Wednesday 04, March 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Address US Congress...

Democrats Lash Out at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him "a Child"
Let's put this into perspective... Democrats chastise Netanyahu, yet forgive and dismiss radical Islam terrorism. Obama and the Democrats will negotiate and bend over backward to work with a terrorist state (Iran), yet apparently find it appalling to work across the isle with Republicans. Folks, we are in very serious times. Our president has become an enemy to the Judeo-Christian values that America was founded on and God's chosen people of Israel, and at the same time, sympathetic and an apologist to the Satanic religion of Islam. Please come soon Lord Jesus.

Netanyahu: Obama's Deal 'Paves Iran's Path to the Bomb'

Bill Salus: 2015 critical Israel vs. Iran nuclear timeline...
I cannot recommend this timeline any more strongly. Bill Salus outlines some very important dates that are coming up that could have definitive, prophetic implications.

6 Ways ISIS Is More Humane than the Prophet Mohammed...

'The Storm Is Coming': Famed Preacher Reveals the One Thing Obama Is Doing That He Believes Will Lead to Christian Persecution in America
Famed evangelist Franklin Graham issued a warning about the coming "storm of Islam" during a recent appearance on the Christian Broadcast Network's "700 Club," claiming that President Barack Obama is "very sympathetic to Islam" and that his policies will lead to the persecution of Christians in the United States.

Obama Pushes To Fundamentally 'Transform' Law Enforcement... 'Seize That Opportunity'
On Monday, President Obama commented on his meeting with the Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which was created through executive order, saying the moment is nigh to "seize [the] opportunity" created in the wake of events like Ferguson to fundamentally "transform" law enforcement and policing standards across the nation.

Republicans Cave and Fund Obama's Illegal Amnesty Program
Question... Which is worse, a big government Republican or a big government Democrat? Wrong! It was a trick question. They're EQUALLY bad. Shame on you Republicans, you are enabling a Lawless One to continue his lawless ways.

AL Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriage
God bless Alabama!

Tuesday 03, March 2015

Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan
President Barack Obama today introduced his plan for a progressive takeover of state and local policing. "We have a great opportunity... to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations," he said Monday.

Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action
Translation: He wants to take more money from you to pay for his liberal social programs.

A scenario Netanyahu hasn't spelled out: One Iranian nuke could obliterate Israel's heartland
When Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out against Iran becoming a pre-nuclear state he is warning that Iran could at any time cross the line agreed in diplomacy with the US and build a bomb whenever it chooses. He has never spelled out the mechanics of this threat to Israel's survival.

U.S. Cutting Intelligence Cooperation With Israel
According to Channel 10 in Israel, President Obama has reduced American intelligence cooperation with Israel because of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition to the incipient U.S./Iran Nuclear deal.

Exclusive: Obama says Iran must halt key nuclear work for at least a decade
Iran must commit to a verifiable freeze of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear activity for a landmark atomic deal to be reached, but the odds are still against sealing a final agreement, U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters on Monday.

'The threat exists': Vatican on alert for Islamic State attack, says security chief
Rome: The Vatican is on alert in case of an attack by Islamist militants against the city-state or Pope Francis, but officials are not aware of any specific plot, the head of Vatican security said in a rare interview.

Scientists Link Climate Change to Syrian War
Have the faux Global Warming Alarmists have no shame or care about any shred of credibility? Apparently not.

Ancient text points to First Century structure where the Messiah may have lived
Hewn into a hillside, this is the humble stone and mortar house where a scholar believes Jesus was raised. It has been dated to the early 1st century by a British archaeologist who says an ancient text points to the building as being the home in Nazareth where Mary and Joseph brought up the son of God.

New bill aims to stop ammo grab in its tracks
A new proposal on Capitol Hill aims to halt the Obama administration's plan to make it harder for American gun owners to obtain ammunition for popular AR-15 style rifles and other firearms chambered for 5.56mm/.223 caliber ammunition.

Sen. Feinstein (D) Complains About A 'Minority' Of People That Impose Their View On Everyone Else
. Isn't that the definition of a liberal? "A minority of people that impose their view on everyone else"?

Video: Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx As Next US President

Monday 02, March 2015

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike
The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma'an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Netanyahu tries to head off Iran's machinations after Obama empowers Tehran as favored Mid East ally

World Net Daily 5-Star Review of Nuclear Showdown in Iran
Hundreds of years before Christ, in the ancient empire of Persia, a fiendish plot was hatched. A palace officer named Haman decided to exterminate the Jews. We can read the account in the Bible's book of Esther, and it makes us realize some things never change. Persia is modern Iran...

