans reporting that they'd not had enough to eat at some point in the seven days through July 21. In the bureau's weekly Household Pulse Survey, roughly 23.9 million of 249 million respondents indicated they had "sometimes not enough to eat" for the week ended July 21, while about 5.42 million indicated they had "often not enough to eat." The survey, which began with the week ended May 5, was published Wednesday.

Temperature soars to record-breaking 125 in ancient desert city
Record high temperatures will continue to be challenged across the Middle East this week as blistering heat and dry conditions remain over the region. The week got off to a blazing start in Baghdad, Iraq, with a temperature reading of 50.6 C (123.1 F) on Monday. But on Tuesday, the temperature climbed even higher. According to preliminary reports from the area, the temperature reached 51.7 C (125 F) in the afternoon, surpassing the all-time record high temperature of 51.2 C (124 F) for the city.

Most view kneeling during anthem as acceptable form of protest says CBS News poll
Most Americans view professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial discrimination as an acceptable form of protest, but there are divisions along political, racial and generational lines.

Left's willingness to tolerate violence should frighten all Americans

US is 'Satan,' Israel is its 'Chained Dog,' But Twitter Gives Ayatollah's Tweets a Pass
Iran's supreme leader, in a tweet Wednesday that was not flagged, restricted, or blocked by Twitter, called the United States "Satan" and labeled Israel America's "chained dog," drawing fresh attention to questions about the platform's content policies.

Twitter broadly bans any COVID-19 tweets that could help the virus spread
On Wednesday, Twitter updated its safety policy to prohibit tweets that "could place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19." The new policy bans tweets denying expert guidance on the virus, encouraging "fake or ineffective treatments, preventions and diagnostic techniques" as well as tweets that mislead users by pretending to be from health authorities or experts.

NFL players can be fined for church attendance under league's COVID-19 policy
NFL players could be fined, docked game checks, and lose contract guarantees for attending indoor church services that are too crowded, Pro Football Talk reported.

Children must be vaccinated even if school is online; personal beliefs no excuses!

Monday 27, July 2020

Pandemic, turmoil drives thousands to Christ in Iran
As COVID-19 drives many to ponder their meaning in life – especially their spirituality – and with signs of insurrection in Iran, thousands in the Islamic Republic are coming to faith in Jesus Christ in what is being called a "Pandemic of Hope." "Iran is facing a wave of internal turmoil and covert attacks that are undermining the radical regime's nefarious plans," CBN News reports. "Even as the violence escalates, hope is rising among Iranian citizens who are finding salvation in Jesus Christ."

IDF: Hezbollah is planning an attack in the north
According to estimates by the IDF the Hezbollah terror organization is planning to carry out a major attack near Israel's northern border. IDF forces are raising the level of readiness in northern Israel and a number of roads in the area have been closed. Forces in the area have been reinforced.

US, Israeli military chiefs fine-tune coordination amid rising tensions with Iran, Hizballah
US Gen. Mark Milley paid an unannounced visit to Israel on Friday, July 24, for security talks with Israel's military chiefs and PM Binyamin Netanyahu. His plane landed at the Israel Air Force's southern Nevatim base, shortly after a US fighter jet nearly collided with an Iranian airliner over Syria. Hizballah had meanwhile vowed to retaliate for the death of a fighter in alleged Israeli air strikes last week near Damascus. Israel responded on Thursday by sending infantry reinforcements to its northern borders. Then, on Friday night, after Syrian air defense fire dropped shrapnel on the Golan, IDF helicopters struck Syrian observation posts near Quneitra.

Israel's message to Hezbollah: Death of official unintentional, don't retaliate
Israel on Saturday sent a message to the Hezbollah terror group, saying that it did not intend to kill a Hezbollah official in a recent attack on Damascus reported to have been carried out by the IDF, Al Mayadeen TV reported. The message, which was reportedly sent via United Nations mediators, warned Hezbollah against attempting to avenge the death of Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad.

