The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 has been a safety measure that has stood in the way of any possible attempt at military dictatorship in the United States of America for 129 years. The John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (H.R. 5122) has removed this safety measure. It is the role of National Guard forces under control of local and state governments to provide large scale law enforcement and relief effort measures within the borders of the U.S. National Guard (under federal control) and military forces used against U.S citizens is in direct violation of the (now repealed) Posse Comitatus act.

Seemly unnoticed and disturbing events are occurring across the country and involve not only the U.S. military conducting operations against U.S. citizens, but foreign military forces are on U.S. soil training with the U.S. military to enforce martial law across America.

Ex-Joint Chief Staffer Warns of Federal Tyranny

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Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

Should martial law be instituted, the U.S. will in effect be under dictatorial control:

Pay close attention to time 1:12 – 1:19

There has been sparse local media coverage of these maneuvers:

Some of the most disturbing video comes from private citizens filming what is going on in their communities. We are currently seeing both US military forces as well as US military forces working together with foreign military force training and preparing to enforce martial law here in the US. Some of the most disturbing video comes from private citizens filming what is going on in their communities:

Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the "Homeland"?

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

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