The Rise of Gog? Putin Critic Shot Dead at Kremlin
Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down Saturday near the Kremlin, just a day before a planned protest against the government.

Graham Defends Bibi: Obama Admin 'Heavily Influenced by Muslims'
Evangelist Franklin Graham came to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's defense saying the Obama administration is shunning him because of Muslim influence.

Why Obama's Iran deal is a path to war
The Obama administration and its supporters insist that, although the agreement on Iran's nuclear program now taking shape may not be perfect, the only alternative is war with Iran. A failure of the nuclear talks, they also contend, would sacrifice important temporary agreements that now restrict Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

'Tear to pieces the Stars and Stripes' North Korea orders army to PREPARE FOR WAR with USA
North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un has told his army to prepare FOR WAR, sparking fear across the globe. The brutal dictator made the chilling threat after the US and South Korea staged a joint navel drill involving nearly a dozen warships.

'Slaughter of major proportions' feared after ISIS kidnaps 300 Christians
Authorities fear that ISIS will launch an "on-camera slaughter of major proportions" after kidnapping at least 300 Christians in Syria last week, a top US official told The Post. "What is very disconcerting is that they rounded up all of these people, and we know from experience that they usually kill their captives on film and in the most brutal fashion," the official explained.

GOP Rep. Criticized on CNN for Holding Fast to America's Constitutional Principles
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was criticized on Sunday's State of the Union on CNN for being more interested in America's constitutional principles than his responsibilities in the country's governance in the midst of the threat of government shutdown through the funding of the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama's order of amnesty.

Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons
The total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar. According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment. And this has certainly been true in the past. For example, there was a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 in 70 AD. Later that year, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the Temple. What makes all of this even more interesting is the fact that the solar eclipse on March 20th falls right in the middle of the blood moon tetrad, and it also happens to fall during the Shemitah year.

"Global Warming" Alert: 49 of 50 States Have Snow on the Ground to Start March

Sunday 01, March 2015

The Golan Heights May Contain Large Quantities of Gas and Oil
Israel intends to invite oil companies to bid for 10 oil blocks in the Golan Heights that are 60 kilometers away from the Lebanese border, an informed source said Wednesday. Speaking to the Central News Agency, the source said there are indications that these reserves may have large quantities of gas and oil.

Saturday 28, February 2015

Bill Salus: Netanyahu's Congressional Speech: How Important is it? (Audio)
On March 3, 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to warn Congressional leaders and their America constituents about the dangers of Iran's nuclear program. This speech will rank as one of the most necessary and important speeches in Israel's history. You are invited to listen to a radio interview with Bill Salus, hosted by Stacy and Randall Harp that explains the geo-political and biblical perspectives about Netanyahu's concerns.

Dire situation in Syria
As ISIS increasingly continues to kidnap Christians in Syria, the families of the victims fear the worst.

Hitler's Nazis and the ISIS Islamofascists...

Wesleyan Univ. pulls men-only frats, pushes housing for 15 'sexualities'
Wesleyan University, once a Christian school, is now offering campus housing for 15 different alternative sexualities, also known as "LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM." It has a specific place for sadomasochists, but straight males looking to join a men-only fraternity are out of luck.

The Pope Backs the Global Warming Hoax, So Suddenly the Anti-Catholic Media Thinks He's Infallible!

Report: Wal-Mart Begins to Sell Out of AR-15 Ammo
As gun shops report shortages of AR-15 ammunition following the ATF's proposal to prohibit the sale of steel-tipped 5.56-millimeter bullets, one reader contacted us to report that his local Wal-Mart had sold out of the ammo despite having substantial stocks just two weeks ago.

FCC Hides Details of New Internet Rules...

Obama Brags About Power Grab While Americans Debate Color of a Dress
While the Obama administration celebrates its latest power grab, the federal takeover of the Internet and the ATF's unlawful ammo ban, Americans are debating the color of a woman's dress which went viral over social media. AMERICA IS LIKE ROME, IMMEDIATELY BEFORE ITS FALL.

R.I.P. Leonard Simon Nimoy and Thank You!
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." One to beam up Scotty, one to beam up.