Friday 24, July 2020

Report: Israeli fighter jet comes close to Iranian passenger plane
An Israeli fighter jet came close to an Iranian passenger plane over Syrian airspace causing the pilot to change altitude quickly to avoid collision, which injured several passengers, the official IRIB news agency reported on Thursday. Video posted by the agency showed a jet from the window of the plane and comments from a passenger who had blood on his face.

STAR WARS Russia has secretly tested anti-satellite weapon in SPACE, US Space Command says
RUSSIA has enraged the west by test-firing a weapon designed to knock out other satellites and "threaten the peaceful use of space". The Kremlin's military push to use weapons in space puts "US and Allied space assets at serious risk", the US Space Command has warned.

China tells US to close consulate in Chengdu in growing spat
China ordered the United States on Friday to close its consulate in the western city of Chengdu, ratcheting up a diplomatic conflict at a time when relations have sunk to their lowest level in decades. The move was a response to the Trump administration's order this week for Beijing to close its consulate in Houston after Washington accused Chinese agents of trying to steal medical and other research in Texas.

Silence on abortion forfeits right to be outraged
One of the country's pro-life leaders is telling it like it is when it comes to abortion. Dr. Johnny Hunter pastors Cliffdale Community Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina and has been on the frontlines of the fight against abortion, partly because of its devastating impact on African-Americans. As Breitbart reports, Hunter does not mince words on the need for action in a sermon featured in the pro-life documentary Maafa21. "Brothers and sisters, it's time for us to go to the streets on this issue," he implores. "We need to be in the streets on this issue. If we look the other way while our smallest brothers and sisters are being lynched in the womb, we lose the right to be outraged that we were once lynched by the Klan."

Huge, Hovering and Silent: The Mystery of 'Black Triangle' UFOs
Within the larger mystery of the UFO phenomenon is another, still-unsolved puzzle: Why do so many reports involve strange, triangular-shaped craft-often described as dark in color, virtually noiseless and the size of a football field or larger? What, exactly, are they? And why are so many witnessed hovering or moving slowly and methodically, with no visible contrails?

Rep. Gohmert Calls on House to Rid Itself of Any Reminders of Slavery - Such as the Name 'Democrat Party'
Gohmert's resolution calls on Congress to ban any political organization or party that has ever held a public position supportive of slavery or the Confederate States of America – and for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to remove from the House wing of the U.S. Capitol or any House office building any item that names, symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that supported slavery or the Confederacy.

Hallmark Channel plans to promote LGBT themes
The Hallmark Channel, which long has profited from featuring traditional family stories, especially during the Christmas season, plans to focus to "LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors."

Thursday 23, July 2020

China Forces Christians To Renounce Faith, Destroy Christian Symbols Or Be Cut Off From Welfare, Reports Say
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is reportedly forcing people of faith to renounce their beliefs and replace religious symbols and imagery with portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping. The reports come from Bitter Winter, a publication that the U.S. Department of State has cited in official reports and describes as "an online magazine on religious liberty and human rights in China."

China threatens retaliation after US orders closure of Houston consulate
China on Wednesday condemned what it called an "unprecedented escalation" by the United States and threatened to retaliate after it was ordered to close the Chinese consulate in Houston. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a daily news briefing that the government had been told without warning Tuesday to close the consulate. He said the consulate had been operating normally Tuesday and called the reported move an "unprecedented escalation," the South China Morning Post reported.

Taiwan says threat of military clash with China is 'on the rise'
The prospect of a military clash in the Taiwan Strait is rising precariously, the Taiwanese foreign minister warned Wednesday, urging "extreme caution" in the island's dealings with a Chinese leadership in Beijing that he described as both increasingly emboldened and insecure.

Split societies, global chaos and World War Three: We could be in for the most tumultuous era in modern history
As we cross into the second half of 2020, there is little hope left that our misfortunes will end when this annus horribilis goes out. We may be entering one of the most cataclysmic and fateful periods in the history of humankind. There is the growing realization that humanity is in for an extremely rough ride that could last at least a decade.

This sense of uncertainty has been building up for years. It probably began with the global financial crisis of 2008-09. Yet, until 2020, there was hope that the world would somehow return to the right track and regain stability. Covid-19 ended this hope, devastating the global economy and exacerbating the pre-existing tensions between the incumbent hegemon (the United States) and a new super-power contender (China).

Twitter bans Star of David images as 'hateful'
Twitter is locking the accounts of users who display the Star of David in their profile image or header, deeming it "hateful imagery." The London-based nonprofit Campaign Against Antisemitism said several Twitter users have contacted them recently to report that their accounts had been locked because various images of the Star of David violated the social media platform's "rules against posting hateful imagery," the Jerusalem Post reported.

Israel's latest spy drama 'Tehran' explores nuclear tensions
The plot of Israel's latest spy series to screen internationally, "Tehran" premiering on Apple TV, seems straight from the news headlines and reflects the Jewish state's ongoing conflict with Iran. A young Mossad agent is sent on her first mission: to disable Iranian air defenses so Israel can strike a reactor and deny the Islamic Republic the ability to make an atomic bomb. The press in Iran - a country which strongly denies that its nuclear program is for anything other than civilian use - has slammed the show as "Zionist propaganda".

God is moving: Beach revival a throwback to the 60s
There appears to be a move of God in California, with thousands showing up at an Orange County beach every Friday, getting saved and baptized. Last Friday evening on Huntington State Beach near Lifeguard House #20, a couple of thousand people – children and parents, the young and the old - had what old timers say reminds them a little bit of the "Jesus Movement" of the 1960s. It's the Lord working through Parker and Jessi Green, two of God's willing servants who heard the call. OneNewsNow spoke with Jessi.

After in-home Bible studies are banned in new order, a California church slaps Gov. Gavin Newsom with a lawsuit
A network of California churches filed a lawsuit Saturday against Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, alleging that his recent coronavirus lockdown order - which temporarily banned all indoor church operations, including in-home Bible studies - is unconstitutional.

As debt climbs to record $27 trillion, Congress says it's not time to turn off stimulus spending
As the national debt approaches $27 trillion, Congress says federal stimulus spending must continue due to the pandemic. The government spent $864 billion more than it took in during June, bringing the deficit to a record $2.7 trillion so far this year.

Couple win battle to name son Lucifer after registrar tried to bar them because it is another name for the devil

Armed kids as young as 10 carjack more than a dozen people on South Side, police say
Please come soon Lord Jesus!

One nation under anarcho-tyranny...
Can you imagine how it will be after The Rapture?

Monday 20, July 2020

Iran's message to its people: If you revolt, you die
Since late June, 11 Iranian citizens - three in Tehran and eight in Isfahan - have been sentenced to death for taking part in mass anti-government protests in November 2019. Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam, who was accused of fuelling anti-government protests through a popular Telegram channel in 2017, also received the death penalty during the same period.

Radical Islamic influence at all levels of politics: Middle East expert
Muslim legal advocacy and support groups lobbying Congress are having an impact on political candidacy and decision-making - in a way that's affecting national security. Benjamin Baird is deputy director of the Middle East Forum's (MEF) Islamist Watch project. He tells OneNewsNow two different types of platforms typically are involved - and they are definitely influencing American elections and more.

Mary and Jesus Behind a Veil: Hagia Sophia to Cover Christian Images During Muslim Prayer
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday held a photo-op inspection of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, five days before organized Muslim prayer is expected to resound through the renowned edifice for the first time in 85 years. When those prayers are held, mosque officials are expected to use drapes, blinds or similar methods to cover up Christian images, mosaics and frescoes, include a famous mosaic depicting the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Connecticut 'Satanic' Desecration Marks 11th Attack on Christian Church
St. Joseph's Church was vandalized this week, as an unknown individual or individuals painted 'satanic' and 'anarchist' symbols on its doors," reports the New Haven Register. According to St. Joseph's pastor, Rev. John Paul Walker, the church was desecrated using pink paint, including a pentagram and the symbol for anarchy.

Secularism, a philosophy of ... nothing, really

Rep. Beutler on Born Alive Amendment: Babies Born Alive During Botched Abortion 'Are Being Killed or Neglected'
Babies born alive during a failed abortion deserve "the same exact protection under the law that any other baby is equal to," Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wa.) said of the Born Alive Amendment during markup of the FY2021 Department of Defense Appropriations bill on July 14. The Born Alive Amendment would give doctors guidelines on how to care for newborns that are born alive during an abortion attempt, and would prevent TRICARE medical funding (which many military personnel use) to go to abortion offices that do not follow those guidelines.

Florida church's statue of Jesus beheaded, similar attacks occur across U.S.
A statue of Jesus Christ was decapitated and knocked off a pedestal at a Catholic church in Florida, another in a string of similar incidents nationwide. The Rev. Edivaldo da Silva, a parish priest of three years at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Southwest Miami-Dade, discovered the desecrated depiction of Christ July 15. Police are now investigating.

Thursday 16, July 2020

At least 7 Iranian ships in flames at Bushehr port. New US warning
The types of the seven vessels on fire on Wednesday, July 15, and what caused the blazes were not revealed in the first official report from Tehran. The incident followed a string of mysterious explosions at Iran's nuclear, military and missile production sites ongoing since late June. DEBKAfile: If this suspected campaign of sabotage has been extended to encompass Iran's navy, it would be a serious escalation, amounting to a threat to Iran's claim to control the Persian Gulf and its waters. Bushehr province is also home to Iran's only nuclear power plant.

Damage to Natanz centrifuge production may be irreparable
Iran is caught in a dilemma between hiding the true scale of damage caused to its nuclear program by the Natanz explosion and fire and the urge to punish the culprit. On July 10, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi warned of "consequences" to foreign elements proved to be involved. He also hedged it round by saying it was "too early" to judge "the main cause and reason for the blast.". He criticized media reports attributing the explosion to Israel for "portraying Israel as powerful."

Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria: Historical and legal milestones
The subject of the rights under international law of the Jewish People and the State of Israel in Judea and Samaria involves a complex and extensive web of historical, legal, military, and political issues. Israel's claims to sovereignty in Judea and Samaria did not originate with it attaining control of the area following the 1967 Six-Day War.

European ministers seek ways to block Judea/Samaria sovereignty
The Guardian reports that Foreign ministers from eleven European countries demanded the EU quickly provide them with a list of possible actions to "deter" Israel from claiming its sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria. In a letter to EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell that was leaked to the Guardian, the politicians asked for the potential "legal consequences" for Israel and its effect on agreements with the EU.

Lebanon looks to China as US and Arabs refuse to help in crisis
Facing a worsening economic crisis and with little chance of Western or oil-rich Arab countries providing assistance without substantial reforms, Lebanon's cash-strapped government is looking east, hoping to secure investments from China that could bring relief.

Now Biden warns planet has only 9 years to save itself!
The Bible is clear... God will never let the Earth be destroyed.

Gun Sales Pushed to All Time Highs Amidst Rising Crime, "Defund the Police" Nonsense
"The new coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest after the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing movement to defund police are bringing in new buyers worried about their personal safety, according to buyers, store owners and gun experts," The Wall Street Journal reported. "In June, background checks for firearms were up 136%, compared to a year earlier … background checks in June for civilians seeking a license to carry were the highest since the FBI began conducting checks 20 years ago."

Wednesday 15, July 2020

28 Hezbollah missile launch sites aimed at Israel
The Alma Center's Research Department initiated a project to find the locations of missile launching sites in South Lebanon adjacent to the civilian population, as part of what is known as the "Human Shield tactic". In their report, Alma notes that, despite the fact that a large proportion of Hezbollah's missiles are located in south Lebanon, the information in public sources on the subject is scarce.

Unlikely Iranian bedfellows foster secret 25-year deal with China
Under the still-secret deal, China will have unrestricted access to Iran's air bases and promises to rebuild its EW capabilities in return for cheap oil and factories with transport links to carry its exports to the West. Russia may also be involved.

South China Sea Dispute: China Hints Again About 'Air Defense Zone'
China's foreign ministry on Tuesday again hinted at the possibility that Beijing could declare an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over South China Sea, one day after the U.S. government for the first time rejected the legality of most of China's maritime claims in the strategic waterway.

Thomas Sowell: U.S. could reach 'point of no return' under Biden
Economist and author Thomas Sowell warned that a Joe Biden presidency could be the "point of no return" for America. "If the election goes to Biden, there's a good chance that the Democrats will control [Congress] and considering the kinds of things that they're proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country," he said in an interview that aired Sunday on "Life Liberty & Levin" with Mark Levin.

Cancel America
Like a raging mega-forest fire started by a single spark, the Memorial Day death of George Floyd ignited a nonstop conflagration of violent social upheaval, arson, rioting, looting, assault, shootings, desecration of historic monuments, demands to abolish the police and release incarcerated criminals - and explicit threats from ringleaders to literally "burn down" America. Yet their alleged grievances - "systemic racism" and rampant "police brutality," strenuously reinforced daily by Democrat politicians, media organizations, "woke" corporations, "black leaders," college professors and radical groups - are cynical inventions of the power-obsessed socialist left.

George Soros giving $220 million to address 'racial injustice'
Left-wing billionaire George Soros is promising $220 million for groups that promote "racial justice," confirming him as, according to Forbes, a "major villain to right-wing groups who decry his support for 'terrorists.'" "Racial justice" was a focus of failed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who sought to turn America into "a nation that affirms the value of its people of color" by addressing five types of violence against "black, brown and indigenous Americans," physical, political, legal, economic and environmental."

Bank of England Debating Digital Currency Creation, Bailey Says
We are looking at the question of, should we create a Bank of England digital currency," Bailey said Monday in a webinar event with students. "We'll go on looking at it, as it does have huge implications on the nature of payments and society."

"I think in a few years time, we will be heading toward some sort of digital currency," he added.

Catholic Churches Across The Country Burned, Vandalized Over The We
At least four Catholic churches in four states were vandalized over the weekend in a string of attacks that have authorities wondering whether religious icons and statues are next to be targeted by anti-racism and "anti-fascist" protesters.

COVID collateral damage: A third of us stopped going to church
COVID-19 is infecting more than immune systems, as fear and lockdowns caused by the Chinese virus have kept nearly a third (32%) of practicing Christians in America from attending church in any form … both in-person and online. The Barna Group's survey conducted during late April and early May revealed that a similar percentage of practicing Christians have remained loyal to their conventional worship services.

Monday 13, July 2020

Hamas leader Haniyeh: Prepare for an armed struggle
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Saturday called for a comprehensive strategy to thwart the Israeli "annexation plan" and the US "Deal of the Century", which will be based on the goal of liberating all Palestinian land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

Government stops vote which would prevent application sovereignty
The Israeli government has decided not to vote on changes to the government statute which would make the application of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria more difficult. Under the coalition agreement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz make decisions together, with the exception of the matter of sovereignty, for which Netanyahu has sole responsibility.

Iran explosions are likely 'covert espionage campaign'
Retired US Army General and Fox News strategic analyst Jack Keane said that the series of explosions that have taken place recently at locations around Iran are no accident, contrary to what Iran has claimed. "In the past several months, there have been dozens of so-called 'accidents' the Iranians claim are taking place [...] That is no longer a credible claim, considering the sheer numbers of them," Keane told Fox News.

Iran explosions are likely 'covert espionage campaign'
Retired US Army General and Fox News strategic analyst Jack Keane said that the series of explosions that have taken place recently at locations around Iran are no accident, contrary to what Iran has claimed. "In the past several months, there have been dozens of so-called 'accidents' the Iranians claim are taking place [...] That is no longer a credible claim, considering the sheer numbers of them," Keane told Fox News.

Statues of the Virgin Mary Targeted in Boston, New York; Church Set Alight in Florida
Boston police are investigating the deliberate setting alight of a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a Roman Catholic church in the city's Dorchester neighborhood, an incident coming less than two days after a statue of Mary was vandalized in New York City, and after a man tried to set fire to a church in Florida.

BLM fights, curses, screams outside church service

Forced abortions now part of ethnic cleansing in Chinese province
Reports have been released on China's persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. Over a million incarcerated; women forcibly aborted, forced to have IUDs inserted; men and women sterilized without consent – all to reduce the population of the minority ethnic group. Much of the aforementioned injustices came to light recently with reports from Associated Press and the Jamestown Foundation. Reggie Littlejohn heads Women's Rights Without Frontiers, an organization geared toward the protection of women and girls in China.

Argument for late-term abortions debunked
The abortion industry has argued that most second- and third-trimester child terminations occur because something is wrong with the baby. But the pro-life group Live Action says that's not true. Spokeswoman Lauren Enriquez tells OneNewsNow her organization obtained records from 2017 on abortions done over a three-day period at Southwestern Women's Options, which has abortuaries in New Mexico and Texas. "Records from January 31 to February 2 [that year] were pulled that showed these were average abortion days for this abortion chain," Enriquez relays.

FDA urged to retain abortion restrictions
While the "abortion cartel" aims to capitalize on the pandemic, pro-lifers are reminding regulators why the regulations for chemical abortions were adopted and why they need to continue to be enforced. COVID- 19 has made it difficult for many patients to meet with physicians, so the abortion industry has seized the opportunity to eliminate the patient/doctor meeting required to dispense abortion-causing pills.

Thursday 09, July 2020

A Good Day for Religious Freedom
In two separate rulings on Wednesday, the Supreme Court came down on the side of religious freedom - one involving an Obamacare exemption, the other involving employment discrimination...

Amid Iran tensions, Israel said to ask US to speed up delivery of air refuelers
Israel has asked the US Department of Defense to speed up delivery of its KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft, as tensions rise with Iran. In March the US Department of Defense announced approval to sell new KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft to Israel, with delivery expected in four years.

Iran warns Israel: No attack will stop our nuclear program
Iran vowed on Tuesday to maintain its nuclear program despite Israel's alleged efforts to sabotage it, stressing that the recent explosion at the Natanz nuclear enrichment center was not going disrupt its pace. "The Israeli regime should be aware that creation of norm-breaking narrative on any attack against our nuclear facilities, even if it's only propaganda, is considered as stepping in the path of violating red lines of global peace and security," government spokesman Ali Rabiei said, according to the Israel Hayom newspaper.

Black Lives Matter Protest Joins 'Allah hu Akbar' Chanting Pro-Yemen Demonstration
On Sunday, hundreds of pro-Yemeni and Black Lives Matter protesters joined forces in London to demonstrate against "white" capitalism, systemic racism, and the war in Yemen.

Federal tax dollars funding anti-Israel sentiment on campuses says expert
A handful of congressional leaders are calling upon the Department of Education to keep a watchful eye on the potential misuse of taxpayer money at American universities. One Middle East expert is suggesting anti-Semitism may be at work in some of those cases.

Rep. Omar: America's 'Whole System of Oppression' Must Be Dismantled, Even 'In the Air We Breathe'
During a press conference on Tuesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-M.N.) said that the myriad "systems of oppression" that apparently exist in the United States, including "in the air we breathe," must be torn down. "But we can't stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform for that matter," Omar said. "We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system."

Biden Said He Would 'Absolutely' Redirect Some Police Funding
Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed his support for defunding the police department a month after saying he doesn't support defunding the police.

BLM leader proposes 5-year plan to totally eliminate police
Echoing the "five-year plan" model of the Cold War era, the Philadelphia arm of the Black Lives Matter movement is calling for the "complete abolition" of the police department in five years along with the elimination of military bases abroad.

Not all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter
It turns out that the agenda of Black Lives Matter, which includes fighting against the prevalence of police, endangers black lives far more than the presence of police. Just look at last week's stats on shootings in some of America's major cities.

Navy ban on attending church services draws ire
Ignoring President Donald Trump's declaration that houses of worship are "essential places that provide essential services," the U.S. Navy has banned all Navy personnel, including chaplains, from attending in-house church services in an effort to limit exposure of those personnel to COVID-19. Ironically, the Naval directive specifically approves other places where large numbers of people gather, including unlimited social gatherings, mass transportation, and long lines at the post office.